Top 10 Best Peanut Butters in India (2019) – Reviews & Comparison

Peanut butter is love and it doesn't matter what is your age.

If you ask a 5 year old, he or she will tell you how much he or she like eating peanut butter.  And if you ask an adult or a middle-aged person they would also recommend peanut butter as a healthy diet.

 Apart from the creamy mouth melting feeling and sweet taste peanut butter is also very healthy for your body. Irrespective of your age taking peanut butter in an appropriate amount is always beneficial for one's health.

Loaded with high-quality protein, peanut butter is a good choice if you are into a bodybuilding sport.

peanut butter -feature-

If you think only going to gym, is required to make the perfect body then you are mistaken. Those who are really interested in bodybuilding would surely know that bodybuilding is 30% gyming and 70% diet. Which means what you eat is 70% responsible for your fit and handsome body.

After so much of research and analysis, we have brought to you a list of Top 10 best peanut butter in India. This list will surely help you to select the best peanut butter for your family.

We Highly recommend you to read the Peanut Butter Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest peanut butter recipes and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Peanut Butters in India

Although my favorite among all is Pintola All Natural Peanut Butter but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

There's a short and a very interesting story behind the invention of pintola. The founders of this product got peanut butter as a gift. The founded really rich in taste and benefits.

And that is how they decided that India also needs a good PB.  And hence they made pintola. The best part of this one is, it is gluten-free, GMO-free and it is vegetarian.

Every 32 grams or each serving of pintola contains, 16 grams of fat, 3 grams of fibre, 9 grams of protein and just one gram of sugar.

Though, the sugar this one has is not artificially added, making it a healthy sugar.


  • Pintola is rich in dietary fibre.
  • It is GMO and gluten-free.
  • This product is very economical.
  • Pintola has a great taste.
  • Every serving of pintola contains only 9 grams of protein.
  • Though it is not artificial, Sugar is present in this one.
  • You should always avoid going with pintola classic peanut butter as that one contains added sugar and hydrogenated oils.

Next in the list is the most popular peanut butter brand of India, Alpino Natural Peanut Butter Crunch.

Prepared under the guidance of expert professionals by using quality test passed products, Alpino is also a PB made out of good quality and fresh ingredients.

Being prepared in the state of Gujarat, the recipe of Alpino is the same since ages.

Every 32 grams are 2 teaspoons of alpino has 15 grams of fat, 10 grams of protein, 3 grams of fibre and 4 grams of polyunsaturated fat.

Alpino does not contain any trans fat and it is completely cholesterol free.


  • Cholesterol free and no trans fat.
  • Content all vegan ingredients.
  • Affordable and highly available in the market.
  • Made up of high quality and vision test products.
  • Each serving of alpino contains one gram of sugar.

We all have known sunflower oil since decades and Sundrop PB regular is a product of the same brand.

With the years of marketing history, Sundrop has established a great customer trust. I can say this product is definitely not the best but you can consider it as a value for money.

Every 30 grams of this PB contents, 15 grams of total fat, 8 grams of protein, 2 grams of sugar and dietary fibres each and 4 grams of polyunsaturated fat.

As per the facts, the ingredients of sundrop peanut butter regular says it contains, roasted peanuts, sugar, stabilizers, iodized salt and peanut oil.

However, 100% roasted peanut should be the only ingredient of a good PB.


  • It is a rich source of protein.
  • It is very affordable in price as compared to the other expensive peanut butter brands.
  • Sundrop peanut butter regular tastes really good.
  • This product is not completely natural.
  • It doesn't contain 100% roasted peanut.
  • You can have some digestive issues while having this peanut butter.
  • You should avoid going with the sundrop honey roast peanut butter as that one contains only 6 grams of peanut and the same amount of sugar.
  • If you are looking for a weight loss product, this one is not for you.

Looking for an all in one peanut butter then The Butternut Co. Unsweetened Peanut Butter can be your destination.

Packed with healthy nutrients and delicious taste this peanut butter company is known for numerous culinary products.

Other than peanut butter, this company is also known for its super delicious almond butter and cashew butter.

With the name you might be thinking that it is a foreign-based brand, however, this one is completely processed in India.

Each teaspoon or 15 grams of The Butternut Co. Unsweetened Peanut Butter includes 8 grams of total fat, 5 grams of protein and only 0.5 grams of sugar.

The sugar here we are talking about is not the artificial added one.

As one teaspoon of this peanut butter contains only 5 grams of protein it is always advisable to have at least two spoons in each serving.


  • Contains only peanuts.
  • No trans fat.
  • The Butternut Co. Unsweetened Peanut Butter has a very delicious taste.
  • Very pocket-friendly.
  • Fibres are not present in this peanut butter and hence it will be a little tough for your stomach to digest this product.

Flex protein is an India based peanut butter brand known for its good quality ingredients.

The things making this product a great source of healthy nutrients is, it doesn't contain any preservatives, no fillers, no artificial colours, no GMO, no pail oil and no added thickeners.

A product made with such strict rules will definitely rule our hearts with its goodness.

Each serving or 32 grams of flex protein peanut butter contains, 12 grams of total fat, 10 grams of protein, 2 grams of sugar and 1 gram of fibre.

This one also contains 3 grams of polyunsaturated fats and 0% of trans fat.


  • Made of good quality ingredients and has valuable nutrients.
  • As this one had the flax seeds it contains Omega 3.
  • No preservatives, no fillers, no artificial colours and no GMO is present in this peanut butter.
  • As Flex Protein Crunchy Peanut Butter has a great number of flax seeds in it, users said that it doesn't taste as good as the usual peanut butter.

HealthKart is a brand with numerous nutrient and health-related supplements.

This brand is known for its quality ingredients and competitive pricing which makes it the most widely known health supplement manufacturer in India.

The other title supplements, when HealthKart brought its peanut butter, the customers start accepting it from both the hands and thus making the PB of this brand immensely popular.

This peanut butter is completely vegan and does not contain any trans fat or cholesterol. 

Every 32 grams or 2 tablespoon of HealthKart peanut butter serves 14.4 grams of total fat, 9.6 grams of protein, 1.3 grams of sugar, 1.8 grams of fibre and 4.3 grams of polyunsaturated fat.


  • No hydrogenated oil, no cholesterol and no trans fat.
  • If you are looking for an economical get healthy peanut butter you can definitely go with this one.
  • It contains no added colours, no preservatives and no additional flavours.
  • Total fat content per serving is higher than all the other peanut butter brands.

Though this one is not an Indian brand it is still pretty much popular in India. Teddie is a US peanut butter brand and it is among the most popular peanut butter brand of the globe.

This product contains all natural and high-quality products which make it a little costlier than the other peanut butter on the list.

Teddie peanut butter contains flax seed which makes it a rich source of Omega 3.

As this one is completely made in the US it contains rich ingredients and processed with full quality control.

Each serving or 32 grams of Teddie peanut butter contains 16 grams of fat, 5 grams of polyunsaturated fat, 7 grams of protein, 1 gram sugar and 3 grams of fibre.

it doesn't contain any transferred and the sugar it has is completely natural.


  • Contains high quality and rich ingredients.
  • Teddie peanut butter has flax seeds which makes it a healthy source of Omega 3.
  • Doesn't contain any trans fat.
  • It is way costlier than the other products on the list.

The name of this brand will let you know that it is made in the US. American garden is also a widely known peanut butter brand in India.

Do this product is also very costly, the pricing of this one is a little better than ‘Teddie Natural Peanut Butter with Flaxseed Chunky’. ​

American garden produces more than 250 cooking related products and sale the same in around 50 countries. Which makes this one a very popular brand around the world.

About the serving content of American garden peanut butter, each serving of this one has 2 grams of dietary fibre, 15 grams of total fat, 7 grams of protein and 3 grams of sugar. This one is also trans-fat-free.


  • American garden contains good quality ingredients.
  • It is rich in both taste and nutrient content.
  • Like almost every other peanut butter this one is also trans-fat-free.
  • Each serving of American garden peanut butter contains 3 grams of sugar, however, the sugar is not the artificially added one.
  • This one is also costlier than most of the peanut butter brands in India.

Ruparel’s Natural Peanut Butter is the most excepted PB of India.

Though this one is not as refined as other expensive PB brands, this one is loved for its all natural ingredients and affordable pricing.

This one contains no preservatives, artificial colours and any artificial flavours.

Every 32 grams of Ruparel’s Natural Peanut Butter has 18 grams of total fat, 8 grams of protein, 1.9 grams of sugar and 2.2 grams of dietary fat.

The pack suggest you to take 100 grams of this PB in each serving however, I would suggest you to go for the usual 32 grams serving.


  • This is the most economical peanut butter available in India.
  • It does not contain any artificial colour, flavours or any preservatives.
  • This product is 100% natural and contains only roasted peanuts.
  • The quality of this product is not as good as pintola or alpino.
  • The total fat content of this product is relatively higher than the other TV brands.

Flavino Peanut Butter Crunchy:

Are you looking for a healthy peanut butter, then we have a very good option name Flavino for you.

Stuffed with nutrients do this product is very new in the category of peanut butter, it has got a really big start in the segment.

This one offers good quality and high amount of protein and is also very pocket-friendly.

There is one more thing making just nuts our choice in the list is it does not contain any trans fat.

Every serving of this peanut butter is of 32 grams and contains, 16 grams of total fat, 8 grams of protein, 3 grams of sugar and 1.9 grams of fibre. It doesn't contain trans fat.

  • Does not contain salt, hydrogenated oil, trans fat and preservatives.
  • No fillers only 100% natural roasted peanut butter.
  • This product is vegetarian.
  • This one is also very affordable.
  • This one doesn't taste that good.
  • It contains trans fat.
  • Protein content is less.

Buyer's Guide - How to Purchase Peanut Butters

Whether you want to eat it with bread or have it with milk, we all simply love peanut butter. There was a time when looking for a single brand of peanut butter was a hard nut to crack in India. However, today peanut butter has become very much common in the Indian market.

With infinite brands available in the stores, it has become very hectic to find the most appropriate peanut butter for oneself.

There are so many things to consider before selecting the peanut butter, like whether you should go for crunchy or the creamy one? Or the one which contains 100% peanut or the one which has some other added goodness? And the most important thing is which brand is the better one?

peanut butter -feature-

Now did you see how confusing it is to buy peanut butter! So to make your task a little easier we have brought a buyer's guide using which you can get the best peanut butter for yourself. This guide will help you to select the peanut butter by considering some of the important factors of the same.

The peanuts should always be grinded with its inner shell. It can have some stabilizers and seasonings to make it taste better. The fact being the seasoning and the stabilizers should not exceed the 10% margin of the total peanut butter section.

The peanut butter with 90% of peanuts and no artificial sugar or colours is considered as a healthy and quality peanut butter. Now let's jump on the list and see what you should look for while selecting the best peanut butter for yourself:

Peanut should always be the main ingredient

Obviously, you are buying peanut butter, not just any nut butter which means peanut should always be its main ingredient. Every pack has their ingredients in the decreasing order of the content. According to this rule, in the content list of the peanut butter, peanut should always stand at the top position.

Go for the organic one

We all know that no artificial product can match the quality of the organic ones. Same is the condition with the peanut butter. With the peanut butter when you have to go with the natural, organic and non-hydrogenated products.

Peanut butter has a very simple recipe, which just required roasted and then blenching nuts, and the procedure ends with the grinding of the nuts till you get a creamy smooth paste.

However, to keep it fresh for a longer time or to add some additional flavours it, makers may add some ingredients without even informing the customers.

In this situation, the customer thinks that they are eating a completely healthy and organic product, wherein they end up eating something filled with loads of unhealthy fillers. So you have to be very cautious while buying the peanut butter.

Because if you will not read the ingredients properly, instead of eating something really healthy, you will mess up your health.

Healthy Peanut Butter has No Added Sugar

We all love to eat something tasty. But sometimes if you are more concerned about your health, you have to go for the healthy product, instead of the tasty one. Same is the case with the peanut butter. Manufacturers add some extra sugar to enhance the taste of the peanut butter.

In fact, some natural peanut butter also states that they have 3 to 5 grams of sugar per serving. You might think that it is very less but let me tell you this means you will be getting one tablespoon of sugar in every 2 tablespoons of peanut butter which is certainly not less.

Instead of showing sugar as the ingredient some peanut butter mention honey, corn syrup and stevia as supporting ingredient. All these do nothing but just add sugar to your peanut butter, so you should avoid going with peanut butter having these three as a supporting ingredient.

Who should have it

Though peanut butter is a rich source of protein and almost everyone can have it, there are still some limitations to who should and shouldn't eat Peanut Butter. Doctor advise that you should never give peanuts or peanut butter to anyone without doctor's note.

Peanut is the most common reasons behind allergies and with doctors note it can cause, itching, redness in the skin, swelling, etc; and hence you should always take Peanut Butter with doctor's advice. Also, if you are planning to give it to your kid, you should be cautious.

As doctors consider peanuts or thick peanut butter can act as a choking hazard for kids below 4 years. So, you should always avoid letting younger kids have a peanut. And if you really want to add PB to your little one's diet, you first have to add some water to it to make its consistency lighter and easier to swallow.

No added Hydrogenated oils

This is also a very important thing you should always check on before buying any peanut butter. Hydrogenated oil is nothing but the source of trans fat which can cause diseases like strokes, other cardiovascular diseases, heart diseases and cholesterol related diseases.

Your Peanut Butter may contain emulsifier to make it smooth as a spreading. This is nothing but the palm oil which is not good for the health of your heart. Remember, the peanut butter should not contain any of the above-mentioned oils.

However, coconut oil is a great option if you want a smoother peanut butter.

Should not have much ingredients

Always go for the peanut butter having very less number of ingredients. Because low in ingredient means your PB does not contain anything artificial or any kind of preservatives.

Peanut butter is manufactured depending upon the protocol of, 'The less the ingredients, the healthier the peanut butter’. Also, if you back show an excessive amount of salt and sugar as an ingredient you should also avoid that PB.

You should also not take the risk with the product show, 'Reduced Fat’ in its label. As many atoms manufacture add some starchy substance to reduce the presence of fat in the PB though, they end up making it even messier for the health.

Never go for PB&J

If your pack is showing PB&J then you are not purchasing the one you actually need.

There are many peanut butters in the market which comes with an added ingredient called jelly. When you buy peanut butter and jelly in a single container, apart from just buying these two ingredients, you buy many artificial ingredients with a lot of sugar added to it.

Normally, PB&J has a lot of added flavours, excessive ingredients, a lot of salt-sugar and it is obviously high in calories.

This can have an adverse effect on your health. In search of a little taste, you will avoid your health if you will go with peanut butter and jelly. So remember, not to go with the product showing peanut butter and jelly, in the same container.

Go with the one having dietary fibres

When it comes to the digestion, peanut butter can give a tough fight to your stomach. even though you will take it in a moderation it can still be a little tough for your stomach to digest the peanut butter. Many peanut butters has fillers in it, can even cause some digestive issues.

In this situation, if you will go with the peanut butter having dietary fibres, it will help your stomach to digest heavy protein and fat present in the PB. And this is the reason, why you should always go with the peanut butter having dietary fat mentioned in its content.

You can also purchase the Peanut Butter with Flaxseeds

As we all know flax seeds are a rich source of Omega 3. This is great in reducing the risk of heart attack and hypertension.

Omega 3 is good for your overall cardiovascular health. So, if you buy a peanut butter having flax seeds as an ingredient, you will add the goodness of Omega 3 in your regular diet. and that is why we always recommend going with the PB, having flax seeds as an ingredient.

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