Top 10 Best Fitness Bands in India for Healthy Living (Updated 2019)

We have been so much dependent on technology for every small thing that right from the morning, even before we leave our bed we start using it.

Once it was just a theory that humans can check their fitness level with the help of tech stuff, but now it is all possible.

Various tech giants have crafted out devices named as fitness band which keeps a check on your health. The best fitness bands are playing a very important role in people's health.

Right from monitoring the level of your sleep to the calories you intake or burn throughout the day, everything will be tracked by the band and you will be notified of every activity. 

best fitness bands in india

If you are thinking of buying this product then I am sure you will be confused amongst a lot of options. This blog will be a guide that will walk you through all your confusions so that you get the best one for yourself.

Here are the best bands that you could buy for yourself according to your needs and budget.

Top 10 Best Fitness Bands in India

If you want a big fat device, then this is your fish. The Fitbit Surge Ultimate is quite a fancy one with a rectangular display. This is one of the best smart bands in India.

This band can be used as a watch as well as a fitness band.

With the help of its various features, you will be able to track down different workouts with an ease.

The heart rate monitor and the calorie burn count are very précised making this band a highly delightful product to buy. It's the best fitness band with heart rate monitor in India.

The surge Ultimate also monitors your sleep according to the level of sleep you take as well as its quality.

It gives you the data on an everyday basis.

Moreover to give it a cooler feature the creators have given this band a capability to control your mobile playlist songs.

It is a delightful product with a reasonable price tag against its name.

Go for it if your budget is this high.

Fitbit Surge Ultimate


  • Display: LCD
  • Water Resistant
  • Battery Type: Li-Polymer
  • Battery Life: Upto 7 Days
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • You can monitor the quality of your sleep each day
  • Tracks all your daily activities
  • GPS tracking device makes people incline towards it
  • The big display allows you to read texts and other notifications
  • This beauty is providing so much but the price tag is not that tempting
  • The band is unibody, which means you cannot replace any of its parts rather change the complete set.

#2. Fitbit Blaze

Another Fitbit product on our list and this one is also a high-end product. This product is also one of the top fitness bands in India.

If you do not have a budget which crosses 20k then this is the best bet for you.

With a lot of cool features, this device makes a great fitness band in your hand. It is one of the best fitness bands in India.

It looks like a men’s watch with a rectangular dial but the only thing good about this one is the touchscreen.

This device is also packed with a feature of heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, multi-sport functions, and various other activity trackers. 

If you are too bored with your wristwatch then this could be the best replacement.

This product has all that you would want with your personal fitness trainer.

So why to get him in person? Let this band help you the same way a trainer can.

Fitbit Blaze


  • Display: OLED
  • Water Resistant
  • Battery Type: Li-Polymer
  • Battery life: Upto 5 Days
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • It precisely checks and tracks your heart rate
  • Sleep monitoring will help you get the best and précised results
  • If you want you could simply set your workout goals in it
  • The well-crafted screen shows all the calls, notifications and alerts
  • It tracks your steps, workouts and other things automatically
  • It is a little overpriced than the others in this range
  • The big screen will probably become a bit uncomfortable to wear during the sleep.

For those who have a good budget then Tom Tom Spark 3 won’t be difficult to get in your pocket.

This is one hell of a device. With almost everything you need. It is compatible with both IOS as well as Android devices.

It has a GPS tracking, on-wrist route navigation system, Bluetooth music, and a heart rate monitor. 

The navigation system is so précised that if you go out to some other city, it would not be a problem for you if you are on your own. 

From leaving the hotel to returning back, this band will guide you throughout your travelling. 

The design of this band is very comfortable which is slim as well as light in weight. The screen is big enough but not that big to make things uncomfortable. 

You can easily read anything on the screen during the bright light. 

This is a very good product in its range and doesn’t miss it if you are going so high in the budget.

Tom Tom Spark 3


  • Display: LCD
  • Water Resistant
  • Battery Type: Li-Polymer
  • Battery Life: Upto 5 hours
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • A very accurate heart rate monitor
  • A very précised calorie counter
  • It gives you a phone-free music experience
  • The GPS navigation is awesome
  • It has a Bluetooth music system
  • The menu system is a bit difficult to use
  • The sound quality is not that much according to expectations
  • The syncing of the data with the device or visa-versa is not that lubricated.

Samsung comes with a seal of trust, and reliability.

With millions of users worldwide this company has given a lot of cool stuff and this is one of them.

With a nominal price against its name this band also comes with some comprehensive features.

This band is made of silicone which gives it a beautiful look and a lighter weight.

With AMOLED display it also has Bluetooth feature, wireless charging, and activity tracker. It is one of the best activity tracker in India.

The band is also packed with the functions of detecting heart rate, the distance you travelled on foot, calories burned, and also track steps.

It’s compatibility with I-phones and Android Devices make it the best bet in its range. 

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Smart band


  • AMOLED Display
  • Water Resistant
  • Battery Life: 3 Days
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • It has an awesome design with a lightweight.
  • You can enjoy an offline Spotify support
  • The water resistance feature makes it a swim-friendly product
  • It has a bit clumsy setup process
  • When compared with its predecessor it has a bad value for money

No, don’t mistake this product for the pain relief. This one is a fitness band and a good one. 

Pricing fairly at a mediocre range, Moov is one of the best tracking items.

This analog band might not have a screen but it is no less than ones those have it.

It is accurate in providing you the accurate results while you burn your calories, run or do CrossFit.

This device also includes a 3D sensor to track your readings. 

Moov now


  • Battery Life: 180 Days
  • Reading Type: Analog
  • Battery Type: Coin Battery
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Very low on your wallet in accordance with its features
  • It has a very good battery life
  • It has quite a range of trackers
  • There is no screen 
  • The design might look out of fashion 

This smart fitness band tracks your heart all the time.

Garmin Vivo Smart HR+ Activity Tracker is one of the best bands that you can get in the Indian market if you are looking for something with GPS integration. 

You can extract out the exact count of your steps, and burnt calories.

So be it your swimming, walking cycling or running, you will track down everything.

This device has a battery life of around 7 days when it is completely charged. 

Garmin Vivo Smart HR+ Activity Tracker


  • Water-proof
  • OLED Display
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
  • Battery Life: 5 days
  • With this fitness band, you also buy yourself an In-built GPS
  • It monitors and records your sleep very effectively 
  • Whenever you get any notifications, this device smartly notifies you.
  • It gives highly accurate readings
  • It is a water resistance device
  • It is a bit bulky than other bands
  • Attaching and detaching the charging cable sometimes gives creeps
  • The synchronization of applications is not that fast.

MI is known for its customer-friendly prices and here they have another device which justifies it completely. It is one of the best fitness watch in India.

The HRX edition bands of MI are named as one of the most affordable fitness bands in the market.

This product comprises of a battery which lasts for about 23 hours. Compatible with IOS as well as android this device also has an OLED display.

This band has a USB charger and with its dust and splash resistance feature, it is a yes for your hand. 

MI Band- HRX Edition


  • Battery Life: 20 days
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Battery Type: Lithium polymer
  • Display Type: OLED
  • Water Resistant
  • Long lasting battery
  • The sleep tracking device works really accurate. 
  • It displays the name of the caller when you receive a call
  • The Bluetooth works just fine even from a distance of 20 meters 
  • There is no heartbeat sensor

A very pocket-friendly device that will give all the power to keep a check on your fitness is Honor Band 3 activity tracker.

It is one of the most accurate readings showing the device at such an affordable price.

This device is packed with advanced sleep tracking technology.

If you think you are unable to wake up early in the morning then just let this device help you with its alarm.

To make it look more like a tech than just a band, the company has installed a GPS tracker in it.

Once you connect the band with your smartphone you will be able to locate all the routes and also get an analysis of your run.

The battery if charged completely can give a backup of around 30 days. Isn’t that too much? 

Honor Band 3 Activity Tracker


  • Battery Life: Upto 30 days
  • Water resistance
  • Battery Type: Lithium ion
  • Display Resolution: 2 Pixels
  • A battery that lasts for 30 days after getting charged completely
  • You can reject a call by just tapping on your band’s touchscreen
  • Tracks your steps, calories burnt, distance covered
  • The HR monitor is very accurate
  • There is a good notification alert
  • Depending on what it costs, there are no cons. You can just simply go for this product.

It’s been almost 2 decades that Fastrack has been designing watches, shades and other good products.This is one of the best smart band.

One of its best inventions is this fitness band. Fastrack Reflex is your personal trainer that will guide you through your exercises and other workouts.

It comes with an OLED display that will show tracked data which includes steps you walked, calories you burnt and much more.

Compatible with both IOS as well as Android this device is also very pocket-friendly.

The band keeps the user updated with all the fresh notifications and SMS that are received on your mobile.

This cool stuff is also water resistant which means you can wear it while you swim.

The battery will give you a backup of 4 days after it charged completely.

If you think you forget things then this band gives you the liberty to put the remainder of your important stuff.

Fastrack Reflex


  • Display: OLED
  • Warranty: 1 Years
  • Battery Life: 4 Days
  • Water Resistant
  • Reading Type: Digital
  • It comes with a very rugged design
  • It monitors sleep and your steps for the complete day.
  • It keeps reminding you of the new SMS and other notifications
  • 1 hour of charging lasts up to 4 days
  • Water-resistance
  • You might face some problem in the display when the sun is bright
  • The mobile Apps are not that much of a success.

One of the most basic trackers in the Indian Market which is packed with Artificial Intelligence is Boltt Fit Fitness Tracker. It is one of the best health bands in India. 

It tracks your speed, number of steps you walked, the distance you covered, calories burnt, and also monitors sleep.

With all this, it also has an alarm reminder.

Not just the burnt calories this band also tracks down the calories you intake during your meals throughout the day.

Whenever you are out for exercise, the heart rate monitor keeps a check on your HR during the complete workout and lets you know during its ups and downs.

Due to the Artificial Intelligence feature, this device is one of the best in the market in accordance with the price tag it holds.

If you are not going to a high priced band then this is surely the best bet for you. 

Boltt Fit Fitness Tracker with AI


  • Display: OLED 
  • Warranty: 6 Months
  • Battery Life: 3 Days
  • Reading Type: Digital
  • It has a very simple design that backs the AI.
  • The visibility of the screen under the sun is very good as compared to others of this range. 
  • It has an activity tracker that will keep a check on all of your activities
  • It also has a heart rate monitor
  • The band notifies you whenever there is an incoming call or a text message.
  • The battery backup is up to 7 days
  • The HR monitoring is not continuing. There are breaks in between
  • During the synchronization of the data, the app makes a problem so if there is a good update then things could be much better.

These are the top 10 fitness band in India that will give you one hell of an experience.  Now all you have to do is fix your budget and get going.

Buyer's Guide - Fitness Band Buying Guide in India

Why should anyone buy a fitness Band?

Actually, the main reason behind buying a fitness band is to precisely keep a check on your daily routine. These bands enable the user to get the reading of all their day to day life.

Now listed down are a few more reasons that would surely convince you to consider buying this product.

• It improves your health
• They are unbiased and give you accurate readings
• These bands are like your real-time personal trainer
• It makes your exercise time, fun time

Different types of fitness bands?

There are no such types, only the price varies.

Can Fitness Band work as a Smartwatch?

Yes! In the market, there are options wherein you can get a fitness band in a Smartwatch.

Top 10 Fitness Band Brands in India?

The best brands in India comprises of Samsung, Fitbit, Tom Tom, Garmin, MI and many more. One can choose from different ranges and a large variety of products in all these companies.

They give you from basic to high standard fitness brands. All you want to decide is your budget and exactly what do you want?

Best Fitness Bands in India?

Fitness Bands under 5000

There are a few good bands that you can choose, but the best picks from all of them are, MI Band - HRX Edition, Honor Band 3 Activity Tracker, Fastrack Reflex, and Boltt Fit Fitness Tracker with AI. All of these are pocket-friendly bands but they do not compromise with providing you the best of their readings.

Fitness Bands 5000-15000

The bands are a bit higher in configuration as the price tag increases. The best picks for you in this segment is Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Smart band, Moov now, and Garmin Vivo Smart HR+ Activity Tracker.

Fitness Bands 15000-25000

These are the best fitness tracker band in India as their price is justified by the features that one gets in them. They come with an assurance of delivering the accurate numbers. So, the best picks for the elite category are Fitbit Surge Ultimate, Fitbit Blaze, and Tom Tom Spark 3. 

Best Fitness Bands according to android and ios?

Mostly all the bands in the market are compatible with both the androids as well as the ios devices which makes it easy for a person to switch the connected devices.

And the best band that you can get is Tom Tom Spark 3.

Best Fitness Bands according to different sports?

Samsung, Fitbit, and Tom Tom, these are the companies that sell a large variety of products and they include all kinds of products. They include sports such as walking, running, cycling, and swimming.

What Battery Life is best for you?

The battery life of each band depends upon the ways you use it. There varieties of bands that ranges from low prices to high and have battery life from 4 days to 7 days when charged completely.

Is the app as important as the band?

Yes! If it was a question that needs an expert’s review then apps are always handy to have in a band. They give you the leverage to perform things with an ease.

When you are exercising and you have the urge of listening to music, it’s the app that will do the necessary. The alarm, SMS notifications, sleep monitor, data sync. Everything is due to one or the other app and if the app is only not present.

I don’t think the band will be of much use. So yes, the apps that are installed in the bands are of utmost importance. They make things easy and the band important.

Misconceptions Regarding Fitness Band

For some people tech is boon and for some, it is a bane. But many are those who neither fall in the first category nor in the second. They are confused about a lot of things so the common misconceptions that people have regarding the fitness bands are:

People sometimes think that fitness bands are just a weaker version of a smartwatch. But this is not true.

People think that either a band can be fashionable (stylish in look) or will have a good command of apps.

People think that top smart bands are not as accurate as the companies say they are.

Things to consider before buying a Fitness Band

Things to consider before buying a band:

  • First things first, you should have a clear picture in your mind about the budget. So that you can buy the best budget fitness tracker.
  • You should know what exactly you need. Sometimes, you prefer to buy a higher range band but then it turns out that you could have been just fine with a lower range one.
  • You should have a clear mindset of the purpose for which you need the band.
  • Do remember that there are many bands that have a smaller display than other so be sure whatever you want.
  • Bands come with In-built GPS, if you want one with this specs then make sure to look for it in the specs.
  • Battery life is one more thing that you would want to consider before finalizing a band. The life varies a lot so make sure you get what you came for.
  • Design and weight. There are many bands that are really heavy. You would not want to get one of those, so try it once on your wrist and buy what makes you feel comfortable.

My recommendations

My recommendations for you guys are:

If you are going with a high budget in the market then you can get yourself a Fitbit Surge Ultimate. It is one of the best products on the market that is the best value for your money. You will get a lot of cool features and a sleek stylish looking band for your wrist.

If you are in the mid-range and want to get the best one in that segment then Moov now should be your choice. Fitted with all the required things, this band will not leave any scope of regret in your mind. All you will have to do is get it in your pocket. Do think much just buy it.

If you have a low budget or you are wondering as to how much you need the band then just go for the basic ones. Fastrack Reflex will serve the purpose and will be turn out to be quite handy. 

So this is it from the top 10 smart bands in India.

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