Top 10 Best IP Cameras in India (Updated 2019) – Reviews & Comparison

Ip or Internet Protocol camera is a latest digital camera technology device that acts an invaluable video surveillance system for business and home.

Unlike the closed circuit television in analog camera, these IP cameras follow the data transmission (delivering and receiving data) via computer networks and internet.​

Since it is network based, it has high video surveillance capability when compared to the former analog technology.

Since data transmission takes place via Fast Ethernet link, it is mostly used for IP surveillance that is a digitised and networked version of CCTV.

What are its benefits over analog technology?

With the enhancement in data transmission to fast surveillance system, IP camera has boosted the demand over the analog ones. Since they are network based, IP cameras can operate from any location.

ip cameras

The video has digital zoom feature to enable high resolution and provide good surveillance. Since these are internet oriented, video and images can be send anywhere in the world.

Addition to these features, the IP cameras have ability to progressive scanning. This helps in extracting better quality images from video, especially the moving targets. The auto alert feature detects and indicates the suspicious activity and hence acts as a great security device.

How it works?

Ip camera enables you to connect to internet via broad network and incredibly view live video from any web browser at any place in the world. With your tablet or smartphone, you can monitor multiple video cameras and DVRs.

These cameras come with their own inbuilt software and are configured to internet in order to function. Most of these cameras run on web browser but IP camera companies are coming up with their own applications to enable recording and video viewing easy.

Most cameras come with recording software but if you want an additional feature, you can purchase and add it with many NVR programs. 

We Highly recommend you to read the IP Camera Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest IP Camera  technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best IP Cameras in India

Although my favorite among all is D3D D8017X but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

If you are looking for an IP camera that has good network coverage and view, then this is the one.

The dual antenna will provide good network coverage to assist you live streaming wherever you have connectivity.

The video quality is excellent and the camera has good resolution of 720 p. You can use it at your home as well as office.

Since the device is waterproof and weather proof, storm and rain will have no effect on the camera. There is no requirement of DVR or hard disk.

All you have to do is, just plug the camera with power supply, and view live streaming on your mobile phone or PC. It is easy to install.

Once there is certain movement in your protected area where the camera is set, it will automatically send you email alert with picture on your mobile phone.



  • Weather-proof and waterproof camera
  • Infrared LED’s
  • 1 MP 
  • Wireless setup
  • Motion detection
  • Easy installation
  • Hard disk and DVR not required
  • Night vision
  • Zoom in and out
  • Cannot share from window or download
  • Cannot work without Wi-fi
  • Cannot configure one camera on multiple device

This camera will assist you in looking at your kids, elderly parents, and pets when no one is around.

It has a two-way microphone and speaker to allow you to talk and listen to them remotely. Mobile configuration can be set easily within 5 minutes and you will be able to see live videos streaming in your android, iPhone, and tablets.

The infrared LED with ICR offers good viewing and recording.
It records high-resolution video, and the inbuilt speaker will assist in clear voice transmission.

If there is any motion in your protected camera region, this will send email alert to you and will record the motion. 

It is a multi-user platform having multi storage option. The camera has 360-degree viewing angle. If you think this will work for you, grab it now.



  • 2-way audio
  • Infrared night vision
  • Multi-user online
  • Pan tilt
  • TF card storage
  • Smart phone view remotely
  • Detect motion in clarity
  • 360 degree view angle
  • Multi-storage; SD card, NVR, and PC
  • Difficult to make video file in low resolution

This camera requires a simple app installation in your mobile phone and you can keep a watch on your installed location any time.

You can view live video in 720p HD resolution that covers 355 degree in horizontal plan and 90-degree tilt to cover all corners of the room.

It also provides 2-way audio facility with 128 GB mircro SD card to record and playback anytime.
If you are looking for a camera that provides you live video streaming along with data storage in SD card, this comes with a reasonable price. You may use it at any location and tilt the camera as per your requirement. It provides good night vision and records every movement clearly. 



  • Motion detection
  • Rotating camera
  • IR night vision
  • SD card slot
  • 2-way audio
  • 720p HD resolution
  • Multi user can handle
  • Night vision up to 32 feet
  • Camera tilt and adjustment
  • Delay in display and camera control
  • Recording is in av format only

This plastic body night vision camera has 2 Mp high performance with CMOS sensors that can be watched online using Cloud P2P.

It has a resolution of 1080p to record better picture or video view.

You may adjust the camera as per your required angle and tilt.
The camera has low power consumption of only 4W.

This is an effective camera that will give you glimpse of live video whenever you want.

The camera has easy installation and high resolution to keep a track of area under its consideration.



  • 2MP CMOS image sensor
  • PAL/NTSC signal system 
  • 3.6 mm lens 
  • Weather proof
  • Angle is adjustable
  • Low power consumption
  • IR sensor comparatively lesser
  • Poor night vision

This camera will record movement for 24X7 hours according to your setting.

You can view remotely from your smartphone or pc anytime you want. The 360-degree view angle will provide high-resolution HD video Built-in microphone and speaker will allow you to communicate 2-way and keep a track on your surveillance.

The night visibility and clarity is high up to 16 feet. It will provide you all the day and night protection.

If you are looking for a product that meets all your surveillance requirement, this one is for you.



  • HD video recording
  • 1.44 mm fish eye lens
  • 360-degree full view
  • Cloud service
  • Wireless Wi-Fi connection 
  • push motion notification works instantly
  • IR-cut night vision
  • Night vision up to 16 feet
  • Quick wifi setup in Android or iOS phone
  • ⦁Quite bulky
  • ⦁Connectivity problem

This camera has easy installation without complicated wire system. The surveillance will give you video and audio facility so that you can talk to the other end.

You can monitor your camera from anywhere remotely. There is no requirement of DVR or hard disk.

You just need a power supply cable to monitor and live view on your mobile or PC.
This device will show you alert whenever there is any motion in the area. You do not require a separate monitor to hold these.

The SD slot will record image and video. With price, this can be easily affordable and has high effectiveness. 


  • 720 p HD IP camera
  • Supports Wi-Fi
  • Support iOS, Android, and Windows
  • ONVIF protocol enhanced
  • Easy installation
  • 15metre night vision
  • 24 hour surveillance
  • Multi-platform and multi-user view
  • SD card not recognizable sometimes
  • No audio recording

You can bring this camera home and ensure family security by monitoring the surveillance area through your phone.

It does not require much setting or complicated wiring, as it can be set wirelessly. The built-in video cam and speaker will assist you to talk to your loved ones conveniently.

You can rotate your camera by controlling it with your mobile phone. The camera can be turned 355 degree horizontally and 110 degree vertically.

The multilevel recording system will store photos and video in SD card, email, and cloud sever. If these features attract you, buy this. 



  • Mobile remote tilt of your camera
  • Multilevel recording (both cloud and SD card)
  • IR night vision
  • Motion detection
  • Live flawless monitoring
  • 2-way audio
  • Smart link for Wi-Fi setup
  • Camera quality may fade
  • Network issue

It is easy to install and records video very clearly. The wireless LAN connection makes the circuit simpler and do not require handy cables.

The slot space can manage SD card and records surveillance video for future purpose.  It can be rotated 355 degree horizontal and 120 degree vertical to provide good overall view.

You can easily remove the camera and set it any other place without undergoing any wiring problem. It is easy to carry, convenient to change location, and do not destruct aesthetic of the location. 



  • 1130 degree mobile control
  • IR night vision
  • SD card slot
  • Wi-Fi antenna
  • High resolution
  • 128 GB card capacity
  • Easy installation
  • ⦁No separate DVR required
  • Picture quality may go with time
  • Sometimes connectivity problem

Use this camera and you will experience true HD 720 p resolution.

The device is best suited because it is waterproof and can be used for inside and outer environment. You can keep a track on your camera from any location by controlling it through your phone.

You do not have to be afraid of night. This cam records up to 32 feet even in the dark. The cam supports multi-platform; Android, iOS, and Windows and allow multi user handling.

If you are impressed by these features, buy one for your home and office. 



  • Motion-detection
  • IR night vision
  • Waterproof camera
  • Supports 128 GB capacity card
  • Inbuilt IR lens
  • One-key wi-fi configuration
  • Network connecting problem
  • Adaptor failure
  • Short LAN cable

This wireless CCTV camera will give you better surveillance of your home, office, or factory in your phone and pc.

 It comes with built in SD card slot where you can insert a memory card and save the record for future reference.

It also provides built-in motion protection and alerts you every time there is any movement in your protected area.

The camera has pan and tilt of 355 degree and 90 degree and is compatible to use. The 3 steps set up process is simple; so you do not have to worry about installation process.

The device works on low power consumption rate to save your money in electricity. If you think this device is right for you, grab it now.


  • Night vision feature
  • Good image clarity
  • Metal body
  • SD card record
  • Weather proof camera
  • Easy installation
  • Pan-tilt; up & down, and side ways
  • Network issue
  • Plastic body

Buyer’s Guide – Best IP Camera Buying Guide in India

Types of IP Camera

As discussed, IP cameras are device that assist you keep a surveillance on your selected area remotely. It is not necessary to sit by your TV, but you can even watch the live streaming in your mobile phones and tablet via internet or local network.

They provide real-time situation view. These cameras are of different types designed for specific purpose.

  • CENTRALIZED & DECENTRALIZED IP CAMERA: The centralised Ip camera records all your activities and stores it in a central video recorder. It detects and records every data and the footage can be collected even after the it gets stolen or broken. There is no central video recorder in a decentralised camera but they have their own storage capacity to store the footage.They save it in their hard drives or thumb drive and have the least possibility to lose the footage at once.
  • WIRES AND WIRELESS IP CAMERA: In wired camera system, the Ethernet cable connects the camera to internet. There are almost no video interruptions as they provide maximum width and bandwidth allocation.The picture can be high zoomed up to 1000x when needed. One major importance of wired camera is, there are no chances of hack.Wireless security camera covers large area than that of wireless one. They are easier to install and connect but the connectivity through wi-fi and Bluetooth make it more prone to hacking.Beside this, videos are not that cleared when compared to the wired camera system.
  • FIXED AND PTZ IP CAMERA: As the name suggests, a fixed camera located to one particular location that will cover a definite viewing angle. It is ideal for those who want to monitor the same region every day.Though the camera is fixed, the leans can be set.
    Contrary to fixed camera, PTZ camera can be tilt easily and even zoomed. You can turn the camera as you want. You can zoom any suspicious activity whenever you want.
  • BOX AND DOME TYPES IP CAMERA: Box type camera can be easily visible from long distance and that may make the intruder to break or steal it. Generally, box type IP cameras are used for indoor security.You are required to build an enclosure to fix box type camera. 
    Dome shape cameras are protected via built-in casing that is weather resistant. You can fit it easily outside the house or office.Dome shape camera provides better viewing angle when compared to box type IP camera.
  • DAY AND IP CAMERA: Day camera can provide clear video only in the day-time or in the presence of light. In dark case, it will not be effective at all.
    Day and night type camera give excellent day and night time surveillance to provide you crystal clear image even in low light or dark situation. During night, the IR produces black and white image that is clearly visible.

Types of Network

  • Wired network: It will connect the camera with modem or router through Ethernet cables. It provides fast connectivity and is among the most secure way to connect and remove the service. There is very less chance of interception or interference with signal.
  • Wireless network: Wi-fi routers are used in wireless network connecting system. The data transmission is comparatively slower than wired type network. This can be mitigated through encryption. 
  • Cellular network: This network connecting system is slowest of the three but is more secure than Wi-Fi connectivity. These are quite expensive camera especially when transmitting high-resolution video. 

Why you need a good IP camera?

You need a good Ip camera to provide you live streaming surveillance video of the real world happening at your phone, tablet, or laptop. All you need is good internet connectivity.

There is no range limit of the camera. You can be at any corner of the world, if you have connectivity, you can control your camera. A good camera provides you all the relevant information required in the situation.

Many companies have started manufacturing camera that shows rotation and tilt, IR feature to provide clear image in dark, and waterproof, as well as two ways audible talk feature. Since cameras are for security, you definitely need a good one for the purpose.

Best IP camera in India (Price)

Up to 2000

  • Camera with Night Vision, 720P Resolution, Rotatable Video Remote Control View via Smart Phone for Security Home Office
  • Piqancy WiFi Home Security Ip Camera Long Range 360° Move Wireless (2, Dual Antenna)
  • Hikvision DS-2CE1AC0T-IRPF Turbo HD 720P IR Night Vision Bullet Camera

Up to 3000

  • D3D Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Indoor Security Camera (Support up to 128 GB SD card) (White Color) Model: D8810
  • ProElite IP01A WiFi Wireless HD IP Security Camera CCTV (Supports Up to 128 GB SD Card) [Dual Antenna]
  • V.T.I IP Dual Antenna WiFi Enabled Indoor Security Camera with Night Vision, 720P Resolution, Rotatable Video Remote Control View Via Smart Phone for Security Home Office

Up to 4000

  • V.T.I HD Waterproof Outdoor IP Camera with Colour Night Vision. 
  • Sricam SP007 Wireless Waterproof Outdoor Wi-Fi HD 720P Security CCTV IP Camera 
  • D3D Wireless 960P HD Outdoor Waterproof IP Wi-Fi CCTV Outdoor Security Camera (Support Up to 64 GB Micro SD Card) Model:D8016P

What to Consider When Buying IP Cameras

IP camera is the latest camera technology in digital video surveillance system. Unlike the analog technology that uses CCTV system, IP camera transmits data via internet and computer network.

This feature provides enhanced surveillance capability. You must consider few things before buying an IP camera. Here are the important points to consider.

  • Camera resolution: Analog cameras are limited to 720x480 resolutions irrespective of camera cost and design. IP cameras generally provide 720p and 1080 p resolution that shows clear image on the screen. The new camera technology counts on pixels rather than horizontal lines used in old analog cameras. 1080 p image covers twice the bandwidth required in 720 p that makes it a bit slow streaming.
  • Full HD resolution: 1080 p image is called full HD resolution. Most of the camera having 1080 p and IR feature provides clear night vision. Therefore, you have to think, what your prior requirement is. Do you need a camera for the day purpose only or for both day and night?
  • Facial recognition: You must buy an IP camera that has high degree of clarity. This records easy identification of faces and vehicles at the surveillance location. The analog camera often fail to provide enough detail while the IP camera provides clear surveillance and provide detailed image that is easily recognisable.
  • Phoenix video surveillance: IP cameras helps in connecting the surveillance location to your phone and tablets irrespective of you are. If you have network connectivity, you can see from your camera. Now you have to consider what type of IP camera you are looking for. There are varieties of it: box type, dome type, video only, video and two way speaker, weather and waterproof.
  • Cost effectiveness: IP cameras are coming these days at very competitive prices. Market is full of competitors and therefore you have to be very selective in buying one for you. First you have to see if the product is genuine or a copy of a brand. Then you can observe if the camera provides the purpose, you are looking for. Search for the competitor product and buy the one that is cost effective in serving the purpose.