Top 9 Best Hair Colors for Men (Updated 2019)

Investing in a good hair color can work wonders on your looks.

Not just girls or women, even men are actively using hair color to enhance their personality.

Just for you guys, i along with my team bought all the top hair colors in india and compared them to give you the best recommendations.

Read the article till the end and you I can guarantee you will find the perfect product for you.

There are a lot of hair coloring products in India which facilitate the people to color their hair easily and at low cost. 

Here are the top 9 best of those products which can be used by the people.

best hair colour for men

Top 9 Best Hair Color Treatments for Men in India


Enriched with aloe and milk protein which claims to keep the hair soft and shiny GARNIER is one of the most trusted and used the brand in India.

This brand was the first to introduce hair coloring and came up with a variety of hair colors to choose from. It caters to all types of hair color needs right from deep black color to blond shades.  

It is a nourishing hair color that gives silky and shiny hair with 100% grey coverage. It is one of the Best hair colour for men in India.

It is one of the best hair dye for men in India.


  • Intense nutrition- it has 3 oils which don’t cause the hair to get frizzy and keep them protected from damage.
  • 100% coverage.
  • Easy application as it comes with easy non drip formula.


  • Gives full coverage against grey or white hair.
  • Easy application.
  • Nourishes the scalp and prevents hair damage.
  • The chemicals present in the product can damage the hair in long run.
  • Hair becomes frizzy after the application.
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#2. ​LOREAL 

It is a new generation of no ammonia hair color with Brazilian shine treatment that gives glossy hair.

 It gives a natural looking color with visible shimmering and glossy look thus making it one of the best hair colour in India.


  • It has a no ammonia formula that gives a natural look.
  • It gives complete coverage and prevents hair from getting frizzy.
  • Comes with a conditioner that helps the hair to be glossier.
  • It is easy to clean and application is also very easy.
  • It has a fragrance that makes it more preferable.


  • No ammonia formula helps the scalp from drying up.
  • 100% coverage against grey and white hair.
  • Has a fragrance.
  • Expensive for and hair color product as compared to others.
  • Fades away with time.
  • Causes the hair to become frizzy and unhealthy appearance.


It is a formula that helps to cover the greys in 10 minutes. It also comes with a brush that makes the coloring a more easy process and helps in touch-ups.

It is also a ammonia free hair dye and helps in 100% coverage.


  • It only takes 10 minutes to give a full coverage hair color.
  • It has Perl extracts that give a glossy finish.
  • Easy to apply.


  • Easy and quick results.
  • Nourishes the hair after the application.
  • 100% coverage against grey and white hair.
  • Easy application and removal.
  • In long run causes hair damage.
  • Bleaches the hair and reduces the strength.
  • Expensive and not everyone can afford.

#4. ​B’BLUNT

It is a new brand that has come in the hair color industry. The recent launch of this product has caused a lot of people to prefer this product.

The new thing about this product is that it comes with an added touch is the shine treatment for the hair.


  • No ammonia formula.
  • Contains silk proteins, which makes the hair smooth after coloring.
  • Lasts for 8 weeks.
  • Hydrates the hair and makes them glossy and shinier.


  • 100% coverage against grey and white hair
  • Easy application and removal.
  • No ammonia formula helps the hair from damage.
  • Lasts 8 weeks.
  • The gloss and shine fade away with time.
  • In long run causes hair damage.
  • Bleaches the hair and reduces the strength.


It is a rich crème hair color which provides glossy and shiny hair after application. Even after multiple applications it does not harm the hair and gives it a beautiful look. Thus making it one of the best hair colour brand in India.

It is simple to apply and easy to make.


  • Has aloe extracts which nourish the hair.
  • No ammonia formula helps to keep the hair soft and shiny.
  • It's an easy to form hair color all we need to do is open, mix and apply.
  • Long lasting color.


  • No ammonia formula helps the hair from damage.
  • Very cheap and everyone can afford.
  • 100% coverage against grey and white hair
  • Natural products are present.
  • In long run causes hair damage.
  • Bleaches the hair and reduces the strength.

This product is based on the natural concept of hair coloring. It consists henna with other important herbs that give the hair a natural treatment.

It provides nourishment and conditioning with deep color naturally.


  • Nourishes hair and conditions.
  • Lustrous appearance.
  • Makes hair smooth and silky.


  • Natural products used.
  • 100% grey coverage
  • Makes the hair smooth and lustrous.
  • Hair becomes dry after several uses.
  • Bleaches the hair and reduces the strength.


It is a completely natural and plant product. It is a powder formula to stain hair and skin.It is one of the best hair color brand for men in India.


  • 100% natural.
  • Chemicals free.
  • 100% natural as contains henna.
  • Full coverage and excellent appearance.
  • No ammonia formula helps the hair from damage.
  • Leaves a pungent smell after use.
  • Makes the hair brown after several washes.

It is a formula that is natural and safe for the hair and does not harm the hair.

It is a formula that is natural and safe for the hair and does not harm the hair. It is a combination of herbs and natural products.


  • 100% natural.
  • Have Indian herbs which help in natural color.
  • Regular use can cure dandruff.
  • The natural products provide nutrition to the scalp and increase the hair growth.
  • It makes the hair soft smooth and manageable.
  • It prevents hair-fall and encourages hair growth.
  • 100% coverage.
  • In long run causes hair damage.
  • Bleaches the hair and reduces the strength.

It is the Ayurveda company that provides natural hair care solutions for the grey and whitening hair and helps to cover them and prevent that from happening again.Thus it making it one of the best hair color product in India.


  • Organic and natural.
  • Full coverage.
  • Long lasting.


  • No ammonia formula helps the hair from damage.
  • Very cheap and everyone can afford.
  • 100% coverage against grey and white hair
  • Natural products are present.
  • Easy to use.
  • Leaves a smell after use.

Men's Hair Color Treatment Buying Guide in India

Best hair colour for men 

With the changing lifestyle, increasing stress and pollution has caused a lot of damage to our body. One of the major defects that are seen today is the greying or whitening of hair at an early age. In earlier times the cause of greying or whitening of hair was old age, but today a lot many factors contribute for the same.

Causes of hair greying and whitening 

  • Vitamin deficiencies: Deficiencies of vitamins such as vitamin B-6, B-12, vitamin D or vitamin E can be a major cause for this. According to a study in 2016 the reason for premature hair greying in young Indians i.e. from the age of 25 years is low level of serum ferritin which is responsible to hold iron in the body. The study also found that the low levels of vitamin B-12 and good cholesterol also contribute towards the premature greying and whitening of the hair.
  • Genetics: Race and genes of a person play an important role in premature or greying of hair. If the genes are weak a person can ace the problem of grey and white hair as early as at the age of 20 years or it can take time to occur for as long as the age of 30 to 35 years.
  • Stress: With the changing life style the people today are continuously stressed and face this problem on regular basis. Stress causes imbalance of antioxidants in the body this leads to an imbalance in free radicals which are unstable molecules which cause damage to hair cells and increase greying or whitening of hair.
  • Smoking: When a person smokes it activates the bad hormones in the body which can be a major cause for the greying of hair and cause it at an early stage.
  • Hair treatments and highlights: Using colours such as blond or blue on the hair we first need to bleach the natural colour of the hair. The bleach leaves the hair white and when the blue or blond fades away with time it leaves the hair white or grey in colour.
  • Pollution: The increase in carbon levels in the atmosphere has caused damage on hair. The carbon combines with the hair molecules and destroys them. This causes the greying of hair and leads to whiter or greyer hair in men.

The best solution to treat the hair greying and whitening problems is the use of hair colour. But many of us don’t know how or what exactly a hair colour is. But no worries we got you covered. Here is a short note on what exactly a hair colour is.

Hair colouring or hair dying is the practice of changing the hair colour from its original colour to the colour of our choice. The main reason for hair colouring is the greying and whitening of hair or to change the colour to fit into the latest or trending fashion.

The hair colour is a simple process all we need to do is mix certain compounds and apply it directly to the hair and wait or 20 to 30 minutes and rinse it. This process gives immediate results.

After knowing what exactly the process is the next question that arises is what method to use to colour our hair i.e. DIY or professional parlour treatments.

The professional parlour treatments 

In the parlour treatments all we have to do is select the best parlour in the area or the parlour that we regularly visit and tell them what kind of hair colour we need and they will look after the rest.

The advantage of this is we get professional attention and it is done perfectly. All the grey and white hair is covered. But the major disadvantage of this process is that it is very time consuming it involves sitting in the parlour for hours and too expensive the parlour people add the service charge which makes it more costly than a DIY.

The DIY method

The Do It Yourself method is the one that can be done by anyone as per their convenience. This can be done in the comfort of home. The major advantage of this method is that it is time saving and we can multi task.

We get to be at our comfort and convenience. This method is cheap. The disadvantage is that it is not professional and we cannot reach the complex areas of the hair.

The method to colour the hair was a basic selection the most important thing is to choose the right hair colour product from the various options available in the market i.e. selecting from the herbal hair colour v/s the ordinary hair colour that is available in the market.

Herbal hair colour

Hair colour is an ancient practice and its origin is from Egypt from the time of the queen Cleopatra the people used simple henna leaves to dye their hair. With the expansion of the kingdoms this process started to spread in other nations as well.

Based on these methods the hair colour brands today are developing natural or complete vegan hair colours. These are 100% natural and chemical free.


  • Since it is natural there is no sign of side effects.
  • It helps in complete coverage of white or grey hair.


  • It can leave a smell. Sometimes using natural hair colour can leave a pungent smell which can last for as long as 3 to 6 days after the hair colour.
  • The colour can turn out to be something else.

Ordinary hair colour 

With more people facing the problem of grey or white hair many business minds came up with the synthetic hair colour. These contain 2 packs within the box which are to be mixed and applied directly to the hair. This covers all the white and grey hair.


  • It is quick and easy to use.
  • It gives the desired colour.
  • Washes away easily.


  • It damages the scalp. The chemicals in the hair colour react with the scalp and damage it.

After knowing the methods and the various types of hair colour available we need to be aware about the things we must keep in mind before hair colouring. Here are some of the major factors that we need to keep in mind before going for hair colouring. The buyer’s guide:

  • The first thing we need to keep in mind is changing the hair colour process slow. Not all the hair types can handle the drastic change in hair colour. Some may get damaged and rough. All we can do is take it slow and hope for the best results.
  • We should never apply the hair colour from the roots as the chemicals in the hair product can damage the skin and lead to various scalp infections and dry scalp which may lead to hair loss.
  • There are a lot of shades to choose from in the market. We must know our hair type and the desired colour to pick the best one from amongst them.
  • Always check the review of the product before using it and go for the ones that give the best coverage.
  • According to the dermatology department of India the best hair colours are the one with the creamiest texture so the creamier the texture the more nourishing the hair colour is.
  • While searching for a hair colour we must look at the section that has the ingredients used in the making of the product.  The best hair color will be the one with non-damaging and a non-irritating formula.
  • Always go for the patch test i.e. using the skin colour mixture on the hands first to see what kind of effect it has on the skin if it causes irritation and any kind of damage immediately drop the idea of using it on the hair as the skin on the scalp is more sensitive than that on the rest of the body.
  • Conditioner is the most important product after colouring the hair. The hair colour leaves the hair dry and frizzy. The conditioner restores the nutrients required by the hair hand makes them soft and shiny once again.
  • Consult with the dermatologist before using any brand, run some tests to see what is the hair type and what kind of hair color will be most suited for that type o hair.

There are a lot of hair coloring products in India which facilitate the people to color their hair easily and at low cost. Here are the top 9 best of those products which can be used by the people.

Maintaining the hair color: tips and tricks

  • Prep your hair before the coloring which will hydrate them and help them to undergo the process of color changing and adapt to it easily without losing the natural and texture.
  • Choosing the right hair color brands also helps to keep the hair safe from any damage and prevent them from losing moisture and becoming frizzy.
  • We should always wait for 2 to 3 days before washing the hair after coloring this helps it to settle into the hair and adapt accordingly.
  • Chopping off the damaged hair after the process is done is always the best idea. This helps to prevent it from spreading in complete hair and prevent any further damage.
  • After the coloring is done we must wash our hair with cool water as hot water will result in shedding of hair and cause the color to fade away. Also using hot water for hair causes hair fall and reduces the volume of the hair.
  • Investing in a good and hydrating shampoo will also help in keeping the hair color intact. We must use the shampoos with color protect or color lock technology.
  • Buying a good conditioner will help to hydrate the hair and restore all the nutrients lost with the coloring process. It also helps to make the hair soft and shiny also prot3ects them from getting dry and frizzy.
  • Use protein masks to restore the protein lost during the hair color procedure. Apply an egg directly to the hair or use protein-rich shampoos for the same.
  • Various natural hair masks will also help to replenish the damaged hair and make them more strong and smooth.
  • Oiling the hair on a regular basis also restores the damage done to them.  Many essential oils like tea tree oil and lavender oil help to nourish the scalp and massaging them into the scalp help in preventing the damage and hair loss.
  • After the coloring of the hair using various styling products can be a bad idea and we must wait for a while before using the same.

My opinion 

My recommendations for the use of hair color will be simple and basic to the nature of their use. We must always choose the right product for our hair and they apply it.

Sometimes when a ting looks appealing must not feel the same when applied. Thus checking the user guide and reading the reviews may help for a better choice of the product.

The only thing that we must apply to our hair must be organic and not filled with chemicals.

Many big companies today are using natural ingredients in their product to ensure the customers about the safety of the product and how it also helps in nourishment.

Always check the chemical used section on the packaging of the product as it helps in knowing what exactly we are putting on the hair.

Always consult the dermatologist before the use of any product. They can run some tests on the hair and know about the hair type and help to select a product accordingly.

Use various social networking sites to know more about the product then make the buying decision. Many beauty bloggers post interesting facts about the product in their reviews and some precautions that need to be followed before using them.

An app called style set helps the user to know about hair color most suited for the skin range and hair type. It also shows the recent trends which are followed in the beauty industry and helps us to know how to get the same.

Before going to color the hair we must apply hair mask that will hydrate the hair and prep it for the exploiting color process.

If you are dying the hair for the first time doesn’t go for the box hair color product that is available. Going for the professional hair coloring helps to know about the hair type and the most suited brand and color for the hair.

Colouring the hair changes its texture and makes it more volumes and easy to style.


Hair coloring can be fun and an amazing thing but the major thing we need to keep in mind is the consequences that come with the use of hair color. We should take care of the body and hair well in advance and keep the nutrition levels intact to prevent the early greying and whitening of the hair.

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