Top 10 Best Bass Earphones in India (2019) – Reviews & Comparison

The lack of accurate information makes the process of buying headphones one where you can easily be fooled.

The overwhelming number of brands and models out there make the process of choosing a particular one akin to finding a needle-in-a-haystack.

If you are really particular about the kind of sound that a headphone outputs along with its usability, you will do well to avoid ordering just any headphone that pleases your eye hoping that it would suffice.

There are loads of features that you want to consider like Bluetooth, noise cancellation in addition to the quality of sound.

bass earphones feature

We Highly recommend you to read the Bass Earphone Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest bass earphone technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Bass Earphones in India

Although my favorite among all is Sony MDR-XB55AP but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

So you really want thumping bass in your EDM and hip-hop music then the bass headphone models from Sony is definitely one of the best you want to consider as your next bass headphone.

It is not without reason that Sony holds a solid ground in the hearts of music lovers across the globe.

Their range of products is known for their quality and advanced technology used by them. These extra-bass headphones are super comfortable thanks to the lightweight.

The driver powering the headphones is 12mm and can pump put thumping sound that belittles its sound.

There is no distortion even when the volume is pushed right up to its maximum.

The headphone can faithfully reproduce audio across the 4Hz-24,000Hz range which does not fail to impress you especially the crispiness of the sound.

The Powered Bass Duct++ tech used in this headphones is impressive in the reproduction of deep bass.



  • Reproduces EDM particularly well
  • Allows you to make hands free calls thanks to the in-line mic
  • The 12mm drivers produce especially powerful bass and are made of neodymium
  • The housing of the headphones has a shiny metallic finish
  • The earbuds are comfortable and fit in well enough for listening to for hours
  • Comes with a carrying pouch and a tangle-free cord
  • Outstanding bass reproduction
  • No distortion even at full volume
  • In-line microphone
  • The added bass sometimes affect the higher frequencies

If you are looking for a truly unbeatable combination of solid build quality, excellent bass, great reproduction of sound and colorful vibrant looks, then the E10 gives you all this and more.

The drivers of the headphone have been configured especially for producing powerful bass and accurate and detailed sound.

The bass really packs a punch with the specially designed ensuring minimal loss of sound quality.

The build quality of the earphone is surprisingly sturdy and ensures a listening experience that is free from tangles typical of other earphones.

The product has won a number of acclaimed awards for the excellent value for money that it provides.



  • Solid all metal build
  • Powerful bass with an outstandingly detailed sound reproduction
  • The design and fit are superb
  • Durable pair of headphones
  • The twisted cable is free from tangles
  • Excellent value for money headphone
  • Truly tangle free wires
  • Outstanding build quality
  • Does not come with an inline mic

1More is not exactly a household name among Indian consumers but that does not in any way change the fact that it is an outstanding manufacturer of quality, value for money headphones.

It is among the few headphones which provide balanced and crisp sound without compromising on affordability.

The front cover has been designed at a forty-five-degree angle and is pretty comfortable to wear.

You have the freedom to choose from three different ear tips to choose from according to the shape of your ear.

However, some find the ear tips made from silicone to be a bit flimsy.

The quality of the sound reproduced by the earphones is intricately detailed, but the bass is quality not as punchy as some of the other headphones mentioned in this top ten list.

But considering that it is not all you are looking for this pair of headphones is surprisingly good.



  • In-ear headphones weighing 14 grams
  • 1.25 meters cable length
  • The connection is made through a 3.5mm jack
  • The frequency range is a good 20-20000 Hz
  • 9mm neodymium dynamic drivers
  • Sensitivity of 100 dB
  • Good build quality
  • Clear and crisp sound
  • Good value for money
  • One may sometimes feel that details take precedence over bass
  • The fit could have been better

The name Audio Technica is synonymous with consumer and professional audio products that stand out by the virtue of their outstanding quality.

If you are looking an audio experience that’s truly immersive then this headphone from the company is definitely a good choice. ​

The model we have featured here is among the premium models that the company offers to the public.

If the quality of the audio is the factor that matters to you the most then the ATH CKR5iS does not disappoint you in any way.

The headphones come with powerful 13mm drivers that stand out thanks to the clarity and the depth of the sound.

Even when you push up the headphone right up to the maximum there is not even a hint of distortion. The bass is especially good and responsive with the highs and mids well defined.

The frequency range of the headphone is 5-25000 Hz.

The bass deserves special mention thanks to its depth thanks to the bass mechanized stabilizers which are in-built and serve to absorb all of the unwanted noise you are likely to find. 

The build quality leaves little room for improvement and the mic captures sound with clarity and ease.


  • The 13mm drivers produce outstanding audio that stands out for its clarity and depth
  • Machined stabilizers made of brass help to get rid of unwanted vibrations
  • In-line mic lets you control audio and answer calls
  • The headphones come with ear tips of silicone along with a protective pouch
  • Buttons to control the mic and music
  • Outstanding bass
  • No distortion
  • Expensive

If the price is a determining factor in your choice of a headphone that produces good bass, then it would be a mistake to ignore the Brainwavz Delta.

They are good alternatives to the EM1 and EK2 model headphones from Cowon. The bass especially deserves special mention thanks to its better reproduction and thumping sound.

The sound quality is intricately detailed and the host of accessories that come with the headphone are an obvious plus.

The build quality is rugged and durable which makes it suitable for long time use. The frequency range is 20-20000Hz.



  • Superb reproduction of instruments and vocals
  • In-line mic and one button remote
  • Rugged metal build
  • Balanced bass response typical of high-end headphones
  • Comes with loads of accessories
  • Good audio quality
  • Good bass reproduction
  • Unreliable availability

The S500 from this Scottish pioneer of premium audio products is definitely one of the superior headphones out there in the market.

The build quality of the headphone is sturdy and robust, and the headphones have a premium look about them with a neat and unique design.

The headphones are comfortable as well and you can use them for long periods with ease. The silicone buds of the headphone are characterized by their softness.

The product ships with six pairs of tips of varied sizes which give you the freedom of a comfortable fit.

The product is particularly noted for its micro-dynamic drivers which happen to be really light. The drivers are 6mm but deliver distortion free and clear sound.

The frequency range of the set is 16-22000Hz. Despite its size, the headphones really pack a punch. The cable is tangle free which makes it ideal for on-the-go use.

The bass is strong and the tones rich, the trebles clear.



  • Good bass and all-round reproduction of sound
  • You can control the set from your voice through the mic and a digital assistant
  • Compact metal body
  • Plenty of ear tips of varied sizes
  • The cable is tangle free
  • The set produces a live audio experience
  • The highs are sculpted
  • Outstandingly comfortable
  • Distorts slightly at high volumes

If you are looking for a great pair of headphones with truly good bass as well as amazing features for a really cost-effective price, then the Mi Pro HD is an excellent choice.

The build quality is really good with metal housing. The quality of the sound created by the headphones is simply top notch. In addition, the recording quality is similarly class.

The most prominent negative of this headphone is perhaps missing out on the bass thump at the cost of better mid-range acoustics reproduction.

In addition, the headphones also need a significant burn out period before it can truly shine.



  • In-ear headphones weighing 17gm
  • The frequency response of 20-40,000Hz
  • Dynamic drivers with a sensitivity of 98 dB
  • 6 months guarantee
  • Build quality is really good
  • Good value for money
  • Significant burn out period
  • Is lacking behind some of the other models in terms of bass

JBL has over the years carved out a niche for itself as a manufacturer of quality audio electronics.

The Reflect Mini is ideally suited for those who love listening to music while working out or other kinds of athletic activity.

If a good bass and quality reproduction of trebles are what you are looking for then this headphone model is what you need, not to mention the stylish looks.

The headphone stands out by virtue of its powerful and quality audio. The build is compact and light which makes it suitable for use over long hours.

The earphones come with ear tips that are flexible. The 5.8mm drivers produce quality sound though not quite as loud as some would like if outdoors.

The music reproduction is detailed with a frequency response of 10-20000 Hz.



  • Light and cool design
  • Reflective cable
  • Premium 5.8mm dynamic drivers
  • Outstanding fit
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Balanced reproduction of sound
  • No control buttons
  • Maximum volume is comparatively low

The CX 275 is a veritable sound system on the go that’s stands apart by virtue of its true-to-life quality of sound.

The auditory experience produced by the CX 275 is a thrilling one and it responds to frequencies as high as 23000 Hz.

The headphones ship with built-in remote and mic which lets you manage calls with equal ease. The product ships with no fewer than three different ear adapter sizes.

The audio is crystal clear and detailed with enhanced bass. The design of the earphones is such that it isolates sound.

The elliptical cable does not get tangled easily and further the model comes with a warranty period of two years.



  • Bass drove dynamic signature Sennheiser sound
  • Outstanding comfort thanks to the ear adaptors of three sizes
  • Aesthetic, ergonomic intuitive design
  • Easy to use thanks to the integrated mic and smart remote
  • Peace of mind comes with the headphone thanks to the 2-year international warranty
  • Best choice for the price
  • Quality music
  • Best voice quality while making calls
  • Build quality could have been better

If you wish to discover the FiiO infinity sound then the F5 is going to be an absolute treat for all the audiophiles out there.

The headphones are certified H-Res audio by the Japan Audio Society. The audio you get is superb with natural and faithful reproduction.

It is one of the few headphones out there that deliver a listening experience just like the one the artists intended you to have.

The set ships with both 3.5mm standard cable in addition to the 2.5mm cable with TRRS balance.

You want to use the cable with a single end if you are likely to be making calls as it comes with a mic as well as playback controls.

If performance in terms of uncompromising quality of the audio is your only criterion then the balanced cable is what you are looking for.

The balanced cable excels at reducing crosstalk in the right and left channels.

Not only that it prevents signals of outside audio from intervening all of which serve to make it well suited to get the max out of balanced output amplifiers.



  • The special design of detachable cable
  • Intelligent controls
  • Built from aerospace materials
  • Cables are especially durable
  • Good natural sound
  • Measured bass which does a great job
  • Soundstage is simply outstanding
  • Good reproduction of trebles
  • None

Buyer's Guide - How to Purchase Bass Earphones

Types of Earphones

The most typical headphone categories are as follows:

Over-the-ear headphones

This type of headphones technically known as Circum-aural headphones features big drivers that deliver a big spacious sound. This type of headphones when they have open-backs sound the best but there is little passive noise isolation and you are able to hear everything that is happening around you.

Closed back varieties of this design reduce noise more but are typically characterized by a bloated bass.

On-ear headphones

Technically called supra-aural headphones, on-ear headphones are usually smaller in size and can be managed with ease when compared to the over-ear varieties. They are usually closed back and provide a good amount of noise isolation when they fit well.

In-ear headphones

Canal phones or in-ear monitors are shaped like bullets and are placed in the ear just outside the canal of the ear. The amount of passive noise isolation provided by this type of headphone is superb. However, in order to get the best audio quality, the ear tips of these canal phones must fit in just right.


This type of headphone remain seated in the inside of the ear and broadcast the sound at the ear canal contrasted by the “in“ ear broadcasting of in-ear headphones. They usually cost the least and come bundled as free accessories with portable media players and smartphones.

One thing that should be remembered is in-ear headphones are also sometimes referred to as earbuds. The wireless earbuds of our times are really in-ear headphones. Actual earbuds have become a rarity.

True wireless headphones

This is somewhat of a misnomer as they are usually really in-ear headphones. In contrast to the neck-leash or headbands of in-ear and over-ear headphones, truly wireless headphones contain zero wirings and ship solely as two little earphones.

The battery life is usually poor and this type of earphones are great for commuting as well as exercising.

Wired Headphones vs. Wireless Headphones vs. True Wireless Headphones

Most of the popular headphones you are likely to find belong to the wireless category and that is not exactly by chance. These days most headphones used by consumers are of the wireless variety. However, a wired connection between the two earpieces is still very much there.

The headband or a small tether forms the medium of this wired connection. True wireless headphones have their own set of disadvantages though they indeed ship with absolutely no cables.

There is a multitude of reasons which make earphone manufacturers prefer going the wireless path. Technical innovations like better battery life, enhanced fidelity and better quality of the wireless connection go a long way in this decision.

Facts like leading smartphone makers like Apple discarding the headphone jack as archaic remains have also contributed to the prevalence of wireless headphones.

Consumers love the change enjoying the convenience added to the optional flexibility of plugging in if that is what is required, make wireless headphones the true winner.

It should, however, be noted that as far as sound fidelity is concerned wired headphones still are your best bet making them endeared still in the heart of audiophiles. In fact, the sound quality of equally costly wired headphones is better than their wireless counterparts.

Aye, Noise Candy

ANC or Active Noise Cancellation was first developed by the iconic sound solutions maker Bose way back in the 70s.

Over the course of the years, this system of electronic reproduction of sound that’s 180 degrees out of phase with exterior noise with the help of external mics and powered by batteries has made its way into the hearts of audiophiles. 

This mechanism gets rid of some ambient frequencies in an almost total extent. If you fly frequently or commute to the office through public transportation, then this tech should be of immense interest to you. ANC is usually found in in-ear, over-ear and some rare on-ear models of headphones.

However, as a downside, this tech makes the headphone more heavy, bulky and expensive than their normal counterparts. You must keep in mind the fact that ANC does not necessarily make all headphones stand on the same footing.

Tips for Buying Headphones

Research is Definitely Good

The first thing you need to do before you buy yourself a headphone is to determine the type you prefer along with wanted accessories. Then its time for thorough research. The net is an invaluable tool in this, and you should make certain that you put it to optimum use.

Key points you need to be aware of while evaluation headphones that you might potentially buy are the cost as well as the features you get at that price. The next step to perform is to get reliable reviews on how each set delivers on what it promises.

You will do yourself a world of good by referring to multiple reviews of the same product as the appreciation of sound is a subject which varies according to individual taste. You should also consult headphone forums, there are plenty of them out there on the internet.

This will give you the invaluable chance of asking present owners any questions you might have.

Beware of blind faith

While this may sound contradictory it is actually on the contrary evidence. The idea of fake reviews is very much real. They are usually paid writeups about the product. The goal is to make the manufacturers headphones a quality reputation and ultimately buyable.

It is to be noted that not all reviews at online marketplaces are fake and you should make optimum use of your common sense. Weird reviewer name copies full of buzzwords and half-baked language are the usual red flags.

Try things out for yourself

So, you have made a shortlist of the potential headphones you might want to buy. Good for you. The next step to carry out is to locate a physical store where you might get a demonstration of exactly how the headphones sound.

In case that is not quite feasible in your case try to order a set from a merchant who espouses a very liberal policy as far as returns are concerned. Things you need to ascertain about your headphones other than their sound is their fitting and whether you feel comfortable to wear them even for long periods of time.

Headphone Terminology You Should Be Aware Of


Chances are you have frequently heard of Bluetooth. Indeed, is it the most popular means through which headphones achieve wireless connectivity. Most of the headphones out there use Bluetooth. You should keep in mind that negating wires will result in some loss of quality in the audio.

But with tech innovations like Apple AAC and aptX HD which happen to be wireless codecs wireless headphones have become pretty advanced with remarkable fidelity and are on a charge. Wireless headphones of all types make use of Bluetooth tech.

Passive noise isolation

Through the use of this tech, headphones are able to keep out sound passively. They do so by snuggly fitting in on, in or around the ear.

Inline controller or mic

Wireless headphones that are weirdly akin to leashes and in-ear headphones let the users the functionality of answering calls without having to remove the headphones first. Such controllers can be single buttoned as those of Android and three buttoned like those found in iOS devices.

With the former, you have to employ multiple presses in order to carry out different functions. Controlling the volume is typically done through the listening device or phone. In three button controllers, there is simply additional volume up and down buttons.


It is commonly found that the leashed and fully wireless variants of headphones make use of a number of sensors that are built into the set. It is common to find gyroscopes and accelerometers to be employed here which are beneficial in tracking motions during exercise.

They also help to pause the music on its own when one of the earbuds are removed. Advanced sensor types include those activated by optical touches working as taps and swipes in order to control phone calls and playback of music as well as other heart rate sensors which operate biometrically.

Voice assistants

With the likes of Google Voice, Siri and Alexa increasingly finding favor with mainstream consumers, many headphones these days feature one such digital assistant. Activating them is as simple as speaking through the microphone like you are likely to do with a smart speaker or a smartphone.

Sound amplification

Such tech helps the user in boosting certain frequencies and reducing others which can prove to be of mighty use in hearing voices during conversations or reduce the sound coming from the traffic.

Volume limiting

By design, some headphones limit the volume which helps in protecting your hearing by ensuring that you don’t accidentally damage the latter.

Neckband earphones

Popularly known as the leashed headphones or tethered headphones this type of headphones remains connected through a band or cable meant to sit comfortably on the backside of your neck.


This is the headphone part which is present in the canal of your ear in in-ear headphones. They almost always consist of ear tips that can be removed at will. Further, some headphones come in extra sizes if the need is so.

The tips are usually of memory foam and silicone while some are flanged to a greater extent which helps in improving the seal and fit.


For the uninitiated DAC is simply an acronym for a digital-to-analog converter which is a kind of tech that converts digital signals into perceivable audio. Almost all sort of computers, smartphones, and portable music players to be found in the market these days come with a DAC variant.

Wireless headphones come additionally with amplifiers. In some cases, it is found that stand-alone DACs help in enhancing the audio quality with the typical smartphone or laptop.


Simply an acronym for Hi-Res Audio, this term is used to designate the ability to playback audio in frequencies as high as 40kHz which is more than what the human ear is capable of hearing.

In case you are looking out for this particular feature in your wireless headphone, it should be easy to find thanks to the Hi-Res logo which is there somewhere on the product website or even in the actual packaging.

You should, however, bear in mind the fact that there are lots of quality headphones minus this feature.

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