Top 10 Best Deo for Men in India (2019) – Reviews & Comparison

Cleanliness has sort of become a modern necessity, an essential part of our daily lives which can explain the modern popularity of deodorants. Lets face it the smell of a person particularly if it is foul does indeed affect our perception and judgement about that person.

 It is a little secret that people prefer to be in the presence of people who smell good that be around someone who has a foul air about him, literally.

In fact, it is my belief that it is the same characteristic of people that has made products like body washes, colognes and perfumes so very popular among women of today.

However deodorant is really special as in its absence all the other fancy smells created by different products you use will wither away only to reveal the stench coming for the pits of your arms.

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The methodology through which deodorants weave their magic is by making use of alcohol and antimicrobials to kill the smelly bacteria. The scents help to cover any leftover smell that might remain. The necessity of getting rid of bacteria for good is as follows.

The underarms contain a large number of sweat glands where bacteria grow. In fact, their moist and warm environment full of lipids originating from the natural oils of the body is particularly conducive not only for the growth of bacteria but rather it makes them thrive.

The body odor that people get is a result of these bacteria. Hence it is absolutely necessary that a deodorant must get rid of this bacteria.

We Highly recommend you to read the Deodorant Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest deodorant technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Deo for Men in India

Although my favorite among all is Park Avenue Signature Deo - Voyage but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

If you are the type of male who has no inhibitions about exploring life fully to then this fantastic smelling deodorant is definitely the one you have been looking for.

It contains strong amber notes which stand out due to the invigoration they provide. The added scent of Mandarin ensures that you do indeed smell damn good.

Not to mention the woody and musky notes which makes the explorer in you really stand out constituting for an irresistible fragrance.

The deodorant also stands out health wise due to the antibacterial properties. The fragrance also lasts long, eight hours to be exact with its freshness lock technology.

With this particular deodorant, you can finally keep body odor away in style.



  • A 140ml deodorant spray for men
  • The fragrance really lasts as long as 8 hours with freshness lock technology
  • Keeps away body odor effectively
  • The fragrance is really good and mild
  • Lasts for 4-5 hours on a single application
  • Worth trying out
  • Some with sensitive skin find the deo to cause irritation

If you are looking for an effective solution to body odor, a deodorant that meets all the requirements you ask of one then the old spice deodorant spray with its original old spice fragrance is definitely one of the better choices around.

The smell is strong and attractively masculine and lasts for the better part of the day to keep body odor at bay while at the same time keep you feeling comfortable.

The deo is suited for all types of skin and makes you exude confidence and brimming with fresh energy.

It gets you noticed wherever you go and makes a huge statement about the kind of personality and taste that you stand for.

You stand out by your individuality and make a lasting impression on others courtesy of the fragrance.

The container is a masculine red in color and makes a style statement by itself by virtue of its eye-catching design.



  • A 150ml deodorant spray for men
  • The deodorant contributes towards enhancing your appeal
  • It is suited for all skin types
  • Excellent smell
  • Gives you that edge of extra masculinity
  • Comparatively contains more gas

The Seductive Homme Blue found its way into the hearts of aficionados of quality deodorants back in the year 2012.

With a smell that is reminiscent of the deepest waters that the world has to offer added with a delightful of woody and spicy tones.

Cardamom, citrus caviar and black pepper form the top notes.

The middle notes are constituted of geranium and blue coral aqua space accord built atop a lovely base of moss, cashmere wood and rippled sand accord.

The scent has the word seductive in its name very, very appropriately.

The combination of the woody warm scent with a blend of aquatic notes and just a hint of black pepper is sure the make a man smell all the coolness and sophistication he wants to project.

The scent helps to excuse a charming personality that is magnetic and very attractive.



  • 150ml deodorant and antiperspirant for men
  • Especially meant for the Guess man with a crisp, bracing, magnetic, sexy and unique fragrance
  • Good fragrance
  • Works as an antiperspirant too
  • Does not last long as it is too dilute

The admirers of the Brut scent champion its distinct masculinity, the fact that it makes you feel just right from the first spray itself.

Apart from the absolutely wonderful smell, it excels at keeping sweat at bay in a way that is both at once mild and subtle.

In fact, the smell of Brut in the fragrance world is nothing short of being iconic.

The fragrance saw the light of the day in the 1960s in Paris and before long was adopted by men all over the world who were conscious of their masculinity and distinct individuality.

The fragrance lasts long, and a single round of application should suffice for throughout the rigors of the day. It provides men with a smell of sophistication and class.



  • An unapologetically male fragrance that exudes strength of personality
  • The deodorant instantly ups your confidence
  • Lasts long
  • Contains 200ml
  • Brings out a man’s fiery spirit through the fragrance
  • Lasts long
  • No antibacterial properties

This is the perfect fragrance for you if you feel like smelling like the waves and of course the beach. What’s more, the perfume is good enough for putting on all through the year.

When you feel like indulging in the scent of the ocean then the combination of musky and aquatic notes are meant just for you.

The deodorant’s top notes are that of green leaf and fresh-cut apple, sailcloth and aquatic notes form the heart of the fragrance while base notes of dewy moss, woody amber and musk make up for being the perfect aroma that is the characteristic of a man whose spirit is essentially free and without boundaries.



  • A 300ml deodorant spray for men
  • Excellent designer fragrance
  • Perfect for applying all through the year
  • Really great smell
  • Lasts long
  • Some might find the fragrance to be strong

This is the perfect deodorant for you if you are looking for a great smelling way to feel fresh throughout the rigors of the day.

The ocean-like and airy smell is especially suited for the hot summers, but you wouldn’t really mind putting the fragrance on in the other months of the year also.

It is also similarly versatile in terms of suitability of wearing it during the day as well as the night.

You not only get to feel fresh, but the chances of body odor are also at the same time minimized.

The delectable combination of woody and musky notes makes it one of the best deodorants out there in the market for Indian men.


  • Good strong fragrance
  • Comes with antibacterial properties
  • Fragrance lasts for 8 hours thanks to the freshness lock technology used
  • Good floral smell with a hint of musk
  • Powerful enough to keep even strong body odor at bay
  • Does not last as long as claimed

The first thing you need to know about this body odor solution from Ustraa is that it is not a deodorant but rather a spray.

The perfume content is 3x of that of ordinary deodorants besides the fact that it does not contain any amount of gas.

The fragrance is very, very reminiscent of being of that of mountains especially the cool airs of the mountains.

It does not fail to impress and move you, in fact, the fragrance can be said to be mesmerizing.

It can be applied daily or as also for some special occasion and you would feel equally at ease and confident in both the circumstances.

Another great plus point of the cologne is that it suits all types of skin. Now with this Ustraa cologne carry with yourself the refreshing mountainous in the humdrum of city life.



  • Mind you its not a deo but rather a cologne with three times more perfume and contains no gas
  • The refreshing scent of the cool mountains lasts like really long
  • Convenient packaging
  • It is well suited for daily use as well as for those very special occasions
  • It suits all types of skin
  • The fragrance is really cool and refreshing
  • Lasts long
  • Contains 3x more perfume than ordinary deos
  • Price is not extravagant
  • None

There is hardly any male out there who is not familiar with the name Playboy.

This deodorant spray from the brand is what you need to complete the hip, cool and happening look along with the oozing charm that truly characterizes the users of the brand.

The fragrance helps you to let loose your confidence and really stand out with the signature fragrances from Playboy.

The scent of the deo exudes a charm that is truly irresistible and bears testimony of your style. It expresses the wearer's modern unapologetic masculinity.

It is an unconventional fragrance that can be said to be almost addictive.



  • Bergamot rhum and Rhubarb form the top notes of the fragrance
  • Watery accord, apple, and lavender forms the heart notes
  • The base notes are composed of tonka bean, white chocolate, and sandalwood
  • Good fragrance
  • Lasts really long
  • Ease of use
  • Does not contain aluminum salts
  • None

If you are looking for a particularly fresh smell to start off your day in style. Its pleasant fragrance owes their magic to the dense and warm accords of the perfume.

If you feel like you want to have the world at your feet, then this soothing scent that defines substance and sophistication is what you need.

It is very much intended of the urban male who is not afraid of his masculinity and accordingly the intensely rich aromas exude a raw sensuality that is appealingly male.

It is teasing as well as seductive with its soul full of passion. The deo weaves its magic for a long time to keep sweat at bay.



  • A fragrance which really lasts long
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Suitable for all times of the day
  • Great smell
  • Effective
  • None

If you are the sporty kind of guy then the name Adidas should be all too familiar. Adidas is synonymous with products stand for being in fashion and trendy.

The range of deodorants coming from the brand is particularly popular among young people especially those who are in college.

Their affordable cost makes them highly appealing to this segment. This particular deodorant fragrance is characterized by its vivaciousness.

The notes of the fragrance can be said to be distinctly masculine and the slight naughty citrus in the top note adds to its charm.

However, one drawback for the deodorant is its longevity or rather the lack of it which makes it better for the winters rather than the rigors of the hot and grueling summers as it needs to be reapplied multiple times during the course of a single day.


  • Smells woody and cool
  • Contains notes of thyme, ozonic accord and musk
  • Compliments the confidence and dynamism of a man with its energy and vibrancy
  • Free from aluminum salt, tested dermatologically and friendly towards skin pH
  • A really fresh and masculine fragrance
  • Helps control perspiration
  • Does not last long

Buyer's Guide - How to Purchase Deodorants

If you are really keen on taking your pick for the best deodorant for you then this task makes it necessary for you to understand that varied labels and their characteristics as well as the lifestyle you want to project with that pleasing smell of your deodorant.

This is in many cases obvious. Men don’t want deo scents that smell like a woman while women are less fascinated if at all by an earthy fragrance that is characteristically male.

You also want to naturally consider the exact medium in which you use the deo. Deodorant sprays are well the most common variant but there are also roll-on deos, stick deos and even deos in the form of gels. You want the deo to get as close to your skin as possible and comfortable for you.

This is because of the fact that the bacteria that the deo needs to kill lie on the skin. This is where the smell comes from.

With regards to the kind of deos that you can apply women are freer to make choices while men with average underarm hair would do well to stick to spray deos. Men should take special care to avoid roll-on deos as it might so happen that the hair gets stuck in the deo’s rollers which can really cause problems and result in discomfiture.

People who lead a lifestyle that is quite active or if you live in a humid and hot climate like us here in India, you really want to watch out for the deos with the time-release formulation. We should also seek deos that contain antiperspirants. We discuss antiperspirants next.


Contrary to popular perception there is a marked difference between antiperspirants and deodorants. It is widely believed that all forms of deodorants contain some sort of antiperspirant and also the other way round which is in fact far from the truth.

An antiperspirant is an agent chemical in nature which controls moisture. Compare this to the main function of deodorants to eliminate bacteria and control the smell.

The means through which antiperspirants weave their magic are a so-called active ingredient which fills up the sweat glands and prevents the sweat from coming out. This ingredient is typically an aluminum compound in some of its different forms.

However, some studies indicate that aluminum can cause health issues. These findings are however contradicted by some other research.

Antiperspirant Choosing Guide

One has to exercise caution while choosing an antiperspirant or a deodorant containing an antiperspirant. One must keep in mind that while aluminum compounds really work well to control sweat however they are also irritants and may easily pose problems to people suffering from psoriasis or eczema.

It might cause irritation to people with sensitive skin as well. So it is better to try out an antiperspirant ingredient and stop using the product immediately upon the reaction of the skin.

If you are having such problems you will be well advised to try out antiperspirants with the active ingredient Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate which is comparatively less irritating.

In case an aluminum compound will simply not work for your skin then you should try out organic or natural antiperspirants that replace the aluminum compound with mineral salts and/or alum. You should, however, be aware that these alternatives might not work just as well.

Some people may find that replacing the aluminum compound with a zinc one does not irritate the skin. However, this experience is rare as zinc is often as irritating as aluminum. But still, it's worth a try if you are really in need.

Choosing the Right Formulation

The right formula for you and your perfect deodorant is in no way confines to the ingredients of your deo and the lifestyle you have or want to portray through the scent.

 You have a wide variety of choices at your disposal and it is very likely that it will take you some time to come upon a deodorant formulation that’s absolutely perfect for you. You basically need to consider the following factors:

  • The amount of sweat your body usually produces-If you intend to go out for the length of the whole day it will be wise on your part to opt for a time-release deodorant formulation.
  • Is your skin sensitive or do you suffer from a particular condition of the skin- If the answer to either is yes a deodorant and antiperspirant that is free from aluminum are what you are likely to need.
  • Is an antimicrobial agent rich deodorant especially necessary? Alcohol is sometimes found wanting  as an antimicrobial agent as it evaporates promptly upon exposure.
Scented or Unscented

Do you want an unscented deodorant- Before you take the final call on whether you want a scented or unscented deo it is important to keep in mind that some unscented deos do indeed react with body chemicals to produce an unappealing smell albeit a faint one.

It will also do you good to keep in mind that some scented deos will smell more like fragrances or the case just might be that the deo does not suit the chemistry of your body to satisfaction.

However, most people have a rather good idea about the kind of scent they like so choosing a deo with a similar smell should not be exactly a herculean task.

Deodorant type

As we have told earlier there are a wide variety of deos ranging from sticks, gels, liquid roll-ons, creams, and even sprays. All of them work almost just as well. But it should be kept in mind that you want to apply the formulation to the skin and not the hair that covers it.

In this respect, things are typically tougher for the men out there as they must find a way to ensure that the formulation reaches the pores of the skin. Keeping this in mind the best option is perhaps to spray mists but gels and sticks can do their job effectively too.

Ideally, liquid roll-ons should be avoided as the roller ball can grab your hair pretty well and cause you unnecessary hassles and disturbances. One must also keep in mind whether you have the luxury of enough time to let the deo dry before you put on your clothes.

This deodorant buying guide has proved helpful to you we hope and the folloing Top Ten list of best men’s deos will further prod you on in exactly the right direction. I think that is universally true that we want to smell good and keep our sweating to a bare minimum. Smells like a man’s spirit!

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