Top 10 Best Microwaves to Buy in India (Updated 2019) – Reviews & Comparison

The more you bake, the more you are loved…

This might sound to you little nasty fact, but this was not the fact but the statement coming from the notoriously popular glutton brood of my friends, who love to gorge on the delicacies prepared by me.

I know it all sounds quite relatable to you all, wherein you know your loved ones, enjoy your culinary skills deeply and you too love to flaunt your cooking forte exponentially, but something which curbs the flow is the lack of right resources.

Yes, the number of resources which really complete the process of cooking, such as utensils, stove, spices, appliances, like Microwave.


Microwave, it is the main concern which has brought me here today to make you understand that how the set of the microwave can make or break the dream of that perfect cuisine to be laid on your dining table. Alas!!!

But this is the very fact every kitchen suffers from, due to the negligence paid towards the basic need of kitchen appliance quality, and they are brought out of marketing or out of the unawareness paid carried towards the longevity and the real-time functionality of the kitchen appliances.

Are you wondering, how come am I so much sure of my findings??? The reason is very simple because I have gone through this tumultuous situation myself, and I know that what it takes eventually to buy a wrong product. Wait, wait, wait!!!

Don't get panic, I didn't mean to scare you, create a further ruckus in your mind, rather I just want to you to experience the factual side of buying the right kitchen appliances, which is not a LIABILITY but an INVESTMENT for your kitchen.

The moment you enter the shop, the number of appliances set on the display only spike the bewilderment further and you end up buying something which does not fit your requirements and is a BIG TROUBLE for your kitchen as well.

Hence, let’s proceed with this post today, and understand what all it takes to make your kitchen filled with the right set of appliances.

We Highly recommend you to read the Microwave Oven Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest microwave oven technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Microwave Oven in India

Although my favorite among all is LG MC2883SMP but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

This is one of the best microwaves I would like to recommend since it comes all the way from my personal and preferred basket of choices.

It is not just due to the brand, that I am advocating this microwave, but there is a strong reason behind this is the quality and the best services I have received from this microwave.

I have been giving the best review for this microwave since this is the best option you can have from LG brand, something which sets it apart from others is the versatile nature of this appliances.

It not just allow you to cook, grill or bake, but even for the normal heating purpose or defrosting purpose, this is the ideal option.

The outer look enhances its aesthetic appeal to a larger extent and makes it a perfect fit for your kitchen.



  • Turntable Diameter (mm): 28
  • Height (mm) : 305
  • Width (mm) : 510
  • Depth (mm): 495
  • Microwave Power Consumption (output) : 900w
  • Grill Power Consumption (output) : 1200w
  • Convection Power Consumption (output) : 1950w
  • Warranty Overall : 1 year
  • Deodorizer : No
  • Auto Cook Menus (Pre Set Menus) : >100
  • Door Type : Side handle
  • Cavity Type : Stainless Steel
  • Control Type : Digital
  • Quick heat : No
  • Temperature Setting : No
  • Rotisserie(Rotating Grill)Defrost : Yes/No
  • Steam cleaning : No
  • Reheat : Yes
  • Four heaters, placed at an even distance.
  • Capacity is 28 litres.
  • Interior is of stainless steel.
  • Has a child lock feature.
  • Includes a grill stand, a glass tray, a tawa, and a rotisserie ring.
  • Price could be slightly less
  • Warranty is only of 1 year

To carry further the legacy, this Samsung convection oven is not just an outstanding option due to its looks, but its performance is also something which keeps the users engaged with this brand.

The small capacity of the microwave is for the 2-3 members in the family, this very limitation keeps it under the wraps.

But you don’t need to worry because the other functionalities of this appliance are beyond imagination, and open a pool of options for the users.

The touch panel sans buttons gives it a unique and impeccable look. The design of this appliance is very trendy, which fits any kitchen effortlessly.

The triple distribution system makes sure that the food is cooked without any hurdle throughout the corners at the lowest possible power consumption.

The inner body has no corners or the spots, which can become an obstacle to cleaning the inner side. The blue LCD display only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the appliance.



  • Model : Brand fulfilled
  • Capacity : 20 Liters
  • Special Features  : Touch Panel
  • Oven Cooking Mode  : Solo
  • Voltage : 230v
  • Wattage : 1150 Watts
  • Material : Metal
  • The capacity of 20 L is great for a family of 3
  • The Touch Key Pad is sensitive to touch and easy to clean
  • It has a Child Lock
  • The visibility through the door is poor
  • The buttons are hard to read in poor light

However, the IFB brand has always been one of the most favorite brands from the users, as it not just offers the quality but also it fits the budget.

This very model is a part of IFB, which is ready to spice up the cooking experience of the users invariably.

It has the capacity of 30 liters with a stainless steel inner body, which allows the users to utilize the facilities of convection, grill, and other microwave cooking functions.

Another alluring feature of this microwave is that it comes with a series of safety measures, such as a child lock system, sensor malfunction protection, and overheating protection.

If your very choice for finding an ideal microwave in terms of size, power, and functionality is, then this microwave from IFB is the best choice for your requirements.



  • Height (mm): 281
  • Width (mm) : 433
  • Depth (mm): 390
  • Weight (kg): 14.5
  • Microwave Power Consumption (output) : 1400w
  • Convection Power Consumption (output): 1850w
  • It has solo, convection and grill cooking methods
  • It includes steam clean feature
  • The build quality is best
  • It includes limited auto cook menu
  • Functionalities are little complex
  • Microwave capacity at this pricing is less

This very microwave comes with a pack of features, which makes it a perfect fit to cook any sort of Indian/ foreign recipes.

It has the smart features like auto clean, child lock, auto menu, reheating, defrost etc. It holds the capacity of 20 liters, a perfect choice for the small-sized families.

It can bake, grill and cook and does not consume the heavy power consumption. It also has the combo tech feature, like grill+microwave and convection+microwave.

It very well takes care of the defrosting frozen food in a jiffy of the moment and can defrost without wasting any further moment.

It also has the multi-stage cooking along with 101 cooking menus, where users can try their hand in cooking without being worried.

There are other functions like express cooking, reheating and deodorizing. The design of this microwave is neat and can easily be a fit in any type of kitchen.



  • Turntable Diameter (mm) : 245
  • Height (mm): 262
  • Width (mm): 452
  • Depth (mm): 390
  • Weight (kg): 14.4
  • Microwave Power Consumption (output): 1200w
  • Grill Power Consumption (output): 1200w
  • Convection Power Consumption (output): 2200w
  • Warranty on Magnetron: 3years
  • The 20L Capacity is perfect for bachelors & small families
  • It can be used for baking along with grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking
  • The warranty does not cover the accessories external to the product

Morphy Richards has always proven true to its brand value by offering the best quality appliances, this microwave is true to its signature brand.

This microwave comes with the stainless steel inner body, which makes it easier to stay stain-resistant and saves your time for cleaning.

The interior design is not sharp but round in edges which escape the of food deposited in the corners. The cooking alarm keeps you updated when the cooking gets completed, it is a perfect choice for the small families.

The another best feature which really spikes the interest of the users here is the five different power levels, which can be adjusted as per the level of heating required.

The overheat sensor ensures that the microwave goes off in the event of any malfunctioning happened during the cooking process.



  • Capacity  : 23 Liters
  • Special Features  : Touch Panel
  • Oven Cooking Mode: Convection
  • Colour: Black
  • Voltage: 230 volts
  • Wattage: 1300 watts
  • Material  : Steel, Glass
  • Included Components: Convection microwave oven, Baking plate, Wire rack, Instruction manual, Customer care list and Warranty card
  • It has a well-made Mirror Glass Door for Enhanced Visibility
  • It has Advanced Sensory Protection
  • Brand does not offer a starter kit with this product

Godrej has always been the synonym of perfection in the Indian households, which has embarked its perfection further with this 30-liter convection microwave, which has the best quality mechanical grill, convection, and oven functionalities.

If your basic kitchen requirement is whether basic cooking, barbecuing or the heating merely. This microwave would win your heart from every angle.

Its design and functionalities are not complex and are easy-to-be-used.

If your aim is to make multi-stage cooking, this microwave is indeed a perfect choice or your kitchen.



  • Height (mm): 335
  • Width (mm): 520
  • Depth (mm): 480
  • Weight (kg): 19.3
  • Warranty Overall: 1 year
  • Deodorizer: No
  • Auto Cook Menus (Pre Set Menus): 50-100
  • Cavity Type: Stainless Steel
  • Temperature Setting: No
  • Rotisserie(Rotating Grill): No
  • Defrost: Yes
  • It has Motorised Rotisserie
  • Has 50 InstaCook Menus
  • Offers Combination Cooking
  • Provides 3 years warranty on magnetron
  • Doesn’t have the overheating protection
  • Doesn’t have deodorizer

If you want something compact but filled with every required microwave functionalities to be a part of your kitchen, then this microwave is definitely the best answer for your needs.

With this appliance from Electrolux, you can escape the chances of not keeping your food cooked uniformly across the edges and deep within.

The interiors are designed in a manner to offer the effortless 360-degree clean system.

It has a special feature; tandoori heater, which consumes the less power due to smart wave technology and the 501 pre-programmed auto-cook menus, is ready to rock your taste buds at every level.



  • Microwave Capacity: 23
  • Type: Microwave Convection
  • Cavity Type: Stainless Steel
  • Auto Cook Menu: 101
  • Control Type: Jog Dial Control
  • Warranty Period: 3 years
  • Type Of Wave: Smart Wave Technology
  • Power Output: 800
  • Power Consumption (Combination): 1200
  • It has Convection
  • Has Grill option
  • Quick and 101 quick cook menu
  • No electricity star rating

However, Bajaj is still a budding brand in the Indian microwave space, but in the short span of time it has gained the recognition in the market and has carved a niche for itself.

This model serves the capacity of 25 liters, which makes it a perfect fit for the small size families. It has both convection and grill mode.

The interior of this microwave is made up of the stainless steel body, which makes it easier to be cleaned and the black color on the body, gives it a premium look.


  • Model : 2504 ETC
  • Capacity: 25 Liters
  • Special Features: Tact Button/ Jog Dial
  • Special Features: Convection
  • Voltage: 230 Volts
  • Wattage: 1300 w
  • Silver Grey: Silver Grey
  • The 25L Capacity make it suitable for large families
  • It can be used for baking along with grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking
  • It does not have a starter kit with this product

A well-acclaimed Indian brand Kenstar is the best choice for every kitchen and this legacy is carried further with this microwave as well.

The antibacterial feature in the inner side of the microwave, lets it keep the food hygienic every time and also reduces the growth of bacteria to 99%.

It is an ideal choice for any family of 3 member family, and its 95 minutes cooking time timer lets the most mouth-watering dishes to come into existence.

Also, it has a digital job wheel, allowing the users to switch between the various given options effortlessly. The express cooking feature lets the food cooked quickly and it doesn’t compromise further on the taste even.

The microwave has the 150 auto cook menus efficiently. The star feature of this microwave is the Lemon clean function, which ensures that the inner cavity stains are removed just by heating lime in a bowl of water.


  • Model : KJ25CSG150
  • Capacity: 25 Liters
  • Special Features: Tact Button/ Jog Dial
  • Special Features: Convection
  • Colour : Silver
  • Wattage: 900 w
  • Included Components : 1 Main Unit,1 Glass Tray, 1 Turntable Ring Assly, 1 Turntable Shaft, 1 Grill Rack and 1 User Manual
  • Child lock is perfect for the homes with small children
  • It offers the Starter Kit
  • The turntable is not motorized

Long ago, the Onida TVs were the best favorite of the 90s generation, but as the time and technology have progressed this brand has ventured into the other appliances as well, such as microwave.

The microwave from the Onida offers a good range of solo, grill, convection and barbeque options, which fits the need of the small kitchen, where one appliance is expected to perform many jobs, as it saves space and is multi-usable.

The interiors of this microwave are all built in stainless steel interior and the exteriors are the perfect match for any kitchen décor.


  • Turntable Diameter (mm): 270
  • Height (mm): 292
  • Width (mm): 486
  • Depth (mm): 405
  • Weight (kg): 14.5
  • Microwave Power Consumption (output): 800 w
  • Convection Power Consumption (output): 1200w
  • Warranty Overall: 1 year
  • Deodorizer: Yes
  • Auto Cook Menus (Pre Set Menus): 50-100
  • Cavity Type: Stainless Steel
  • Temperature Setting: Yes
  • Control Type: Digital
  • Rotisserie(Rotating Grill): No
  • Steam cleaning: Yes
  • Defrost: Yes
  • Has fan mode during convection
  • Good and useful product for a small family of 3
  • It’s a durable product.
  • The replacement of parts is expensive

Buyer's Guide - Microwave Oven Buying Guide in India

When the Microwave purchase is considered then a lot many factors are considered, but being new in this technological domain, many buyers proceed further with what is suggested to them by the sales executives in the shops, this somewhere stops the right microwave to be a part of your kitchen, and a wrong piece is bought.

In such confusing attitude, only one thing which can help you sail through is the guidance to buy a perfect piece for your kitchen.

We have compiled a few suggestions which can help you understand that what to consider while buying the microwave is mentioned herewith, just read ahead…

Cooking Options Must Be Countless

The most common question, which is being asked often, is that how a microwave is better than the gas stove?

This is the question which has to be answered well by your microwave, and it must possess a limitless cooking option, which can allow you to skip the efforts of traditional gas stove cooking.

When you decide to buy the microwave, you must look for the variety of cooking options it has, this would allow your cooking time to be reduced to a great extent, allowing you to savor the semi-automatic system, which saves the huge amount of time and energy.

How Microwave Ovens Help

Let me cite an example for you, if you have guests in the home, and you really want to spend some time with them, but cooking makes you stay back in kitchen for longer hours, this is where the semi-automatic system comes in picture, and allows your microwave to cook from the picked auto-cook menu.

This reduces the struggle of cooking and spending quality time with your loved ones.

Aso the auto-cook menu, makes you the chef in no time, where you can bake or roast effortlessly and prepare that scrumptious food to be laid down o your dining table in no time.

Also, the automatic sensors would stop cooking food and would shut down the microwave, escaping any sort of hassle of the burning of your food.

Check Out The Size And Capacity

The size and the capacity of your microwave are two important factors, which can keep you confused and chances are there that you would end up buying something inefficient as per your requirements.

When you decide to buy a microwave, then you must ensure that size and capacity are two different things. The capacity of a microwave is measured in liters, which speaks the volume of space available inside the microwave, as it is highly important for your family size.

Many times, executives confuse the buyers by stating that buy a bigger size for your family as it is cheap and will help you in future but believe me if you have a plan of settling down in a bigger family, then you chuck this option. WHY???

The reason is very simple, if you decide to buy the large microwaves for a small family where the less quantity of food is consumed, then there would be no efficient heating and it also consumes the unnecessary power consumption.

On the other hand, for the people who prefer to use the microwave for the simple reason of heating the food, there you can proceed with buying a microwave which is less than 20 liters. As I said above that size and capacity are two different things, the size of the microwave evaluates the usable space inside the microwave.

As the two shelves of the microwave are letting you utilize the space smartly, but if your microwave offers no such shelves system, then there are chances that your top layer of food is heated and leaves your rest of the food to partly hot.

This would also consume more power, hence it is recommended to look for the microwave which gives the evenly distribution of size for the efficient cooking.

Don’t Fiddle With Wattage

The most dramatic fear even I had gone through, when I first decided to buy a microwave was the increase in my electricity bill, as the kitchen appliance like the microwave is known to consume more power.

But I got to understand much about it when I got in touch with some of the most worthy buyers’ guide, which explained it further to me that the wattage is the aspect which gives the idea about the power consumed by a microwave. If your microwave has the higher the wattage, then it would defiantly consume more power.

However, in today’s time, most of the microwaves have the well-equipped intelligent heating systems, which reduce the power consumption. Microwaves can have wattage ranging from 600-1500 watts, which totally depends on their capacity and heating ability, so before making a purchase, make sure that you keep a check on the wattage.

There is a very common perception amongst the users, which states that higher wattage means the fast cooking, albeit, this is a fact, but you must not forget that this very aspect can burn a hole in your pocket due to the sudden spike in your electricity bill.

So it is highly recommended to consider the wattage, before making that final decision.

Consider The Budget

As the demand for the electrical appliances is growing, the number of companies offering the microwaves on a different pricing ranges.

I know it sounds alluring and captivating for the buyers to buy something more at the cost of less, but you must not forget that the price range for microwave ovens vary significantly on the basis of its brand, size, and other features which are very much there in the microwave.

How to solve this riddle then???

It is but obvious that you want to get the best at the cost of less, but you have to remember that microwave is the one-time investment for your kitchen, which makes it a significant decision to be made.

The best approach is to have a maximum prize and then conduct a research in this price range for a perfect piece to help you enhance your culinary skills.

Or you can have a much better option, you can simply read the microwave ranges mentioned above to help you cover the products best suitable for everyone.

Keep A Look At The Inner Cavity

The inner body of the Microwave is utmost important for you. If you wonder why???

Then let me take you in future when your microwave is few months old, and one fine day, when you open it, you find the stains of grease, oil, and spices sprinkled on the inner body.

If your microwave has the stainless body with the edges, then it would take you edges to clean it completely, and this very grease and oil would stick to the inner surface of the appliance, letting to look dirty and form the bacteria, which would not be ideal for a healthy cooking style.

Hence you must look for the microwave which has the stainless steel body, but it has the soft edges, to help you clean efficiently.

Control Panel

The blue color LCD panel on your microwave really looks amazing, but it is always better to buy a microwave, which has a mechanical or a combination of both mechanical and touch control panel.

Unfortunately, the touch control panels have less durability, and they are prone to experience failure, which can stop your work, until the time the mechanic arrives and helps the appliances.

Therefore, it is recommended to have mechanical control panels, so your culinary skills never get paused due to any sort of machine-related failure.

Safety Lock

The kids in the house mean, nothing is safe and can be proven fatal for them as well if your appliance does not offer the child safety lock.

No, the child safety lock does not mean that you would be keeping your microwave hidden and locked beneath the layers of locks, but it means that the microwave has the electric lock system which prevents the happening of any misuse of the appliances and avoiding any untoward incident to take place.

This is the users’ guide you must consider before making a final move to buy that perfect microwave for your kitchen.

The cheap brands can offer you bigger capacity and the size in half of the prize of branded microwaves, but remember such appliances never come up with the set of durability and the quality, which can only reduce you to tear in the future.

Hence, my recommendation is to opt for one best microwave for your choice from the mentioned above is, and this will definitely help you to enhance your culinary skills with an Élan.

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