Top 10 Best Wi-Fi Routers in India (2019) – Reviews & Comparison

With the kind of life the average household has these days with the father spending time on a Netflix series in the evening.

The kids merrily playing about video games typically the multiplayer modes and the mother busy uploading pictures and videos taken by the family during a recent tour being uploaded to the social network of their choice, all done simultaneously through the internet connection connected to a router.

Through the use of a route, an internet connection is distributed or rather shared by a computer along with a wide array of devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart-TVs along with devices using streaming media like Chromecast from Google, Apple TV and the likes of Roku and others.

wi-fi router feature

We Highly recommend you to read the Wi-Fi Router Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest wi-fi router technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Wi-Fi Routers in India

Although my favorite among all is D-Link DSL-2750U but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

This really great internet router comes with the RJ-11 input type. This is one of the best routers you are going to find in the available market.

The maximum data transmission speed is a good 54 Mbps and should serve for most Indian usage.

The router adheres to the 802.11g and 802.11n wireless standard which gives 54 Mbps and 300 Mbps of download speed.

Where the router really scores high is its performance. If you are a heavy-duty internet user this router lets you download stuff fast.

The product comes with the smart traffic control feature which makes up for a seamless internet experience in one bandwidth.

The router works to split up the wireless and wired traffic into two separate streams of data.

This makes it easy for the router to choose priorities in the applications that are currently in use, the two antennas facilitate swift wireless communication and are rated at about 5dbi.

There are two vents for the hot air to flow out and the cool air to rush in on either sides of the product. This lets the router work better and results in an internet connection that’s noticeably faster.

The really good feature set of the router makes it one of the most attractive routers for people to buy under the Rs. 2000 range in India. It also comes with the best interface according to many industry pundits and users alike.

There are four interfaces, a number of 10/100 LAN ports and a special security feature that lets you protect your connection from unwarranted access. The products come with a three-year-old warranty besides a year-long warranty on its different parts.



  • Fast connection speeds
  • High performance
  • Comes with enhanced security features and QoS
  • 3-year warranty
  • DDS Quick response doorstep replacement support
  • Features work as good as claimed
  • Outstanding WiFi range
  • High levels of adjustability
  • The power adapter is too sensitive

If you are keen on a WiFi router that provides truly stellar internet connection speeds, latest technologies like MU MIMO and superb protection for your office or your home then this expensive router is definitely one of the best you are likely to come across.

The router is powered by very potent 1.4 GHz dual-core processor which is backed by 512 MB of memory.

This gives it enough horsepower it needs in order to effectively balance the dual 5GHz and tri-band 2.4GHz networks.

The router ships with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports rated with a capability of 2 Gbps. There are two USB ports that come with the modem one USB 3.0 and the other USB 2.0.

This product provides ping times that are consistently low through a GPN accessed from a WTFast Client which is built into the router.

The router ships with 8 antennas in all, four of which are dedicated to transmission and reception respectively. This results in better coverage and stability of the signal.

There is this feature of the Ai-Radar which makes the signal even more clear and strong.

The MU-MIMO technology employed by the modem lets a large number of devices to use the connection without affecting the speed which is an almost necessity in these days of a plethora of connected devices.

The router has a solid set of security features that help in ensuring multistage protection from the effects of malicious sites and other kinds of online threats.

It comes with an Ai-Protection feature that helps in ensuring the safety of your device by preventing infected devices from sending personal data.

The UI is really easy, and the installation can be finished in three simple steps. The ASUS router app helps you in the better management of connected devices and appliances.



  • Ultra-fast
  • High data rates
  • Tri-band router that multiple devices can connect to at the same time
  • Smart connect feature that automatically selects the fastest frequency band
  • Can handle more than 150 users at once
  • Penetrates Indian walls with relative ease
  • The signal is strong over a large area
  • You get per device data consumption tracking feature
  • Expensive

If you are looking forward to upgradation of your router then this TP-LINK model is simply one of the best options open to you.

With data transfer speeds of up to 150 Mbps, the router is devised with superior technology.

It features an external antenna rated at 5dbi that helps in maximizing the Wi-Fi connectivity coverage area to which all sorts of devices can connect to.

The router provides connectivity without any interruption by the prevention of channel conflicts made possible by the Clear Channel Assessment.

Passwords can be made a thing of the past and accessing the internet as simple as pressing a button thanks to the WPS security option.

The QoS is of IP quality and lets you make priorities about the bandwidth usage. It supports the latest IPv6 protocol.

The router design lets it easily fit into your office and home décor. All devices that support 80211b/g/n networks can use the routers high-speed data transfer features.



  • Ethernet cable RJ-45 Input type
  • Does not include modem but supports Cable Broadband services
  • Wireless data transfer rates at 150 Mbps
  • Bandwidth management based on IPs
  • QSS Push button that provides wireless security encryption
  • WDS wireless bridge
  • 80211b/g/n devices compatible
  • Really light
  • The antenna works well for home use
  • Really easy set up
  • 3 years warranty
  • None

This Smart Router is one of the best there is in the market for purposes of businesses or offices. It is particularly popular among medium and small businesses.

Netgear is one of the most established manufacturers of WiFi routers in the s world.

Their budget routers are the best in their class and combine in them an effective blend of quality with affordability.

The distance range where the WiFi really shines is 1400 square feet and perform the best at speeds of up to 3000 Mbps at 2.4GHz frequency.



  • 802.11n technology router
  • Data transfer speeds of up to 300 Mbps
  • Ships with the Cisco connects software
  • MIMO tech used in the antennas
  • Comes with 4 built-in ethernet ports
  • 2.4 GHz band
  • Ships with integrated firewall and advanced WPA2 encryption
  • Good for rugged use
  • Incredible 5GHz ac speed
  • Comes with Gigabits port which you can use as a switch
  • Support for USB 2.0
  • Good for use as a NAS
  • Latest ac technology
  • Not best 2.4 GHz/5 GHz range

If you are looking for a router for use in your house, then this Tenda FH303 is one of the best choices you can possibly make.

The amplifier of the router is extremely powerful and serves to better both the strength of the signal as well as the coverage area covered by the router.

With it, you can finally now bid adieu to dead spots and make sure that the router performance is as good as it gets.

All this serves to provide you with unhindered access to the internet regardless of your location in your home.

Tenda has done a commendable job by replacing the old WDS or Wireless Distribution System technology with the newer Universal Repeater tech.

This makes the router setup easy and comfortable besides offering better compatibility.

The router ships with some excellent choice of software which let you control internet access for the young people in your home with features like parental control.

You can also according to your will block domains that you think are unfit for your little one. Security is yet another strong point of this Tenda WiFi router and comes wireless encryption that works at several levels.

Apart from the standard WPA-PSK ,64/128 bit WEP, WPA2-PSK encryption this router also comes with WPS features which means that setting up security on your Wi-Fi is now as simple as pushing a button.

Not only can you securely establish connection automatically but besides that, the TX button helps you to adjust the wireless convenience with convenience. The router has three LAN and one WAN port built in. If you so want, you can also connect to the net through an Ethernet cable.



  • You get seamless bridging with the universal repeater which gives more oomph to the reach of the network
  • You can adjust the wireless signal too with convenience thanks to the TX button
  • The WPS button gives you easy access to wireless security encryption
  • The 300Mbps speed will ensure that sensitive apps do not get affected by connectivity speed limits
  • Gets rid of dead spots which help to enhance the coverage area
  • The TX button betters the strength of the wireless signal
  • You can get wireless encryption easily thanks to the WPS button
  • Good solid 300Mbps speed
  • You cannot use Fibernet with the router as it doesn’t have an RJ-45 port

This wireless router is what you were looking for if you want a good, reliable Wi-Fi coverage at a speed that’s consistently fast in your home.

This router model 300Mbps wireless net speeds and the antenna of the router boats of MIMO technology which serves to boost the strength of the WiFi signal.

The end result is outstanding coverage and reliability and a wireless network for your home that can stream music and video with ease.

You can connect HDTV to the router thanks to its four Ethernet ports. The router also comes with advanced WPA and WPA2 security protocols for the protection of your data.

As yet another plus-side you can also create a separate network for guests and even set parental controls for any child who may be accessing the network.

The software Linksys Connect helps you to configure and manage the router with ease.



  • 802.11n wireless router
  • Works in the 2.4GHz frequency band
  • 300 Mbps Wireless speed
  • WPA/WPA2 Security
  • Good configuration that provides long-range network coverage for homes
  • You can connect up to 4 wired devices to the network through four ethernet ports
  • Antenna technology MIMO helps to boost the strength of the WiFi signal
  • Adheres to basic security protocols and also has a firewall
  • There is no option to block URLs
  • The Cisco brand also makes the router slightly expensive

The Dir-600M broadband wireless router from D-Link stands out particularly due to its small size and portability making it ideal for being used in home conditions.

The speed of data connectivity stands at 150 Mbps that should suffice for most home users. The price of the modem is also quite cheap.

The router is attractive and is proven to consistently deliver high performance.

The setup process to follow after connecting your broadband internet is particularly easy and involves a web-based setup wizard.

The antenna is a capable one and lets you avoid dead spots due to their quite good coverage.

The end result is a network connection that’s available throughout your homes, one which you can truly rely upon.



  • 802.11b/g/n wireless standard modem
  • Single band bandwidth
  • 150 Mbps wireless speed
  • WPA/WPA2 security
  • You can connect up to four wired devices through the four 10/100 LAN ports
  • Employs the latest N wireless tech which delivers superior speed and range. Reliability is also better when used with mobile devices
  • The WPS/WPS2 encryption feature helps to ensure security for your wireless traffic
  • The router ships with built-in internal antennas besides an external antenna which enhances the coverage area.
  • There is no ADSL model
  • Connection of 4 devices only possible concurrently

This is one of the highest selling models among WiFi routers available in India in the speed range of 300 Mbps.

The router really stands out by virtue due to the sleek elegance and simplicity of its design. Signal coverage of the router is pretty impressive thanks to its  2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n specification.

The router ships with 4 antennas that ensure a wider coverage area for your signal. Not only that its WPS2 security ensures that the security of your network is not easy to compromise.

There are two 100Mbps Lan ports which means that you two devices can get a wired internet connection along with a single WAN uplink port rated at 100Mbps which lets you connect the internet cable.

It comes with a warranty of 1 year. The router can accept internet connections both in the form of fiber as well as cable.

There were some issues with HD video streaming - an amount of buffering issues. But USB ports and power on/off switches are conspicuous by their absence.



  • Four antennas provide high performance
  • The Dual ROM Partition System ensures firmware updates that are especially safe and easy to carry out
  • Provides browsing speeds that are really fast
  • Comes with a Wi-Fi app from Mi
  • Quality of Service Feature
  • Good router for the price
  • A good solution for connecting 8-10 devices
  • 1-year warranty
  • Can be used with Telephone line-based internet access thanks to the ADSL modem
  • Works like a charm with RJ-45 ethernet cable input type
  • Provides good video streaming and chatting performance
  • Cool design
  • Good 300Mbps speed
  • Only 1-year warranty which stands in contrast to the 3 years warranty of brands like D-Link and TP-Link
  • Does not have any USB ports

This WiFi Gigabit router provides some truly astronomical speeds 1900 Mbps to be exact and is one of the best long-range routers available for sale in the Indian market.

This makes it particularly suitable for fiber-based internet connections. The router itself is dual band meaning it supports both the 2.4GHz as well as the 5GHz bands.

The 2.4GHz band is ideal for providing long-range coverage while the 5GHz band excels at providing high-speed data bandwidth.

The superior speed and performance of the router are made possible due to the potent Dual Core CPU clocked at 1 GHz.

The QoS abilities of the router work well to ensure that HD video gaming and 4K video streaming can be experienced without loss in frame rates as well as packets.

The beamforming tech employed in this router makes the router dedicate an entire antenna to a specific device that is bandwidth speed intensive like video game consoles.

It should also be mentioned that this router model supports myopenrouter project which is open source.



  • Astronomical 1900Mbps speed
  • High-speed 5GHZ and 2.4GHz long-range dual band router
  • 1GHz Dual Core Processor
  • Dynamic QoS ensures the best experience for video streaming and gaming
  • Option to prioritize bandwidth
  • Comes with Netgear Genie which allows remote access
  • Installation is easy and automatic
  • Comes with free backup software
  • Beamforming tech used
  • Open Source Support
  • Good coverage
  • Superb speed
  • Beamforming tech
  • You can connect to a single USB 2GB HDD from anywhere
  • List ElemRemote access featureent
  • Priced slightly on the higher side

If you are looking for a powerful solution to wireless networking without burning an unnecessarily deep hole in your pocket, then perhaps this router that makes use of the latest 802.11ac tech is what you were looking for.

The ultimate performance of this WiFi is made possible through the ability for the operation of two concurrent WiFi bands.

With this router, you get 750 Mbps of combined wireless speeds along with better range.

You can perform your mundane internet activities on the 2.4GHz range and stream digital media on the 5GHz band simultaneously.

Another great feature of the router is the fact that each of the bands can function as a separate WiFi network.

Not only that setting up the router is really easy from a one-page setup wizard accessed from the browser.

Security is also adequately taken care of thanks to the WPA/WPA2 and WPS security protocol features.



  • 802.11ac wireless standard router
  • Dual band router
  • 750 Mbps router
  • WPA/WPA2/WPS security features
  • Comes with 3 antennas
  • Uses the latest 802.11ac WiFi standard
  • Comes with power reset and WPS buttons for convenience
  • 2.4GHz and 5 GHz Dual band router
  • Ships with four 10/100 fast Ethernet LAN ports
  • You can’t use this with Google Chromecast
  • Signal strength is slightly on the lower side

Buyer's Guide - How to Purchase Wi-Fi Routers

It should be kept in mind that while indeed Ethernet connections are more secure as well as faster, wireless connections do the trick better if it is the flexibility of the exact location of the device and freedom from the cable clutter caused by wires is what you really care about.

Before you decide to buy a specific router for your home you will do yourself a world of good by assimilating the information provided in the paragraphs that follow.

When to Buy A New Router

In case your internet service provider or ISP happens to be your local cable company, a router makes a connection with a cable modem which serves as the link to the net connection.

Some other services require a specific router that combines the functionality of both a broadband modem as well as a router in a single box which you need to get when you sign up for their service.

Other than having a broken or faulty router some other reasons you might want a new router are as follows:

  • You do not want to go for the router provided by your service provider as an outright purchase or even for rent.
  • You already have in place a broadband modem connected to one computer only, but you want the flexibility to use that connected across several devices that can use the internet.
  • Your existing router provides only a wired internet connection, but you want to use that connection with a number of wireless laptop or tablet devices.
  • The router that you employ might be too slow for you or the wireless range offered by it not enough to reach important locations in your home.

The essential thing you have to make up your mind on when considering a router to buy is whether you need only a no-frills plain vanilla router or an expensive one that offers a wider number of features and better performance.

Till the recent past, both WiFi 4 (802.11n) as well as WiFi 5 (802.11ac) were relevant for the average consumer. With the prices to WiFi 5 routers falling significantly in the recent years WiFi 4 has been rendered nearly obsolete. WiFi 5 routers are comparatively noticeably faster than their WiFi 4 counterparts.

This statement holds true especially when the range is short. With the introduction of WiFi 6 (802.11ax) looming on the horizon there is no real reason to continue with obsolete WiFi 4 router models.

It is important that you keep in mind that the layout and size of your home are going to affect how well the WiFi router is going to perform.

It is important in this respect to assessing things like the size of your apartment or house, the materials used to build them as well as the router location and the respective location of the media using the net connection.

You should remember in this context that’s things like plaster, drywall, and hollow doors can interfere with and thereby affect the performance of your router. Even doors and floors that are free from insulation can also cause router signals to degrade.

But a much bigger problem is posed by aluminum studs that you are likely in apartments and buildings of our times, insulated floors and walls, glass and even obstructions of solid stone or bricks.  The bottom line is, the more walls, floors, and windows obstruct the signal the weaker it gets.

The typical situation of the use of a router is when it is placed a room away from where it is placed or sometimes even in the same room. Though the distance is not that big a factor for most everyday uses of routers, you need to look for a router that is rated to be really good in the midrange as well as near situations.

Another typical use case is that of a large house that has a number of rooms spread sometimes over multiple floors. In such circumstances, a router with a good long-range performance and better distance data throughput are to be preferred.

Things to Consider While Buying A Router

Before you decide to buy a router, it would be wise to consider the following:

The Limits of the Router

High-speed routers can only help so much when it comes to speed you must keep that in mind. It is important to remember in this context that in any network, the movement data is only as fast as the connection that’s the slowest.

This typically happens to be the internet connection connecting your ISP with your house.

Faster Connections

You can always opt for a connection that’s relatively faster than your present one if you want or need to. If the speed of the connection does not exceed 200 Mbps it is highly unlikely that the limitations of the router will be a factor.

Mesh Network

A mesh network is just right for you if your internet modem is situated in a remote corner of your home. In such situations, even routers with excellent throughput will not necessarily result in a solid connection to something located on the house’s other side.

In such circumstances, mesh networks are often the best solution that you can opt for. In such a setup two routers work alongside. This is better than having wireless repeaters as it results in increased network reach without the internet speed dropping off significantly.

Do Houseguests Frequent Your Home or Do You Have AirBnB Visitors?

If it is the case that you have visiting houseguests or other visitors’ courtesy of services like Airbnb who are going to use a WiFi network meant for them then having a secondary network for the guests is suggested. This gives them access to the internet without disclosing the password for your regular network.

Level of Security

You need to ensure the security of your WiFi password with something that conforms to norms of WPA2 or WPA3 encryption. You typically will need to input your password once at least for every device. After the initial authentication, the device should be able to store the password.

Security might be crucial for people living in places where they are in close distance to others like crowded urban areas or apartments.

Features You Might Want in Your WiFi Router

LAN Ports

Computers classically connect with routers through LAN ports a setup in which an Ethernet cable is used. Some of the smart home devices that connect with the internet make the use of a Hub connected through LAN ports essential. 

These include the Samsung SmartThings as well as the Philips Hue smart home frameworks. If you are in need of more LAN ports than the ones that come built-in, then you can, of course, increase that number by the addition of Ethernet switches.

USB Ports

Some routers also come with USB ports which let you connect things like external hard drives, flash drives, as well as USB printers, provided the router comes with a print server that is built in.

Quality of Service (QoS)

QoS or Quality of Service is also referred to as Traffic control or media prioritization. This feature gives you the freedom and flexibility to play around with the settings of your computer in case that is what you want.

This allows you to optimize the performance of the router considering your present internet activities at that given period of time. This may be things like having optimum settings for internet use of streaming videos, playing games, making calls through Skype or just plain listening to streaming music.

This will provide those apps that are doing it with more bandwidth which in turn will ensure that your Netflix streaming does not get interrupted by someone else downloading a large file from another device connected to the same internet connection.

Managing Through Apps

These days almost every router comes with an app that helps to make the process of setting it up simpler in addition to adjusting your WiFi network as the need be.

Through these apps tasks like monitoring devices that remain connected to the WiFi network and adjust the levels of priority given to each are made really easy. Apps such as these also will alert you for updates as and when they become available.

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