Top 10 Best Soaps for Dry Skin in India (2019) – Reviews & Comparison

Dry skin is the skin condition caused by lower than necessary production of sebum by the skin. 

Sebum is a natural oil generated by the skin which keeps it lubricated and moist. Due to the diminished amount of oil in the skin, water in the skin evaporates promptly.

People with eczema and the elderly are more prone to this skin condition. The winter months along with dry climates also exaggerate the dryness of the skin.

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We Highly recommend you to read the Soaps for Dry Skin Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest soaps for dry skin technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Soaps for Dry Skin in India

Although my favorite among all is The Body Shop Shea Soap but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

As we have mentioned in the buying guide above one of the best soap options open to you if you have dry skin is shea butter.

The shea butter contained in this particular has been harvested by hand by Ghana’s women or so the brand claims. Just as well, as it works well.

The soap is also rich in glycerine and palm oil which helps the soap to cleanse well while moisturizing the skin at the same time.

The lather created by the soap stands out by virtue of its rich texture and the products have a nice shea scent. The soap stands out by virtue of being free from Parabens and SLS.

The product is particularly suited for people with dry skin. It also contains antioxidants like Vitamins A and E which help to ensure that the skin stays protected and well nourished.


  • Cleanses and moisturizes your skin at the same time with its vegetable base and a nice creamy and fresh smell that is endearing to all.
  • Particularly suited for people with very dry skin
  • A quality product
  • Makes sure that the skin is not dehydrated
  • The soap is free from Parabens and SLS
  • The packaging is simple yet attractive
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Is not tested on animals
  • Priced on the higher side

If you feel like having a soft skin that does not dry out while ensuring a mild cleansing with a pleasing fragrance with the care of almond oil, then this Nivea cream soap is what you were looking for.

The special almond oil formulation of the soap is just what you needed for your dry skin. Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and protein.

It penetrates deep into the skin to nourish it, restore the oil balance and ultimately result in soft and supple skin.

The soap is further made useful due to the moisture technology employed known as Hydra IQ 24h +.

The soap is characterized by a smooth and rich lather when mixed with warm water. The resulting bath a gentle, soothing and luxurious one.

This is the soap to turn to for skin that looks beautiful in all seasons.



  • The almond oil containing crème soap has a gentle foam and looks after your skin
  • The moisture technology hydra IQ 24h+ results in an even softer skin
  • Ensures everyday gentle skin care
  • Meant for use by both men and women
  • Good body soap
  • Really makes the skin soft and supple
  • Provides good cleansing as well
  • The fragrance is not pronounced if that is a factor

If you are really keen on the skin that shines with health, the same can be achieved by using this Cetaphil moisturizing bar.

Besides providingyour dry skin with a mild but effective cleansing that is just perfect for the harshness of the winter months, the syndet bar thoroughly moisturizes itchy and rough skin.

The affordability of this product makes it particularly attractive. The gentle syndet based non-soap bar comes with a pH of 5.5 that is really friendly for the skin.

The shea blend of the product is ideally suited for daily use and provides an abundance of moisturizing benefits.



  • Free from soap
  • A special formulation that does not irritate the skin
  • Tested for allergy and recommended by dermatologists
  • The shea blend ingredients effectively cleanse as well as moisturizes all types of skin
  • The natural pH balance is suitably maintained through the use of this product
  • Works as claimed
  • Suitable for kids too
  • Works for all skin types
  • None

Designed specifically for people with normal to dry types of skin, this Nourishing Honey and Cream Soap from the house of Himalaya Herbals.

This contain the active ingredients milk and honey which help in cleansing the skin while at the same time nourishing the skin and ensuring that the moisture is locked in. 

This soap product when used regularly helps the skin to maintain its elasticity without affecting the texture of the skin.

The product also has antimicrobial as well as antiseptic properties which ensure that the skin stays healthy.



  • Face and body soap for people with normal and dry skin types
  • Has organic antiseptic properties
  • Ensures the skin stays nourished
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Results in soft skin
  • Made up of herbal ingredients
  • Mild in nature
  • Is non-dehydrating
  • Friendly towards the pocket
  • The milk and the honey fragrance is pleasing
  • Some find it lacking in moisturizing power

The uses of almond oil and cocoa butter in moisturizing our skin is well known.

With this Aloe Veda handmade soap, you can put them to use in providing intense moisturizing during bathing by virtue of its rich and creamy formula.

This soap is well suited for both the sexes and the soap is organic with ingredients that are both natural as well as gentle for the skin.

It contains natural antioxidants like Vitamin E and Wheatgerm oil which help in soothing and healing your skin.

The glycerin and Aloe Vera ingredients help in hydration of the skin and ensure a soft and supple skin throughout the day.

The soap does not contain any artificial fragrances which may sometimes irritate sensitive skin. This is the soap you are looking for you want soft and smooth skin.


  • Contains natural butter and extracts from aloe vera leaves
  • Free from fragrances
  • Handmade
  • Suitable for all types of skin
  • Paraben-free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Contains aloe vera
  • Does not have any fragrance
  • Does not make the skin dry
  • Effectively cleanses the skin
  • The texture is nice and creamy
  • The mild formulation suits sensitive skin too
  • Some may not like its no-fragrance characteristic

It contains the one-fourth of a moisturizing cream along with a cleansing formula that’s really gentle and helps you gain a soft, smooth and glowing skin.

The cleansers used in the formulation are noted for their mildness and helps the skin to retain and even replenish the natural moisturizer of the skin rather than taking it away.

With this bathing bar, you can now finally bid adieu to the dry and tight feeling accompanied by application of regular soaps.

The soap is recommended by Indian dermatologists. It is best applied by lathering the soap up first and then messaging the smooth creamy lather.



  • Does not make the skin dry
  • Gentle cleansers and one-fourth moisturizing cream helps the skin to retain its moisture
  • Makes the skin soft, smooth and glowing
  • Top dermatologists recommended the brand
  • It is rather a beauty bar than a soap
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Easy availability
  • Economical
  • Does not result in skin dehydration
  • Provides effective cleansing
  • Well suited for winters
  • Not as moisturizing as claimed
  • Fragrance does not appeal to everyone

An all-natural formulation from Khadi, this sandalwood soap is another handmade product on our top ten list.

It is rich in essential oils and is well known for its cleansing action which cleans the skin very effectively without changing the natural oil balance of the skin.

The soap is particularly helpful if you to want to get rid of a tan and regular usage of the product results in hydrated and healthy skin.

It serves to brighten up the skin besides preventing acne. It works like a charm throughout the different seasons. It gives a clean, fresh and detoxified feeling.



  • Special all-natural formulation
  • Rich in essential oils
  • Handmade
  • Does not contain parabens
  • Is not tested on animals
  • All-natural formula
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Is non-dehydrating
  • Good Lather
  • None

Another moisturizing soap meant for people with dry and normal skin and crafted by hand, this soap has extracts of natural shea butter that helps not only protects your skin but rather pampers it.

This product also contains organic coconut husk that serves to exfoliate the skin, clear the skin pore clogs as well as get rid of blackheads.

The soap is suitable for both men as well as women and cleans the body with gentleness while being nourishing for dry skin types.

As the products are handmade it is free from parabens. Though it comes with natural exfoliating coconut husk ingredient it does in no way affect the pH balance of the skin.


  • Provides exfoliation as well as moisturization
  • Handmade soap which softens and nourishes the skin
  • Contains coconut husk, shea butter as well as natural honey
  • Prevents body odor with a nice fragrance
  • Meant for both men and women with dry or normal skin
  • No need for a separate moisturizer with this soap
  • Well suited for people with dry skin even during the winter months
  • Quality soap
  • Expensive

If you are particularly fond of everything chocolate then you must give this dark chocolate, cocoa powder and cocoa butter containing milk soap are meant just for you.

The all-natural formulation containing cocoa butter and cocoa powder helps to lessen sunburn, better the texture of the skin and eventually endows you with a glowing, supple, silky and nourished the skin.

The love oil ingredient helps in skin hydration and leaves you with soft skin which helps to control aging.

It contains castor oil and coconut oil which help in the moisturization of the skin and protect it from damages caused by the environment.


  • Chocolaty skin nourishment resulting in glowing skin
  • Good for normal to dry skin
  • Endows your skin with radiance and glow
  • Safe and secure for the skin
  • Natural formula
  • Smells really good
  • Is non-dehydrating
  • Creates a good lather
  • No chemicals, SLS, fragrance or synthetic color
  • The smell is not long lasting

The soap stands out by virtue of its aesthetically pleasing appearance as well as a lasting fragrance which is noticeable without being strong.

The finery aside the soap is endowed with the goodness of glycerin and olive oil which work well for providing hydrations for prolonged time periods.

The soap further contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera which play their part in ensuring the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. It lathers really well even if the water is hard.

The soap is particularly meant for people with the dry skin type.


  • The glycerin and olive oil provide lasting moisture
  • Aloe Vera and Vitamin E maintains the elasticity and suppleness of the skin
  • Helps to ensure that the skin remains soft and tender while clearing the skin pores of dirt
  • Well suited for use in hard water too
  • Works as claimed
  • Moisturizes the skin well
  • Cleanses the skin effectively while keeping it soft, supple and elastic
  • Pricey

Buyer's Guide - How to Purchase Soaps for Dry Skin

How to Know if your Skin is Dry

The lack of oil, as well as moisture typical of people with dry skin, result in the following:

  • The skin becomes irritated with ease and is generally itchy
  • The skin appears to be rough and is characterized by dry patches and fine skin flakes
  • The skin is gray or red or appears to be generally ashy
  • Wrinkles, fine lines and cracks are common or appear easily

Itchy Skin in the Winter

The dryness of the winters causes the skin to dry in excess something which is termed as the winter itch. This type of flaky, dry and itchy skin is caused by the dryness of the environment, the lower mercury levels and lower levels of humidity.

People with dry skin in otherwise normal circumstances find their symptoms to be worsened especially during the winters. You can beat the dryness by making sure your skin is well hydrated and replacing the depleted natural oils with body moisturizers.

You will do well to apply the moisturizer just after having a shower or a bath. The dampness of the skin at the time helps it to get the maximum moisturizing.

Treatments of Dry Skin


The best way to go about treating dry skin is by lubricating it with a natural emollient something that is pure and would serve to lessen the evaporation of skin moisturizer. The main aim is to avoid loss of skin moisturizer and stop the skin itchiness.

In this, a heavy cream that is not based on water would be your best bet in the restoration of the hydration of the skin. Go for one that is recommended by dermatologists. Moisturizing the skin is of special use in the prevention of the winter itch.

The pH Factor

The alkaline or pH factor plays a really important part when it comes to the dryness caused by soap. The skin is usually capable enough to take care of itself. One of the weapons at the disposal of the skin in achieving this is something termed as acid mantle of the skin.

This simply refers to the fact that the skin is kept a little on the acidic side in order to keep harmful substances at bay. In fact, the pH of human skin is usually anywhere between 4.2-5.5. The scale may range from 0 on the bottom hand and might go up to as much as 14 with 7 pH holding ground as neutral.

It should be always kept at the back of the mind that dry skin is one of the most important things that cause the skin to age. However, before you choose a soap that pumped to the max it is necessary to consider the type of skin you have and figure out which soap would work best for you.

If you successfully maintain the pH balance of your skin and keep it at normal and healthy levels, you keep it protected from bacteria besides healing itself swiftly. Neutral or alkaline skin pH results in the skin losing this ability to be healthy.

You must keep in mind that soap is alkaline by nature and the typical pH of bar soap is usually between 9 to 12. When the pH of the skin is outside the comfort zone of 4.2-5.5, the skin starts to lose hydration and waters really fast.

This is one of the chief reasons behind the fact that restoring skin pH to desired levels is one of the most effective ways for the treatment of dry skin. Remember that the pH level of water is 7 which means that water might actually result in making your skin dry as it decreases the acid levels of the skin.

The Right Kind of Soap for Dry Skin

There are lots of people out there suffering from dry skin wondering which soap would suit them the most. Dry skin might be caused by a number of factors the dryness of the air or aging, but people tend to forget that one of the commonest causes of dry skin might actually be the soap you are using.

You would do your dry skin condition a world of good by actually paying attention to the ingredients of your regular soap.

Keep in mind that many of the ingredients of these soaps work rather nicely when it comes to smelling great and having a good lather, they can end up causing dryness of the skin and irritating it. This holds ground particularly for people suffering from eczema-like skin conditions and or those who have sensitive skin.

It is recommended that you go for a moisturizing and mild soap that’s made of natural ingredients if you are suffering from the dryness of the skin. Remember that the dry skin symptoms are made worse by using detergent soaps that are like really harsh on the skin.

They often have fragrance oils besides chemicals that are synthetic in nature and that results in the washing off of natural oils from the skin that helps to protect the skin.

Experts have found that some types of dry skin go along really well with soaps that are made of moisturizing ingredients especially extra butter like mango, shea, and cocoa.

Some other types of dry skin are suitably complemented by a particular fatty acid called linoleic acid. Ingredients like sunflower, grapeseed and hemp are rich in this type of fatty acid.

The last type of soap that works with other types of dry skin that we would like to mention are those that contain coconut mils or honey like ingredients.

Tips for Dry Skin

You can look after and soothe your dry skin in some simple ways. You should, first of all, keep in mind that the same routine you follow to take care of your skin might not be quite as effective throughout the year especially when the humidity levels take a downward slide.

If you don’t change this routine according to this, your wrinkles and fine lines become more pronounced due to the dry air. Further, the dry skin can make it flake, itch, crack or at times it may even bleed. You will do well to follow the following tips while bathing to get relief from dry skin-

Make sure that the showers and baths don’t make your dry skin condition worse. You can do this by:

  • You can do this by ensuring that you close the door of your bathroom.
  • Ensure that you don’t spend more than 5-10 minutes in the shower
  • See to it that you use warm and not hot water
  • Wash your skin with a soap that’s gentle and free from fragrances
  • Don’t apply too much soap in order just to ensure a thick lather but rather try to use just enough to get rid of the oil and dirt
  • Make sure to gently blot dry your skin with the help of a towel
  • Apply moisturizer on your skin immediately after drying it

Ensure that you trap the maximum amount of moisturizer by:

  • Applying the moisturizer as soon as you have finished off drying after a bath or shower or washing your hands and face
  • Make use of a moisturizer in the form of a cream or ointment rather than a lotion as the former are typically more effective and cause less irritation than lotions.
  • Another great tip we can give you is to keep a hand cream with you that is not greasy and apply the same after washing your hands each time. This will help you get relief from dry skin in your hands.
  • Apply a suitable lip balm that does not irritate the lips.
  • Make sure that the skin care products you use are gentle and free from fragrances. Some might harm your skin by being harsh on dry or sensitive skin.

Don’t use the following when you are suffering from dryness of the skin. This will ensure that your skin is able to retain its natural oils:

  • Deodorant soaps.
  • Any skin care product that contains fragrance, alcohol, AHA or retinoids.

The hands are typically the first place to be struck with dryness of the skin. This can be controlled to a large extent by wearing gloves. Ensure that you put them on before:

  • You go outdoors in the months of the winter season
  • Do things that require you to wet your hands
  • Do things that result in your hands being affected by greases, chemicals, and other similar substances

Make sure that the clothes and washing detergent you use does not irritate your skin as raw and dry skin conditions can be made worse even by these two. You can avoid this by:

  • Wearing a smooth cloth fabric like silk or cotton under one that is made up of a rough fabric like wool.
  • Use only detergents that are known to be hypoallergenic.

Besides this try to:

  • Try to stay warm without being in the proximity of a heat source which can result in skin dryness.
  • If you are using a heating system, make sure you use a humidifier.

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