Top 10 Best Water Purifiers in India (Updated 2019) – Reviews & Comparison

Pure drinking water is a necessity and it cannot be compromised.

After all, health comes above all. Now a day it is considered one of the most necessary home appliances. The supply of water comes to your building passes through numerous pipes and this itself carries a lot of bacteria and other harmful particles.

So, why to take an unnecessary risk when so many water purifiers are available in the market at an affordable rate.

A water purifier is a mechanical device which removes the hazardous chemicals and other particles from the water and makes it safe for drinking.

water purifiers

A few of the water purifiers even offer a nice taste to your water, making it really enjoyable for users. The water purifier market is volatile, there are high competitions going on between products to earn the trust of the customers as well as getting a stronghold in the marketplace.

Therefore, choosing from the range of water purifier brands is a challenging task. This is where we will guide you through the best water purifier in India for this year. Here we have come up with some of the best models of water purifier to help you to pick the right product for the safety of your near ones.

We Highly recommend you to read the Water Purifier Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest Water Purifier technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Water Purifiers in India

Although my favorite among all is Kent ACE (11032) 7L but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

If you are looking for a decent and budget-friendly water purifier then this model will serve the purpose. The best part is that it is available on no-cost EMI as well.

It comes with a year-long warranty with a free service up to 3 years. It is fortified with the mineral RO technology which keeps intact the necessary nutrients of water and retains the taste of water.

It also comes with a double purification UV+UF process to remove all waterborne pollutants like bacteria, chemicals, viruses and reduce the level of salt.

An added advantage is that it features an alarm which will alert you when you need to change the filter or when the UV alarm stops working.

This is a completely safe water solution for every household and commercial offices.  It removes contaminants from both tap water and municipal water. 

Its 7-liter food grade plastic tank is capable of cleaning up to 15-liter water every hour. It scores high both in terms of performance and design.



  • RO+UV/UF
  • Gives tasty water because of RO technology
  • Filter Change Alarm
  • UV Fail Alarm
  • Safe storage tank, non-toxic
  • Gives pure, clean and tasty water
  • Ideal for residential and commercial places
  • Ideal for small kitchen as it is wall mount
  • It cannot function without electricity
  • The tank cannot be removed for cleaning
  • It offers only as a wall mount option

This is another brand which kept its promise when it comes to a water purifier. The silent feature of this purifier is that with this purifier, the water purification is done at six stages-

The first filer takes away the harsh materials from water, the second one removes the hazardous pesticides and smelly organic compounds.

The third one prevents salt from depositing in the membrane layers and thus keep them well functioned and enhances is purification capacity. The fourth one removes the microorganisms and other chemical impurities.

The fifth one cleans the water by releasing UV radiation and the sixth stage improves the clarity of water by removing the additional impurities in the water. Thus, such a vigorous water cleaning process minimizes the presence of any harmful elements in the water.

Apart from cleaning, it adds a certain taste to your water by removing organic pollutants. The end result of using this water purifier is that you will get to enjoy a highly safe and tasty drinking water.



  • Guarded by RO + UV + UF
  • 7 litres water tank, easy to install
  • 7 stages of purification
  • UV Failure Alarm
  • Auto Shut Off option
  • Suitable for all types of water  
  • Space saving, ideal for small kitchen
  • Gives clean and tasty water
  • Modern design, enhances the look of your kitchen
  • It cannot run without electricity
  • Only wall mount installation
  • Excessive water loss during the purification process

This is a good pick if you want to invest a decent amount in your water puffier. It is equally efficient in cleansing tap water and bore water.

It features multiple stages of filtration to ensure the health of your loved ones.

It is convenient to handle with its smart LED indicators which alert you when the tank is full, and when there is low water supply or there is absolutely no water by flashing different color.

 Moreover, it helps to save your energy bill by automatically going into power off mode when the water is full. It works even in high voltage fluctuations.

This elegant looking water purifier features unique membrane protector technology which safeguards the RO membranes from the building up of harmful deposits of salt.

Further, it prevents them to crystallize in the glass tube of the UV chamber. This, in turn, allows maximum penetration UV rays into the water and make it free from bacteria.



  • Easily adjustable Advanced RO+UV+TDS regulator
  • Auto turn off option, energy saving
  • Protection from high voltage fluctuations
  • Energy saving LED indicator helps to save your power bill
  • Special membrane protector technology gives protection against salt deposits
  • Safe water, multiple stages of filtration
  • Only offered as a wall mount option
  • It wastes excessive water while filtration

Like many of its contemporaries, it also features a six-stage purification process. It has a capacity to store 7-liter water ideal for a family.

It includes a pre-carbon filter, pre-sediment filter, sediment filter, UV lamp, RO membrane and an aqua taste booster (ATB) which can be called a power packed preparation to give complete pure water.

The interesting part is that it comes with a child lock button which prevents unnecessary wastage of water. With its LED indicator, you can be sure of any unnecessary wastage of power. It will alert you when the UV lamp stops functioning.

The purification indicator will tell you when the purification process is going on. On the other hand, the aqua taste booster (ATB) promotes the taste of your water while retaining a balanced amount of pH level of water.

Its graceful black color will complement your kitchen as a modern appliance. Its Copper-impregnated Activated Carbon technology removes the foul smell of your water caused by various bacteria.


  • RO+UF purification with Aqua Taste Booster, you can get clean as well as tasty water
  • It comes with a purification alert, tank and low-pressure alerts which helps you to check the activity level of your purifier
  • 7 liters storage capacity
  • Ideal choice for a family
  • Tank full indicator helps to save your power bill
  • Stylish looking
  • 6 stages of purification process
  • Causes considerable Water loss during purification
  • Cannot be run without electricity

This is a pocket-friendly water purifier backed by Advanced (RO + MF) technology to give pure water to your family.

It has a storage capacity of 5 liter that is good enough for a small family. When you buy the product, you will get the Device with a Sediment Filter and the Installation Kit.

It features the TDS technology, or simply Total Dissolved Salts (TDS) Reduction which implies or guarantee a maximum removal of salt in the water with an Advance Alert System to save electricity.

 It accommodates six stages of cleaning filters which include Reverse Osmosis Membrane, the Pre RO-Carbon Filter, Micro Filtration / UV Chamber and Post RO Carbon Filter, Polypropylene Melt Blown Pre-Sediment Filter, Post Carbon Sediment Filter. 

It is a wall mount solution which will save the space in your kitchen.



  • RO+MF water purification
  • Electrical water purifier
  • One-year warranty protection
  • 5 liter storage capacity
  • nontoxic food grade plastic
  • Give tasty and pure water, RO+MF technology
  • It removes hardness from water and make it tasty for consumption, it possesses TDS Removal capacity up to 1800 PPM
  • Advanced Voltage Fluctuation Guard protects your purifier during high fluctuations
  • Break-Resistant Tap makes you less worried about any breakage during handling
  • It can be used only as a wall mount option
  • Does not work during power cut

This model suits you if you look for a purifier which will work in all types of water whether it is borewell or municipal water or water being supplied from the river or lake.

It is a reliable machine that accommodates standard Purifying Technology, RO + UV + UF + TDS which are necessary to cleanse the water. In a 17-liter storage tank, it comes with a filtration capacity of 30 liters per hour.

The best part is that it comes with 8 stages of water purification system. The unique filtration feature of this water purifier is that it features 10 Spun pre-filter, which separates muddy, rusty and dust particles from water.

While the sediment filter does the remaining work by removing an additional mount of sand and fine particles. Its Activated carbon technology separates the odor from the water and adds to the taste. It brings a polishing shine to the water.

The reverse osmosis RO technology extracts TDS from the water.It also accommodates a TDS adjuster which adjust the level of TDS necessary for consumption. Then the UV ray’s system kills the bacteria and other harmful parasites.

The UF filter works for the removal of extra impurity present in the water. And lastly, the Mineral Cartridge provides the healthy minerals in the water.



  • Powerful technology RO + UV + UF + TDS RO protected
  • 8 stages purification
  • 17-liter storage tank
  • Auto shut off option helps to save energy bills
  • Gives extra clean water, good for family and office spaces
  • It comes in elegant white color, improves the look and feel of your kitchen
  • Year-long warranty
  • Installation kit included
  • No detachable storage tank, not easy to clean and technician required every time, so expensive to maintain
  • Wastes too much water during purification
  • It can be installed only in walls

This electrical water purifier comes with a storage capacity of 7 liters and supported by RO + UV technology.

Natural water inherently possesses minerals essential for the human body. But they are found in clusters which the human body is unable to absorb.

This water puffier incorporates Mineral Guard technology which divides water molecules into fine tiny clusters enabling our body to absorb them and make us healthy.

Its Double Purification with TDS Regulator works for the superb cleansing of your water and together retain the natural taste of water. The Silver Surety technology adds a certain sweetness to your water and keeps bacteria at bay.

Its High Storage Capacity is an advantage when there is a power cut as it can store 7 liters of water. The Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer (EMLE) technology is another feature of this water purifier which prevents the deposition of Calcium and Magnesium.

When it comes to design, it comes with a rust-free body which makes it durable.



  • 7 liters storage tank
  • RO + UV technology, clean and tasty water
  • Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer (EMLE) technology, free from calcium and magnesium deposition in water
  • Rust free body, last longer than expected
  • 7 liters of water helps to fulfill your requirement during power cut clean and tasty water.
  • Error indicator helps to notice any irregularity in the purification
  • Auto shut off option saves electricity bill
  • Maintenance cost is high, some parts are not included in warranty
  • Wastes too much water during filtration

This water purifier combines RO technology with a digital sterilizing kit which prevents your water from being contaminated by bacteria, heavy metal particles and pesticides etc.

It stores as many as 8 liters of water and possesses 20-liter filtration capacity per hour. The special feature of this tank is that it is made from stainless steel, which is a healthy option.

The tank features an airtight seal which keeps your water fresh. The Digital Sterilizing kit it incorporates in its cleaning process keep the water faucet, tank free from bacteria.

What is unique is that this sterilization system does not use any chemicals. It is easy to install and can be placed either on the countertop or a wall mount. You can enjoy your water even when the power supply is off.

 Its unique Auto Flushing system cleanses the RO from time to time to prevent any infected materials get deposited in water. This indirectly contributes to the efficiency of the RO system.



  • 8 liters of water capacity
  • 5 stages of purification
  • RO+UF
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Wall mount
  • Easy to install
  • Enhance the look of your kitchen, well designed structure
  • Gives pure and tasty water
  • Auto Flushing system, prevents bacteria to accumulate
  • Stainless steel keeps your water safe
  • Only wall mount
  • Cannot function without electricity
  • Price is on the higher side

This RO + UV +UF water purifier has a high storage capacity of 12 liters, ideal for big families.

It has three stages of the purification process, Pre-filter, Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter to ensure the efficiency of the water system. It works up to 2000 TDS, which ensures better filtration of the water.

If you have a small kitchen then this is a good option as it is a wall mount. From look and functionality, this water purifier scores high.

It is suitable for families using municipal water. It can filter up to 18 liters of water per hour. It is durable and comes with an auto shut off option which helps you to save electricity.

Its non-toxic plastic tank stores water for emergency conditions when the power is cut.



  • 12 liters tank
  • 2000 TDS clearance capacity, gives pure water
  • RO + UV +UF water purifier
  • Ideal for small kitchen as it is wall mount
  • 12 liters storage capacity, suitable for big families
  • Long lasing, auto shut off option
  • Per hour 15-liter purification capacity
  • It can only be used as a wall mount option
  • It is of no use when there is load shedding

This water puffier also incorporates the standard RO technology with mineralizer that keep the taste of water intact. It has a total storage capacity of 10-liter water.

The inbuilt water tank is made from a tested food grade plastic, which is non-toxic in nature.

The RO technology keeps the microorganisms away from water like bacteria, viruses etc. Further, it minimizes the hardness of water by removing the pesticide, fluoride in water.

Its Advance Recovery Technology helps to save water unlike other RO water purifiers. The RO+SCMT technology it inherits keeps the microorganisms away from water like bacteria, viruses etc.

Further, the MIN-TECH technology minimizes the hardness of water by adding back essential minerals into it. This Z8 model gives hot water if you set it in between 45 degrees Celsius-80 degree Celsius.



  • 10-liter water storage tank
  • RO+SCMT technology
  • MIN-TECH mineral technology
  • Release hot water
  • Contemporary look
  • Better storage capacity
  • Useful for winter as it can release hot water
  • Can be installed only in wall
  • Slightly costly

Buyer's Guide - Water Purifier Buying Guide in India

The design and nature of water purifiers have always been changing over time and there is constant research going on to incorporate every new technology to get the maximum purity in water. Basically, there are five types of water purifying technologies adopted by most of the brands in recent times.

Depending on the kind of water being supplied to your home, you should use them to get the optimum advantage.  They are classified as under:

  • Membrane technology purification
  • RO purification
  • UF (Ultra filtration) purification method
  • UV purification
  • Candle filter purifier
  • Activated carbon filter purifier

Let us take a look at different kinds of Water purifiers existed in the market analyzing their advantage and disadvantages. 

Gravity-Based Water Purifier

This technology emphasizes the difference in terms of pressure. It does not work on electricity, rather it works on gravity, which implies water flows from a higher point to a lower point.

It uses UF or activated carbon technology to clean the water. Additionally, it uses some kind of polisher and microfiber mesh to clean the remaining germs.

  • It runs without electricity
  • Usually low cost available between 1000 – 4000 Rs.
  • It is safer than boiled water
  • It can store as many as 7 to 20 liters
  • Easy to clean filter
  • Easy to carry and move along with you
  • Less efficient in cleaning bacteria’s and germs
  • Cannot remove heavy metal particles like arsenic which is very harmful to the health
  • They cannot filter heavy metals like arsenic, mercury nitrates etc.

RO Water Purifier

Under this technology, the water is traveled under increased pressure through the membrane to eliminate heavy metal like particles which include mercury, fluorides, arsenic, nitrates and another form of impurities.  This is mostly recommended for residential places and commercial places.

  • It cleanses salty water and improves the taste
  • Useful for borewell water
  • Affordable price, you can get a RO system ranging from 5000 – 12000, depending upon its technology and storage capacity
  • It runs only on electricity
  • There is a loss of water during the process of purification
  • It cannot kill bacteria and other harmful content
  • It is expensive to maintain
  • List Element

UV Water Purifier

UV refers to ultraviolet rays which kill germs and bacteria and give us clean water. Under this technique, the water is put under radiation which kills the harmful bacteria and thus prevents water-borne diseases like dysentery, cholera, and typhoid.

However, they cannot reduce the number of dissolved salts in the water.

  • Kills germs, bacteria, and virus from the water
  • No additional loss of water
  • It does not use chemicals while cleaning the water
  • Maintenance is affordable
  • It cannot run without electricity
  • It does not improve the taste of water
  • It cannot destroy harmful elements like arsenic, fluoride, nitrates etc.

UF Water Purifier

It uses Ultrafiltration technology to clean the water. It destroys the bacteria and other germs like dust and dirt present in the water. It also separates the dissolved salts in the water. All these contaminants pass under the UF membranes and purify the water.

  • Electricity is not required for functioning ideal for killing germs caused by muddy and cloudy water
  • Durable and the maintenance cost is low
  • It can be cleaned manually
  • Less effective than RO purifiers as they cannot prevent dissolved solids and salts from water
  • Suitable for water supply system with low TDS level, as it cannot filter toxic metals present in the water
  • Multi-Stage/Universal Water Purifiers

 Universal Water Purifier 

This water purifier is a combination of technologies used in different water purification methods to clean the water. For example, it uses the combination of RO + UV, RO + UV + UF for better cleaning and purification of the water. They are costly when it comes to maintenance because of the accumulation of all the standard technologies.

  • It works for any kind of water
  • It improves the taste of water by providing the necessary minerals for our body
  • Destroy all kinds of materials including toxic salt compounds, ions, heavy metals etc.
  • Inbuilt Multi-stages purification to kill all the agents of waterborne diseases


  • Cannot be run without electricity
  • Expensive maintenance, timely servicing is required for all the technical components present in the system

Drinking pure water is a preferred choice of every individual and one should invest wisely on it. It proves worthwhile rather than visiting a doctor every month. In this context, have a look at the Best Water Purifier in India for this year 2018.

You can buy them online on various sites.

Qualities of a Good Water Purifier

With so many options around, you might get confused about choosing the best water purifier. This is a difficult task as you have to consider many things in general and in particular.

First, you must extensive research about understanding the concept of a water purifier and then its technologies and which model will suit your purpose depending on the water condition at your home.

Factors in Buying

  • KNOW THE TYPE FOR YOUR NEEDS: If the amount of TDS is high in the water at your home, then you should opt for an RO water purifier.Likewise, if the level TDS level is low then the UV+UF combination will work better.So, you must check the purification technology and try to understand it and apply it with your water condition. It is always better if you buy the RO+UV+UF combination if you shift frequently as it will work in all types of water.
  • EXAMINE STORAGE CAPACITY: Always buy a water purifier with good storage capacity as it will save you from the scarcity of drinking water when there is a long power cut.This is especially helpful for people living in areas with a frequent power cut.
  • CHOOSE RELIABLE BRAND: Not all the water purifiers give you the desired results. This is why you should go for a certified brand which has been earning a trust in the minds of people and has kept their promise of giving pure and safe water to the consumers. Because of the higher demand for water purifiers, many such new brands have come to the market. But you should not trust them.
  • COMPARE BRANDS AND MODLES: Visit different stores when you go to buy a water purifier. Compare the features, price, ratings, reviews and look of different models to one another. In this process, the confusion arises because of the presence of so many models.To avoid this, you can go for online shopping sites that offer water purifiers. It will minimize your effort of buying a water purifier of your choice.
  • CHECK SERVICING OPTIONS: The after-sale servicing is an important aspect to consider while buying anything, not just a water purifier.This is what you will need the most in the long run. This is a natural thing that servicing will be required after some point of time. Choose those brands which offer a good technical support system for their customers.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations 

Over the years, the water purifier has undergone tremendous changes, especially the arrival of electric water purifiers in the market has revolutionized the way water was consumed by people earlier.

Gone are the days when the traditional water filters which used to filter the sediments only, not the bacteria, which is why a pure drinking water was out of reach. Moreover, it was responsible for many diseases across the world.

Hence considering the kind of water supply in your home, you should install the right purifier to get pure drinking water. You can also consult a technician who will tell you what type will suit you the most.

The installation cost is minimum and many of the brands even offer free installation for users.

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