Top 10 Best Helmet Brands in India (2019) – Reviews & Comparison

As we all know that the cities of today are overcrowded with vehicles and hence, the number of vehicular accidents has also increased.

If you ride a two-wheeler, doesn't matter whether it is a bicycle or a motorcycle, it is vital for you to wear a helmet. The helmet is that one thing, which can provide you with a lot of security from an accident.

And that is the reason, why most of the states of India has implemented a law, according to that, it is mandatory for every two-wheeler rider to wear a helmet.

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Though our concern about safety has increased how can we compromise with this when it comes to the helmet. And that is the reason why we think that you deserve to know Top helmets brands in India, known for selling strong yet stylish helmets.

As the major population, travelling on the motorcycle are the youngsters, and this same age section of the population is also concern about their style, we have brought to you a list of 10 best helmet brands in India.

These helmet brands not just provide you with an immense amount of security but also will make you look super cool and stylish.

We Highly recommend you to read the Helmet Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest helmet technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Helmet Brands in India

Although my favorite among all is Vega but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

#1. Vega

Vega helmets are the first choice of the motorcycle riders when we concentrate on both safety and style.

The helmets of this brand are certified by DOT and ISI and that makes the rider believe that they are choosing a great thing.

The helmets of this brand normally have two visors. The visor is the part of helmet present in the form and can be pulled down to cover the complete face.

Vega helmets come in a variety of Full face helmets, Off-Road helmets and open face helmets.

Other than style and safety, the Vega helmets are also known for its affordable pricing.


  • Vega helmets are very comfortable.
  • It comes with a good ventilation mechanism.
  • They are very much affordable.
  • The off-road helmets of this brand are heavier than the normal range.

#2. Studds

Studds helmets are the next most popular helmet brand of India. What makes it gain so much if popularity is its beautiful designing and reasonable pricing.

When we talk about fashionable helmets, you can certainly consider the helmets of this brand in the first position.

With a lot of ink work and beautiful pictures on it, these helmets look really trendy. Studds helmets very affordable and almost every bike rider can have it.

But when it comes to the security nothing is important more than the safety of the rider.

For this, the helmets of the Studds brand comes with a strong shell and fibreglass in the front making it a great choice for riders.


  • Comfortable helmets.
  • If you are looking for a secured and made you can definitely purchase this one.
  • These helmets are also very affordable.
  • Sometimes we notice the collection of fog on the visor screen, ultimately leading to reduced visibility.

Making the list of the top helmet brands in India, without taking the name of steel bird, would never complete the list.

Steelbird is again a very famous helmet brand in India known for its quality and durable products. Steelbird is a Delhi based company and manufactures many other products.

However, helmet is the most popular one. As the company is known for its designed and graphic two-toned helmets, they are the choice of the younger population.

They are also known for their, anti-fog and anti-scratch visors. The helmets of this brand come in a full-face and open-face format. The best part is they are very pocket-friendly.


  • Know for their durable and affordable helmets.
  • The visor of this brand helmets is anti-fog, anti-glare and anti-scratch.
  • Steelbird helmets are full of classy graphics and their designs are trendy enough to attract the modern youth.
  • Sometimes the helmets sit a bit high on the head.
  • You may hear a lot of wind noise.

Are you looking for a modern generation helmet, then I would suggest you buy Autofy helmet for you.

This one comes with a Polypropylene EPS foam liner inside the helmets to reduce impact intensity during an accident.

You can surely enjoy your riding as the helmet of this brand is very light in weight.

The outer shell of the helmet is made up of very strong and polycarbonate material giving it a tough feel. This one also has side vents to keep the air circulation maintained.

Even the ventilation system of the helmet is great.


  • The helmets of this brand are highly durable.
  • If you are looking for a comfortable yet strong helmet you can definitely purchase the helmet of Autofy brand.
  • The helmets are very comfortable.
  • They are very pocket-friendly in pricing.
  • You may find the collection of fog in the visor of this helmet brand.
  • You may hear a lot of wind noise while wearing this helmet.

#5. JMD

If you are looking for an economical yet strong helmet then it is advisable for you to purchase the helmet of this brand.

JMD helmets are very much popular in India and the reason behind the same is there affordable pricing.

Not just the affordable pricing but the durability and comfort of this helmet brand is what makes it stand above others.

This one comes with comfortable inner padding and a high-quality polycarbonate shell.

Even the graphics and designing of this helmet is very cool. Good ventilation and lightweight makes this helmet a great pick from the list.


  • The Helmets of this brand are very light in weight.
  • They are very comfortable and durable.
  • If you are looking for an economical helmet you can surely get this one.
  • The Visor of this helmet brand is not scratch proof and you may also see the collection of fog on the same.

Moving on with the list of the top helmet brands in India our next choice is the super safe and fashionable helmet brand Conquer.

if you are a fan of a racing helmet and looking for a lightweight one, then you can certainly go with this brand.

When it comes to making comfortable and durable of helmet no one can be the brand value of conquer.

The only outback I see in this helmet brand is, they make really costly helmets. Though the helmets are great in style and safety still they are we more expensive than the other helmets we have on the list. 

And that is the reason why we have kept conquer in the sixth position.


  • Helmets of this brand are very durable.
  • Even the ventilation system is very good.
  • Good helmet for the bike racers.
  • I am not happy with the visor of this helmet brand. Sometimes it becomes really hard to keep it open.

If you are an Indian, then you would be well acquainted with the brand power of Wrangler. Wrangler is known for helmets and number of motor accessories they manufacture.

Wrangler helmets come with the features which make it strong, durable and comfortable helmets in the category.

Though the helmets are not much popular in the country you still find a good fan following this brand. Let's have a look at the pros and cons of the Wrangler helmets.


  • Wrangler helmets are durable comfortable and strong enough to provide the users with safety.
  • They also belong to the economical helmet category.
  • You don't get any warranty with this helmet brand.
  • Users even report the collection of fog on the Visor during winter.

#8. LS2

LS2 is a brand known for its classy helmets. Not just in India, LS2 is also very popular on the international platform.

LS2 comes in a variety of helmet range from off-road to full face helmets.

Designed with beautiful graphics and loaded with different colours makes this handmade look uniquely amazing in the category.

If you want your helmet to be tough, secure, stylish and comfortable then you can definitely buy the LS2 helmets.


  • The helmets of this brand are strong and comfortable.
  • LS2 helmets come with amazing graphics on it.
  • They are a little expensive than the other helmets brands.
  • Some helmets of this brand give tight cheek padding making it go a little uncomfortable.

#9. THH

THH is also a good brand if you are looking for some up-to-date type of helmets. You will get many variants in this brand.

From open face to full face and from off-road to LED helmets. They are durable and made up of stone material.

They are comfortable and you can surely enjoy your ride with this one. The off-road range and the LED helmet range of this brand are very classy and fashionable.

In fact, the inner lining of the helmet is very cosy and breathable with good ventilation.

If you are concerned about your safety and also like to ride a bike in a fashion you can surely by the helmet of this brand.

But before you buy the one you should have a look at the pros and cons of this helmet brand.


  • The company is known for the manufacturing of durable and comfortable helmets.
  • Good inner lining made up of breathable material and the ventilation system is also great.
  • You may find this helmet a bit tight to your cheeks at first, but once you start using it will start getting loose.
  • The helmets are not at all affordable and are very high in price.

If you love to ride your bike by keeping the style ahead and purchasing helmets of Royal Enfield won't disappoint you.

Build tough and strong these helmets are especially for those motorcycle riders who give first priority to their riding passion.

Royal Enfield is also known for other rider accessories like, jacket, helmets, gloves etc; Considering safety they make high-quality and strong in body helmets.

These helmets are pretty durable and a little costlier than our range of affordable helmets. Let's see what pros and cons the helmets of Royal Enfield has.


  • Know for rough and tough helmets.
  • Royal Enfield helmets are very comfortable and durable.
  • Vintage helmets of this brand are amazing.
  • These are ISI certified and hence buyers need not worry about its quality.
  • You are not going to get much variety in this helmet brand.
  • The helmet has almost all the qualities of the above mentioned economical helmets, still, they are high in price.

Buyer's Guide - How to Purchase Helmets

Who doesn't love to ride a motorcycle? Especially for those who love the environment and to take the real pleasure of riding, simply enjoy motorcycle rides. However, due to the increase in population and ultimately increase in traffic, riding motorcycles has also become a little risky.

To keep yourself safe from any harmful accident, you should have to carry a safety gear with you. And for motorcycle rider, what could be better than a solid helmet. When you are riding a two-wheeler whether it is a motorcycle or a bicycle, you have to understand the meaning of body protection.

A helmet is that one thing which is specially designed to protect your head, if you got stuck into an accident. It is a round shape solid structure that you have to wear in your head while riding. It comes with a visor through which you will be able to see.

So before you start riding your motorcycle, bicycle or any other two-wheeler, you have to first buy a perfect helmet for yourself. Below we will be telling you how you can shop for a most appropriate helmet.

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Types of Helmets

Before you start shopping for the helmet, it is really important for you to know the types of the same. So let's have a look at the six types of helmet you will find in the market:

Full face Helmets

As the name suggests, full face helmet is the one cover your head and your entire face.

This is the best helmet for any rider to have. It provides the rider with the highest protection, by keeping gear skull and head safe during an accident. This type of helmets are little bulky and more in weight than the other type of helmets and hence riders avoid to going with the full face helmets.

Half face Helmets

Half face helmets are also known as three-quarter helmets. These helmets are designed to protect the skull of the rider. The biggest disadvantage of this type of helmet is, it leaves your face open. Though you get a visor to cover your face while riding.

This one provides lesser protection as compared to the full face helmets. On the other hand, the advantage of this helmet is, this one provides you with a more commutating and full view riding. If you find a full face helmet suffocating for you, you can definitely go for this one.

Modular Helmets

Modular helmets are designed by keeping the features of both full-face helmets and half face helmets in mind. You can even call this one a convertible helmet, as you can easily convert this helmet into whatever type of helmet you want.

The chin and cheek section of the helmet is convertible you just have to lift it up and it will easily get converted into half face helmet from full face helmet. This type of helmets are also very bulky and weights more than the half face helmets.

Half shell Helmets

Half shell helmets AKA skull helmets are the category of helmets providing the least protection while riding. You will normally see bicycle riders using this helmet for protection. As the name suggest this helmet only protects your skull leaving your complete face and ears open.

You should always remember, if you are using this helmet while riding a motorcycle you should be very cautious as this one has  the potential of killing the rider in an accident.

Off-road Helmets

You might have known with the name that off-road helmets are designed for those who doesn't like to ride on the road.

Specially designed for the off-road riders, this helmet has a nice level of protection. Other than head and face, this one can even provide you protection from dirt and dust. Also, off-road helmets look very fashionable as you will always see a lot of colours and graphics on it.

Dual sports Helmets

If you are the one looking for an ultimate helmet and even ready to spend a good amount of money then you can definitely go for a dual sports helmet. These are the special type of helmets designed to provide the maximum level of protection with its designing.

You will only notice the great racers wearing Dual sports Helmets. These are approved by DOT rating which is more higher than Indian ISI mark. As they are for the bakeries was they are specially designed aerodynamic helmets which makes it costlier than the normal ones.

How to choose a perfect helmet for you?

  • For those who ride a lot due to work nature - If riding in the city is what you do every day and that too a long distanced one, then it is always advisable for you to go with the full face helmets. You can also go with the half face helmets, but by considering the increasing number of accidents in the cities, you need to have complete protection and only full face helmets can give you the same.
  • For the racers and track riders - If you love to go off-road then obviously you have to go with the off-road helmets. As the racers and the track riders have to fight with the dust and other debris you can also go with the dual sports helmets for additional safety. Remember, helmets like half face helmets and skull helmets are just not for you.
  • For those who like to ride in a group - If you are the one who loves to ride in a group then you need a helmet which is safe and also allows you to communicate easily while on the move. In that situation, you can go with the half face helmets or modular helmets as this will provide you with safety and also allow you to take the full view.
  • For the bicycle riders - If you are a regular bicycle rider and you think, Helmet  is not necessary for you, then you are very wrong. You should always wear a helmet even if you are riding a bicycle. As you need minimum protection on a bicycle, you can go with the skull helmet to keep your head safe while riding? And if you are a bicycle racer then you can even go with the off-road or dual sports helmet as it will provide you with the maximum safety.

Other Things to Consider


Weight: it is really important for you to buy a helmet with a healthy weight.

You shouldn't have to go with a too lighter helmet or a too heavier one. The weight of a good helmet is from 1400 grams to 1800 grams and you should buy the one falling under the same rate range, so that you ride without pain and with comfort.


While buying a helmet it is really important for you to know what your helmet is made of. You can mostly find helmet’s shell made up of polycarbonate which is the least expensive one and also provides the least protection during accidents. 

Next, we have fibreglass and carbon fibre which are more expensive than the polycarbonate shells and provides more protection.


Safety is a vital thing which you have to keep in mind while shopping for a helmet. Go with the helmet providing you with safety features like cheat protection, wind resistance, ventilation, dust resistance and dual visor.

There is a modern safety feature called MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) reduce the rotational forces, which is also an important feature to look for while buying a helmet.

Other Features

The modern helmets are designed to keep you more comfortable and in touch with modern technology while riding.

Like they are the helmets in which you can control the wind resistance and can even receive your phone calls while driving your motorcycle. So you can definitely by the featured helmet depending upon your requirements.


Undoubtedly pricing is a very important thing which you have to keep in mind while purchasing a helmet. Polycarbonate shell helmets are the economical helmets and provide good production.

Even if you need an excessive amount of protection you can go with the fibreglass composite or carbon fibre helmets which are safer and costlier than the polycarbonate helmets. Also, if you want a budget-friendly handmade you have to go with the regular full face or half face helmet.

And if you can afford to have an expensive once then off-road and dual sports helmets are also a good choice.

Safety rating

Before buying a helmet you should always check for its safety rating. If you are riding a motorcycle in India your helmet need to be ISI or BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certified. You can also go with the DOT certified helmets as the helmets which can provide the maximum protection can only have this certification.

Above DOT there stands the ECE which is also advisable if you are a motorcycle racer or an off-road racer.


Before you pick up the most appropriate helmet size for yourself, you should know your head size. For that, you have to wrap a soft measuring tape around your head and below your ears.

If you are buying a helmet online, you can also compare the same with the size chart of the helmet brand, as every brand has a different size chart. And if you are buying the same in a regular shop, it is always advisable for you to try a helmet before buying.

While trying, if you see a little space between your head and the helmet inner lining then you have to buy a size smaller than this one. Your helmet should properly fit on your head, with no space of movement.

When to replace

It is really important for every rider to replace their helmet after every 5 years. As the Helmet gets old its safety features and ratings reduce and hence, we always recommend the riders to keep on changing their helmet, once the Helmet crosses the age of 5 years.

If you will take care of all the above mentioned points, you will certainly by the safest and the most appropriate helmet for yourself.

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