Top 10 Best Wristwatch Brands for Men in India – Reviews & Comparison (2019)

Men with the watch in his hand look very stylish and handsome. And that is why choosing the right watch is a vital thing.

And for that, you should know the top 10 best watch brands for men.

With both offline and online stuffed with thousands of watches and multiple watch brand it is really toilsome to find the best one.

So, to keep your appearance up, we have formed a list of top 10 best watch brands for men. Referring to this list you can select the best watch for yourself.

wristwatch brands for men -feature-

Also, if you are a woman and want to select the watch for your friend, hubby, brother or daddy this list will also guide you towards the best watch brand.

This list will cover all the top brands from Indian to international and from affordable to expensive watch creators. So, what are we waiting for, let's take a quick jump at the list and help you to select the best watch brand for yourself?

We Highly recommend you to read the Wristwatch Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest wristwatch technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

Top 10 Best Wristwatch Brands for Men in India

Although my favorite among all is Titan but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

#1. Titan

Very first in the list is the most widely expected brand of India, Titan. Since years this brand is living up to the men’s demand for quality and affordability.

With these Titan, watches are available in countless styles and designs and that is the reason behind the success of this brand.

Titan has more than 300 stores in India and the trust of millions of customers.

Titan was formed in the year 1984 during the collaboration of Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation and Tata group.


  • Makes highly affordable watches.
  • Has great collection.
  • Watches are very durable.
  • If you are expecting it to be very stylish and made-up of expensive metals, then Titan is going to be disappointing for you.

#2. Sonata

The very next in the list is another widely known brand of India, Sonata. Sonata watches are known for its great collection and durable design.

The watches are designed with good quality metal and this has also had the company to established that trust among their customers.

Doesn't matter you belong to the budget classes or the rich society, Sonata design watches for everyone. The men's collection of Sonata is mesmerizing and designed for every man.

Even the women and kids collection of the brand is very popular.


  • Sonata watches are light in weight and are very comfortable.
  • These watches give you a fresh look
  • The timepieces of Sonata are reliable.
  • Sonata watches are highly affordable.
  • Doesn't comes with great features.
  • The mechanism is not that effective.

#3. Fossil

Fossil is a widely accepted watch brand in the men's category. The look of the timepieces of this brand specially designed keeping the men's in mind.

From simple formal watches to the rough and tough macho watches everything is there in this brand.

Mens love this brand and this is the reason why this brand is standing in the top 10 list. You will easily find sporty and water resistance watch in this brand.


  • It provides the man with a variety of collection.
  • From analogue to digital and smartwatches everything is included in the fossil.
  • The material used in the manufacturing of the watches are also durable.
  • These watches provide the customers with great dial or face option.
  • Fossil watches are slightly heavier than the normal watches of the same category.

#4. Casio

Fourth in the list is the Japanese watch company Casio. After gaining huge success in the Japanese market, Casio has now spread their charm in India.

No sooner did the brand was introduced in the market, it became popular in the country and especially among the Indian men.

Casio as a unique style of designing and manufacturing which makes it a most loved brand.


  • Design really durable watches.
  • Look of the Casio watches are very rich.
  • Casio timepieces are comparatively expensive than the other popular brands in India.

#5. Timex

Timex USA group or Timex is a company formed when Italian design and German manufacturing was bound together.

Apart from the Indian market, Timex holds a great reputation in the international market as well.

Timex provides their customers with almost every type of watches from analogue to digital. Timex watches are reasonably priced and hence almost anyone can afford it.

Timex watches look very fashionable and are also durable ones. If your budget is low and still you want a value for money watch, you can certainly go for Timex.


  • Timex creates affordable and reliable watches.
  • This brand has an impressive watch collection.
  • Timex watches are easily available in the offline and online market.
  • Most of the Timex watches are not water resistant.

When it comes to the watches for the younger generation of the country our first choice is Fastrack.

Earlier introduced by Titan, Fastrack has now created its own identity in the watch market. It is the most loved brand of the modern generation.

Whether it is a kid, women or a man everyone simply adore the watches of these brand. Fastrack is also known for its evergreen yet fresh appearing collection.

Even the unisex watches of this brand are highly appreciated in the international market.

If you are a fan of a sports watch, Fastrack has such a hypnotizing that you can't even take your eyes off. Also, the watches of this brand is highly affordable and reliable.


  • The casual collection of the watches are superb.
  • Fastrack create value for money watches.
  • The watches of this brand are really durable.
  • It doesn't have a great formal collection.
  • If you are looking for a sophisticated watch this brand is not for you.
  • Fastrack watches are quite heavy.

#7. Skagen

Skagen is a rising brand in the country and still, in a very short period of time, this brand has got a huge hike in the fame.

Skagen now becomes a part of an already famous company, Fossil. Skagen is known for the minimalist style of watches.

These type of timepieces are perfect formal accessories and gives an elegant look.

With the beautifully crafted dial and thin appearance, Skagen minimalist design will make you miss your heartbeat in the very first look.

Even the women collection of Skagen is very admirable as they deal of ultra-modern look.

Though Skagen doesn't provide their customers with a wide range of watches, the design is impressive enough to grasp your attention.

The watches belonging to this category are expensive then the others if you count of features.


  • You don't have to worry about the look of the watch and its design. As with Skagen, all you receive is an evergreen beauty.
  • Skagen is now available in multiple stores as it got combined with Fossil. Which means you can buy it online and even at the physical stores.
  • Skagen watches are very durable and you get almost a lifetime warranty with the timepieces of this brand.
  • Skagen watches have recently reported with some quality control problems. So, you better buy these watches after checking it properly.
  • You can expect much of quality from these watches as these are just fashion timepieces.
  • The watches of this brand are high in price as compared to the fashion watches of other brands.

Tommy Hilfiger is an international brand which has also made a huge name in India.

This brand comes from an American manufacturing company with a name in quality products designing.

Other than the widely accepted watches, Tommy Hilfiger as manufacture clothing, bags, perfumes, etc; and have the same fame in these fields as well.

Both the men and women adore this brand for there variety and quality of products.

If you are will to buy a watch with great brand value and dapper look, you can certainly go with Tommy Hilfiger.

The watches of this brand is innovative in technology and super classy in design. The men and the women collection of the Tommy Hilfiger watches are breathtakingly beautiful.

This brand also has a unisex collection which is also worth buying. Tommy Hilfiger comes in a category of expensive watches however the watches are value for money.


  • Watches are available in a number of collections and variety.
  • Ultra modern men and women collection makes this brand a super success.
  • Even the manufacturing of the Tommy Hilfiger watches is very good.
  • If your budget is low then you should avoid going with this watches as the watches are a little expensive

If you are a man with rich taste and likes to wear the classic collection watches you can give a shot to Citizen.

Citizen is also an amazingly popular brand with a variety of watches to choose from. As a citizen is a Japanese brand, it comes with innovative technologies and impeccable design.

Though the watches are a little expensive from the other watches of the category you get immensely happening quality in the Citizen watches.

Talking about the high-end techniques, Citizen introduced the solar panel watches to the world and ultimately proved to everyone that they have all the mechanical skills.

Citizen, the brand is also known for the electrical appliances in Japan, though watches made this brand popular across the globe.

Citizen watches holders amazing chronograph collection and that is why men love to go with this brand. When it comes to the durability, Citizen watches easily live up to the same.


  • Citizen watches are known for its amazing le stylish chronograph collection.
  • The metal collection of this brand is also very much popular amongst the men.
  • You can certainly expect a huge variety of timepieces from this brand.
  • The watches of this brand are also reliable and stylish.
  • This brand is a little expensive than the other brands in the category.
  • You can easily great the same quality of watch from some other brand at a very reasonable price.

Emporio Armani is a famous international brand known for the technically advanced watches. Armani is one of the most popular watch brands for men.

In addition to watches, Armani also manufactures eyewear, cosmetics and clothes.

Emporio Armani is a luxurious brand serving their customers with smartly dressed watches.


  • Emporio Armani watches are known for their mesmerizing designs and top-notch manufacturing.
  • This brand is a perfect choice for those who loves wearing luxurious watches.
  • Emporio Armani watch collection is very expensive.
  • The brand is not highly available in the physical stores. You have to go to the online option if you want to buy an amazing Emporio Armani watch.

Buyer's Guide - How to Purchase Wristwatches for Men

Now when you know about the top 10 watch brands of men you should know how you can get the best watch for yourself.

One thing makes the importance of watch clear here that women have so many things to accessorize like a bracelet, rings, necklace, hair accessories, etc; but men, they have only one thing and that is a watch. I guess now you might understand the importance of watch in the life of every man.

And when the watches are so much important, it also becomes important to select the best watch.

As every man is different, having a different lifestyle and persona, the message delivery by the watch also varies from one to another timepiece. This makes it important for every man to get the timepieces as per their profession, mood or their lifestyle.

Like you can't attend a business meeting while wearing a sports watch. And you can go on swimming when you have a formal watch in your hand. For this, you need a watch that can coordinate with the place and time.

So, here we are going to help you with choosing the best watch for yourself. So guys are you ready! Let's find the most appropriate watch for yourself.

wristwatch brands for men -feature-

When you have to make a style statement, I consider only five types of watches and they are field, dress, aviator, dive and racing. Let's explore each category in depth:

#1: Field watches

These watches were designed during the war period and for the officers. These watches look formal, with minimal design, are durable and shows accurate timing.

Watch Features
  • Face: The face of these type of wristwatches are generally black or white in colour with number index of opposite Colors. The hands of these watches illuminate to show time at night.
  • Size: You will only find small to medium size dial in a Field watch.
  • Band: As metal is heavy these watches never have the metal strap. They only have a canvas or leather straps.
  • C​ase: Field watches are always covered in titanium or stainless steel case.
  • Complications: You will rarely find any complications in a field watch. And if present it will only the date.
Where to Wear

As these watches are very simple looks and made tough you can wear in your regular office, special occasions or can even be worn while playing with some adventures.

#2: Dress watches

The dressed watch was designed during the 20th century, especially for the rich class of the society. These watches were designed to convert the pocket watch styling into the wrist ones. And keeping the sophisticated section of the society in mind, these look very simple and elegant.

Dress watches are all about simplicity and it draws attention in a very sophisticated manner. It is also very important that you are dress what should complement your dressing style.

watch features
  • Face: the face of the dress watches are very simple and slick looking. Generally has number, symbolic or Roman number index.
  • Size: normally this type of watches have a medium size dial with a very thin and sleek look. this is because the watch should easily go inside and come out of the shirt cuff.
  • Band: Leather is the symbol of the dress watches. Though many companies also come with the option of thin metal belts however the leather is a forever style of dress watches.
  • Case: Luxurious dress watches come in a gold or silver case however the shape of the case can vary from circular to square.
  • Complications: normally you will not see any complications in the dress watches. Though sometimes it even comes with a date or day or moon display.
where to wear

Dress watches specially designed for wearing when men are properly dressed like with coat suit or tuxedo. A man can wear this type of watch during a business meeting or any formal occasion. Address watch will never look good with a casual t-shirt and jeans.

You have to go a little formal like shirt and trousers if you want to wear the dress watch.

#3: Aviator watches

Back in the year 1904, Louis Cartier designed a wristwatch for his pilot friend and ever since then the trend of a pilot watch or Aviator watch has begun. Later the passage of years, designers keeping the original design of the Aviator watches added chronographs to it making the watch mo handy for the users.

The chronograph is nothing but a subdial present inside the case, generally used for showing day, date, time of others GMT and sometimes it even has a compass.

In the year 1940, the first chronograph watch was designed for a Royal Airforce pilot. And that is how the aviator watch with chronograph came into existence.

>> How to Choose the Right Wristwatch for YOU! <<
watch features
  • Face: the dial of the Aviator watches are normally black in colour with white number index. The hands of the watch are always illuminated to make the time reading easy even in the dark cockpit. You will normally find an oversized dial in these watches to provide pilots with easy and quick reading.
  • Size: the size of this watch can vary from medium to large.
  • Band: as the watch was originally designed to fit inside the jacket of the pilot, you will normally find an aviation watches with a leather belt.
  • Case: the case of these watches are usually made up of stainless steel.
  • Complications: pilot watches are way more complicated than the other two we just saw. It always comes with a chronograph showing date, day, moon, timezone, etc;
where to wear 

As the watch is stuffed with chronographs and looks very stylish, it will be great if you wear it in a casual gathering. Also, this watch will complement your t-shirt and jeans look.

#4: Dive watches

Other than the field watch, the live watch is the most common one you will find in a man's hand. It is pretty much clear by the name that the diodes especially for those who spend most of their time inside or near the water.

This type of watches are highly water resistant and can even show time when you are swimming inside the pool. the first water-resistant watch was designed in the year 1930 by Rolex Oyster.

We can say that I watch became very popular when it was touched by James Bond. In the movie, Mr Bond wore Rolex Submariner and that is why dive watches are also known as submariner watches. You will always find Dr 007 flaunting some or the other type of dive watches in his movies.

watch features
  • Face: the face of the watch are normally made up of sapphire or some other strong crystal. It always has an easy to read and strong appearance. the number index of the watch can be either normal numbers or Arabic numbers.
  • Size: dial watches usually have a medium size dial.
  • Band: as the watch was designed to fit around the dive costume it always has the metal strap.
  • Case: counter-clockwise rotating, unidirectional bezel is the signature feature of a dive watch. This rotating bezel tells the diver since how long he is in the water. When the diver enters into the water it markers the bezel with 0 which is lined up with the middle hand. And that is how the diver knows how long he was in the water.
  • Complications: Dive watches usually comes with a single complication and that is the date.
where to wear

Though, the watch was originally designed to be worn underwater, it's the metal case and bold clock makes it a good choice for everyday use. you can easily pair it with your formal office wear and even with your casual party wear apparels.

And you and if you are inspired by Dr 007 you can even wear this watch with your handsome looking tuxedo.

#5: Racing watches

Racing watches boys especially design for the car races. As we all know that the time place a very major role when it comes to the racing and the accurate time measure is very important in the same. Show the watch was designed during the 1930s to gauge the time for the car races very accurately.

The first racing watch was designed by Rolex oyster during late 1930. Though the most accurate racing watch was designed by TUG Heuer. 

It was in the year 1940s when TUG Heuer come up with the design of the most accurate racing watch. And during the 1950s and 1960s TUG Heuer, come up with the racing watch having a chronograph that can measure the car speed and the distance travel.

TUG Heuer brought the revolution in the field of watches when in the year 1971, a very famous actor Steve McQueen wore their Monaco 1133, in a movie Le Mans.

watch features
  • Face: these watches often have bright colours with Arabic number index and large dial.
  • Size: these watches can have a size from medium to large.
  • Band: strap can easily vary from metal to leather.
  • Case: as the watch is especially for the car races, it has to be tough and that is why the case of the racing watch is made up of stainless steel.
  • Complications: These watches usually have a chronograph and can even show the date.
where to wear

As the way racing watches are very bold looking you can never wear them with your formal suit. However, these casual looking watches can surely complement your semi-casual or casual look.

I hope this guide will help every man to choose the best watch for themselves.

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