Top 10 Best Toasters in India (Updated 2019)

A toaster is one the primary appliances for every kitchen. They are used almost daily in every homes during breakfast.

A good quality toaster makes breakfast preparation convenient because of its ability to serve toast at a faster rate.

If you are looking to buy a toaster, you will find that there are a lot of options than ever before.  They are available in different varieties, sizes, colours, etc. Now, the big question is how you are going to choose an ideal one for you?

Here, we have shortlisted 10 best toasters available in the Indian market to make your morning crunchy. 


Our list of best toasters will definitely fulfil all your expectations from a toaster.

Top 10 Best Toasters in India

If you are looking for a toaster that is a complete balance of design and performance then this pop-up toaster by Morphy Richards proves to be an efficient kitchen appliance.

It serves out crunchy toasts very quickly. The 7 settings are very helpful for having consistently browned bread for breakfast. It is one of the best pop up toaster in India.

The high lift feature eliminates the need to adjust for smaller cuts of bread. Moreover, the 650 W power provides perfectly browned slices for your entire family in no time.

There is a button to stop the heating if you feel that the bread is getting browner. It also features a crumb tray which makes cleaning easy by collecting all the leftover pieces.



  • Morphy Richards At-201 is a 650 W toaster which can be used from two sides. It is one the best sellers on the online platforms
  • It features Hi-lift function
  • It houses 7 settings for browning level of your choice
  • High lift feature to take out smaller slices of bread easily
  • 7 variable settings for browning
  • Heat control option gets slow sometimes

If you are looking for best toasting results in your home, Philips HD4825-01 produces the best result.

The extended heating platform is the secret behind the even browning of each slice. The Philips HD4825-01 toaster offers nice slots that can fit bread slices of almost all thickness.

You can use this toaster to even unfreeze the frozen slices with the help of its variable heating functionalities. It helps you save your kitchen’s counter-top space due to its compact size.

There is storage under the unit which is dedicated to storing the power cord. This storage keeps the cord safe and protects it from any cuts or damage.



  • This toaster comes with an elegant design along with a compact body
  • This toaster features a very nice option to refresh and warm the previously made toast without affecting its taste and crunchiness
  • You also have the option to cancel the toasting at any point in time
  • The heating platform is very extensive and nicely built
  • Variable browning feature and High-lifting to remove smaller slices easily
  • Small electric cord

If you are looking for a toaster that can easily blend in a modern kitchen, Black and Decker’s ET222 should be your choice.

It features a stainless steel body that easily blends within a modern environment. Black and Decker is a well-known brand in the home and kitchen appliances market.

The product discussed here is one of their elegant and interesting creations for toasting the bread slices with a perfect crunch.

The cool touch features keep the temperature of toaster’s body under control and make it safe to touch. It is one of the best bread toaster in India.

Additionally, it includes buttons for one-touch frozen, reheat, and cancel functions for making toast. All these features work very efficiently to give the desired results.

The crumb tray keeps your counter-top neat by collecting all the itsy-bitsy pieces of bread slices.



  • This toaster can be used to make two crunchy toasts at the same time
  • The slices of bread automatically pop out after perfect browning
  • This toaster comes with pre-set features for frozen, reheat, and to cancel the toasting at any point in time.
  • Crumb tray is separate
  • Automatic pop-up feature
  • The Indian users need to buy an adapter

If you are looking for a toaster for your office then Bajaj ATX 4 is an ideal choice.

Bajaj claims that this model broke all the sales record immediately after its launch. It is also one of the best sellers in the Amazon ecommerce platform due to the wide range of features it offers.

This toaster offers all the features available in Philips HD2595 and that too at a very low price tag.The strong plastic fibre construction is very durable and it can easily withstand rough usage.

The power cord of this toaster won’t be seen hanging around to your counter-top as it features a cord winder at the base.



  • It can be used to make two bread toasts at the same time
  • It features adjustable browning settings
  • 2 slice pop-up toaster
  • Variable browning settings and a mid-cancel preset also
  • Build quality is slightly on the lower side.

When there are many mouths to be fed at the same time on the breakfast table, Morphy Richards AT 401 is the ideal high performance and multifunctional toaster.

It is capable to serve 4 toasts at the same time utilizing the 4 slots. It is one of the best toasters in India.

The bread centring guide holds the bread slices exactly at the centre for uniform browning on both sides.

The stylish and strong plastic casing keeps toaster’s body cool and protects your fingers from burning.

The high lift feature allows easy removal of slices even if they are smaller in size. 



  • It is built using plastic cladding for a cool touch
  • It can toast 4 slices at the same time
  • Anti-skid feet to keep it in one place
  • Defrost function also toasts in one step
  • Reheat function to warm the unbuttered toasted slices
  • The plastic body is prone to damage

If you are the one who likes to make toasts from largest bread slice and reheat bagels, Oster TSSTJC5BBK features wider slots.

It features a superb brushed steel finish with a compact design to become an integral part of the modern kitchen. 

The frozen feature lets you heat any frozen food item with just one touch of a button. The warm/reheat feature lets you reheat toast without affecting its crunch, taste, and texture.

Some minor glitches can be faced during the use. The buttons are too small to read but they automatically lighten up as soon as you touch them.

 It’s not easy to get hands on a good and reliable product. However, getting hold of Oster TSSTJC5BBK is very easy.   With steel brushing look and a sturdy build quality, this toaster is one of the most beautiful and fancy appliances that you can ever own.



  • The brushed steel finish design compliments most of the modern kitchens.
  • Its large slits for toasting can be used for large bread slices and even bagels
  • It also comes with an auto-centring guide for even browning
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Even toasting on both sides of bread slices
  • Stainless steel body
  • The toaster gets hot during use
  • It is difficult to read what is written on buttons

Prestige is one of the leading kitchen appliance manufacturers in India. This product by Prestige contains all the essential features of the toaster. 

It is a high performing toaster that comes loaded with all the necessary features for a toaster.

The plastic fibre body makes the appliance shock-proof and the anti-skid feet keeps the toaster at the place even on slippery surfaces.

The 800 W power output provides 6 preset levels of browning the toasts. The heating element makes sure the slices are browned evenly without burning.

The slots are wide enough to serve toast irrespective of the size of the bread slice. With Prestige PPTPKB preparing the toast is very easy.


  • It features 2 wide slots for toasting.
  • The outer casing is made of plastic
  • It supports 6 browning level presets for consistent and crunchy toasts
  • It is also fitted with anti-skid feet for better stability during its use
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Cool touch feature for defrosting
  • Buttons placement is not appropriate

The Pigeon 2 slice pop-up toaster is an efficient kitchen aid that serves crunchy toasts in minutes. This toaster is capable of toasting 2 slices of bread at the same time.

Therefore, it becomes easy to make cheese and Nutella sandwiches.It keeps you relax and focus on other household chores while it delivers perfect toasts at the right time.

It comes with wide variety of features. One of the features is 5 control browning control that controls the extent of browning of toast.

 It is perfect for those who have kids because of its safety features and ergonomic design. The shock-resistant body is definitely a plus point for this toaster. 

The ergonomic design supports ease of operation. It also features an extra lift to make the removal of smaller bread slices easy. The 750 W heating power gives evenly browned and crunchy toasts.



  • This toaster can be used to make two crunchy toasts at the same time
  • The slices of bread automatically pop out after perfect browning
  • Variable browning levels
  • It comes with a cord winder fitted at the anti-skid feet
  • Sometimes, the edges of bread slices might get burnt.

If you want to quickly prepare your morning toasts, Havells Crust toaster is an amazingly fast toaster with 7 heat levels for browning.

This toaster from Havells is a nice appliance which has the capability of many utilities at a pocket-friendly price. The reheat function incorporated with this toaster can evenly warm the toast without flipping it again.

It features 32 mm bigger slots to make breakfast convenient and electronic variable heat control for hassle-free browning.

 The toaster unit has been fitted inside a stainless steel housing to protect it from rust during the usage. Defrost is very standardized and is capable of serving toasts in one setting only.



  • Bigger bread slots make your morning breakfast convenient
  • The stainless steel cage housing protects against rust
  • The 7 heat setting levels are stunningly fast and serve evenly browned toasts
  • Hygienic Stainless steel cage
  • Standardized defrosting
  • Short power cord.

If you are looking for a toaster that is stylish and features high-end construction then American Micronics AMI TSS2 150 DX is a perfect choice.

 American Micronics uses very high-quality industry standard for manufacturing their products. The same can be seen with this toaster also.

It features a stainless steel body and 4 wide slots to prepare crunchy toasts with bread slices of various thickness. The Stainless steel body is very strong and also blends in with every modern kitchen.

This 4 slice pop-up toaster is the ideal combination of elegance and performance when there are many mouths to be fed at the same time on the breakfast table.

Defrost, reheat, auto-centre, and variable heat levels are efficient enough to serve evenly browned toasts with a perfect crunch.


  • This toaster features a full stainless steel body which adds beauty to it and also prevents rust formation
  • It is capable to toast 4 slices of bread at the same time
  • The auto-centring bridge can be used for thin as well as thick slices
  • 4 stainless steel toasters
  • Fire-proof power cord
  • Superior quality builds for longer life
  • The Stainless steel body becomes hot during usage

Toaster Buying Guide (India)

What is a toaster?

A toaster is a simple appliance in every modern kitchen. Interestingly, the toaster was invented in Scotland in the year 1893 with the idea of having crispy and hot buttered toasts. Since then, they have been an integral part of every modern kitchen.

A toaster is used to make crispy and browned toasts out of bread slices. Once it pops up, butter or any other ingredient can be added to the toasts to make your taste buds happy.They are your best friends during busy mornings when you are running late for work and do not have time for proper breakfast.

A Pop-up toaster is a small but very efficient type of toaster. The bread slices are inserted vertically in the slots which heat up according to your chosen level of heat. Once your toast is ready, it pops out of the slot.

Types of the toaster.

There are mainly 3 types of toasters available in the market.

  • Pop-up toaster  - This is the most commonly seen type of toaster. It can be seen at anyone’s home. The slices of bread need to be inserted vertically in the dedicated slots. The coil inside these slots surrounds the slice and gradually heats up according to the browning level selected by you. The bread slices are placed in a spring-loaded tray which pops up after a fixed duration of time for every heat level.
  • Conveyer belt toaster This type of toaster can only be seen in bakeries and fast food joints. The top and bottom heat up simultaneously while the bread slice is placed on the conveyer belt. The bread slice is toasted by the time it reaches the other end of the conveyer belt.
  • Toaster oven - It is a smaller version of microwave. The tempered glass used has the ability to bear extreme temperature fluctuations. This can be used for bakig as well as to toast bread slices. Usually, the slots to toast the bread slices is located on the top of toaster oven to provide similar look and feel of a traditional toaster.

Features to look out for when buying a toaster

Toasters are available with many fancy features. Every brand tries to make their product stand out with unique combination of latest features. Here are some important features that needs to be considered while buying a toaster.

  • Number of slots  -  The number of slots available in a toaster will tell how many slices you can toast at once. Most of the toasters available come with two slots. However, there are many toasters which can give you the option for 4 or 6 slots also. It is recommended to make sure that the slots are wide and long so that you can easily toast different types and sizes of bread slices.
  • Automatic control - By automatic control, we mean that you should look for a toaster which pops out slices automatically after toasting. Moreover, it should also switch off immediately after popping out the slices. This feature is crucial to avoid any unrequired wastage of power.
  • Browning option - This is the most important feature of any toaster. This feature decides the quality of toast that you will be served from a toaster. This feature let you choose between sunburnt and buttered, pale with a hint of gold or soft and smeared with jam options of a toasted slice. The control should be simple and handy with no complicated settings. Moreover, no matter the option you choose, the slice should be toasted evenly.
  • Cancel option - This feature allows you to believe your instincts while toasting. There might be a situation when you feel that the toast that you want is ready but the timer in the toaster is still working. Also, on a sleepy morning if you get the setting wrong this feature will save your toast from getting smoked up.
  • Crumb tray - A crumb tray is very important to make cleaning of toaster easy. It is a tray which is fitted below the toaster slots to collect any leftover crumbs of bread slices. We recommend you to choose the ones that slide side wards.
  •  Auto-centering - The auto centering feature allow the bread slices to be placed exactly at the center between the two heating coils. This makes sure that the bread slices are evenly heated from both sides irrespective of their size and thickness.
  • Reheat and defrost - The reheat feature allows you to warm already prepared toast without changing its color and crispness. The defrost options allows frozen slices and bagels to be toasted perfectly in one go.
  • High lift  - This features makes easy to eject and pull out those slices which are smaller in size. With this feature the slice carriage can be lifted a little higher than its normal position to take out any leftover pieces.
  • Progress indicator - We recommend you to buy a toaster that comes with a digital indicator to show the toasting progress. This feature makes it easy to track the time left for the toasts to get ready.

Four-slice toaster or two-slice toaster

The working of 2 slice and 4 slice toaster is exactly same. The only difference between the two is that 2 slice model can toast two bread slices at the same time while 4 slot model toasts 4 slices at the same time. Another point that needs to be noted is that the 4 slot models are usually priced very high. We recommend you to buy 4 slot model only for a larger family. For an average family of up to 4 members the 2 slot mode will perform really well.

Best toaster brands in India.

There is constant addition of different toaster brands in the Indian market. However, we have shortlisted few of the best brands here out of which Philips tops our list of being a brand that provides more features, great build quality, and a pocket friendly price.

  1. Philips
  2. Murphy Richarda
  3. Bajaj
  4. Havells
  5. Prestige
  6. Orient
  7. Oster
  8. Nova

Best toasters in India under:

Best toaster under 1000 INR

  1. Pigeon 2 slice pop-up toaster

Best toasters under 2000 INR

  1. Murphy Richards  AT 201
  2. Bajaj ATX 4 750 W
  3. Oster TSSTJC5BBK
  4. Prestige PPTPKB
  5. Havells Crust 800W pop-up toaster

Best toasters under 3000 INR

  1. Philips HD4825-01
  2. Murphy Richards AT 401

Best toasters under 4000 INR

  1. Black and Decker ET222
  2. American Micronic 4 slice imported stainless steel toaster.

Things to consider before buying a toaster.

We have already listed some important features that should be considered while buying a toaster. In this section we will be focusing more of the basic parameters that one needs to consider while selecting an ideal toaster.

  • Time  - The higher the power of a toaster, the quicker it will be able to serve toasts. It is recommended to look for a toaster with good power output.
  • Body - A toaster is much more than a device that adds crispness to your breakfast. The toasters are available in two types of body. One with a plastic fiber body and the other with a metallic body and finish. Irrespective of the material used in the body of a toaster, it should more importantly be a shock proof design and build.

    We recommend the ones with plastic and fiber body instead of the metallic ones. It is because the plastic fiber maintains a cool touch to the body while metallic ones are more likely to be heated over extensive usage.
  • Dust cover - A lid or cover over the slots of a toaster prevents any dust particle to enter the appliance and keeps it clean and hygienic.
  • User friendly - The toaster's operation should be very simple so that anybody can use it. The buttons should be placed accurately and the instructions should be written very clearly. However, a toaster is very easy to use and its operation is very easy to understand and follow. The function over each button should be easy to read and understand.
  • Compact  - A compact appliance is preferred these days as most of the households have modern kitchens in them. A compact toaster looks neat and takes less space over the counter top. A toaster of large size will have to be placed near a socket at all times because it will be very difficult to move it again and again.
  • Durable - This is the most important aspect that needs to be considered while purchasing any new toaster. A durable product will be able to handle the slight rough usage and minor falls also. The quality of every appliance should be really good as no one wishes to buy a new item every year just because the old one wears out easily.
Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma

Final Thoughts & My Recommendation

" All the toasters that we have enlisted in our buyer's guide are the elite ones currently available in the market. The motive behind preparing this list was to sort out the 10 best toasters to make your selection process easier. However, it is possible that some buyers might still be confused to decide which unit will be the best choice.

According to us, Morphy Richards AT-401 will be an ideal choice for an average household. This toasting unit is available at a good price and is very easy to use. So, if you are still confused you can go ahead and pick this unit. It will prove its worthiness in no time"

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